Best Medical Affiliate Programs in 2023

The US spends $3 trillion, or $9,520 per person, on healthcare costs. This indicates that a sizable potential market is shopping online for more reasonably priced medical equipment and supplies. Everyone has a different way of treating or healing illnesses, and everyone gets sick. Also, there are currently over 425 million senior individuals living in the world. Additionally, each of them will need some sort of medical treatment and/or supplies.
That is a sizable market that could be exploited. All you need to promote are some outstanding medical affiliate programs, effort, and a goal. Check out these top medical affiliate programs mentioned here.

Best Medical Affiliate Programs

We decided to go deeper into this “business” in order to find the most lucrative affiliate programs for medical products and supplies. Some of them are.

5 Top Medical Affiliate programs in 2023

1. Medical supply Depot

You may just order the item online rather than having to go to a store and pray that it is in stock. It saves time for both patients and caretakers. From stethoscopes and other diagnostic tools to furniture, mobility aids, and supplies for assisted living, Medical Supply carries it all. Your readers can simply set up their ordering procedure and then forget about it because all of their products can be configured to deliver on a “re-order” basis. Up to 8% of all sales that are linked by your affiliate links are paid for by the Medical Supply Depot affiliate program.

  • Link: Apply Now
  • Commission: : Up to 8%
  • Cookie : 45 Days
  • Products/services : Medical aids , supplies and equipments


2. Mountainside Medical Equipment

American medical supply company Mountainside Medical was founded in 2002 and is owned by handicapped veterans. Its founder served as a medic in the Vietnam War, where he gained first-hand knowledge of the importance of robust medical equipment. Mountainside Medical Equipment carries a wide range of medical supplies, ranging from beds and mattresses to IV and injectable supplies to simple hand sanitizer. If you have an email list, you can promote their items through it and earn a flat 10% commission on all transactions.

  • Link: Apply Now
  • Commission: Up to 10%
  • Cookie : 10 Days
  • Products/services: Medical supplies, Testing kits, Isolation supplies, and other similar equipment


3. Avacare Medical

When purchasing medical products online, it’s all too simple to feel confused. especially if you’ve never provided care before. Because of this, it’s good to have the kind of knowledgeable medical advice provided by AvaCare Medical. You can just ask them what the ideal product is for a specific case rather than attempting to determine it yourself. And AvaCare Medical will respond to your query with a resolution in a matter of minutes. The company offers a price match guarantee on all 20,000 medical products that are currently in stock, which is an extra benefit. Along with internet pharmacies that provide OTC (Over-the-Counter) medications for pain, urinary problems, and other conditions, this includes anything from incontinence goods to wheelchairs and hospital beds.

  • Link: Apply Now
  • Commission: 5% per sale
  • Cookie :45 Days
  • Products/services: Medical supplies, Testing kits, Isolation supplies, and other similar equipment


4. Simply Medical

Similar to Medical Supply Depot and other businesses, Simply Medical is another provider of generic medical supplies. They keep all the standard medical gear and supplies that patients require on hand. This includes, among many other things, safety equipment for the bathroom and bedroom, over-the-counter medications, tools for diagnosing and treating wounds, and mobility aids. Due to the absence of a middleman or distributor markup, many of these medical goods are offered for less than regular retail costs. Additionally, they provide free shipping on all purchases over $25.

  • Link: Apply Now
  • Commission: 6% per sale
  • Cookie : 30 Days
  • Products/services : Daily living Aids, Diagnostic and medical supplies, First Aid and Wound care, Orthopedics


5. Medsitis Medical Supplies

You must submit an application through the Refersion Marketplace because Refersion oversees the Medsitis program. After being accepted, you can then post their affiliate text links or banners to your website and make 10% of any medical supply sales. This is predicated on each shopping cart having an average order value of between $125 and $200.

  • Link: Apply Now
  • Commission: 10% Per sale
  • Cookie : 30 Days
  • Products/services : : Wound care, incontinence , Nutritional and Feeding Supplies



Despite the fact that there are numerous Medical affiliate programs available, using our list of the top Medical affiliate programs will enable you to be successful in obtaining those extremely worthwhile commissions.

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