Jungle Scout Coupons, Review, Pricing & Offers

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Jungle Scout Coupons, Review, Pricing & Offers

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The largest market place trusted by buyers to shop online is Amazon. It’s the one-stop-shop to buy for buyers who prefer online shopping, which makes it’s the hottest place for sellers to grow their business by selling their products on Amazon. If you own a small business and wish to sell products on Amazon you are on the right track to grow your business, but you might have thousands of questions that you need to figure out by doing market research on your products you wish to sell.

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Updated Jungle Scout Discounts in 2021

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Have a quick look at how Jungle Scout works:

Jungle Scout All in One Selling Tool

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The one-stop place to answer all your questions, do your market research and make you the number one seller on Amazon is by using Jungle Scout. Hands down the best product research tool for Amazon which has helped sellers build a profitable Amazon FBA business. It’s the one-stop place for a new seller, established existing Amazon seller, or for someone looking to grow their business or want to explore brand and agency solutions.

Jungle Scout Products

Jungle Scout has two products. Jungle Scout and Jungle Scout Cobalt

1. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Products

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If you choose Web App you get:

  • Find profitable products
  • Get a peek into consumer trends and on your competitor’s trends
  • Find quality suppliers
  • Optimize your listing by identifying keyword trends
  • Manage your inventory needs and finances
  • Elevate customer experience.

If you choose Chrome Extension you get:

  • Get instant product demand, competitive data and profit projections
  • Validate your product before launching by determining if the product is worthwhile investing with real-time data
  • Access products potential by checking demand, competition and listing quality
  • Request reviews directly from customers.

2. Jungle Scout Cobalt

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

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Jungle Scout has recently launched Jungle Scout Cobalt to help enterprises level brands. It is a market intelligence and product insights platform built to help enterprise brands win the Amazon channel. It will offer access to market share data for any segment, track competitors, improve product performance, and share insights and alerts.

Please check the website for a demo of Jungle Scout Cobalt.

If you choose to use Jungle Scout Cobalt you get extra services from JS which are:

  • Onboarding and training to help you accelerate your Amazon business
  • Customer support team dedicated to you to answer your queries
  • Success manager who are Amazon experts whom you can consult regularly to develop a tailored plan for your segment.

Jungle Scout Features

Here is a look at their notable features which are available in both of their tools.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension is an Amazon seller tool that will help you to gather real-time data on a particular Amazon page with a single click on jungle scout extension on your chrome browser. You can have a quick analysis of the specific product key metrics.

The extension allows you to filter the data that matters to you and can deselect the irrelevant options and displays which is only important to you. It shows you all the historical data of the product and also googles trends.

  • Access Data Daily
  • Easily understand your Market Share and Identify Trends
  • Track Competitor Insights
  • Improve Product Performance

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

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Product Database

Find profitable products through their product database by easily searching for any product by keyword, categories, or custom filters. Search winning products from their database of over 70 million products fetched directly from Amazon’s catalog. It also features the FBA Profit Calculator for you to factor in the Amazon overhead cost and fees.

Product Tracker

Find the potential product ideas with product tracker which will track potential product ideas, monitor daily inventory, sales, price and best seller rank. The product tracker also tracks real – times sales, monitor metrics, and helps you stay organized by monitoring inventory. You can blindly trust Jungle Scout product research software as it’s based on the AccuSales Algorithm which is considered the most accurate Amazon sales estimator.

Supplier Database

Find great suppliers with supplier database which gives you instant access to confirmed and high-quality manufacturers from across the globe. It will help you find and validate known suppliers, helps you find suppliers by a specific brand, company, or supplier name. It also lets you find the exact supplier of any product from Amazon by using ASIN. They have also added features that let you manage and compare supplier quotes and generate purchase orders.

Keyword Scout

Find top ranking keywords with keyword scout. The most accurate and comprehensive tool for Amazon keywords. You can generate keywords to use in your listings and Amazon PPC campaigns. It also gives you access to search volumes, real-time bid costs, and helps you save money on Amazon PPC campaigns.

Sales Analytic Tool

Reduce costs and raise your profits with sales analytic tool. This tool will organize and track all your Amazon sales data in real-time. It creates your profit and loss statements which include revenue, hidden fees, cost of goods sold, and operating expenses. It helps you customize your expenses, compares sales at different times. It also shows current and historical sales data with a profit overview from a company perspective or a multi-product dashboard.

Inventory Manager

Keep track of your stock with inventory manager. This tool will accurately predict how much stock you will need and how much to order for your FBA business. This helps in reducing storage fees and prevents stockouts. It also lets you monitor products on their way to an Amazon fulfillment centre.

Opportunity Finder

Find emerging trends and profitable product niches with opportunity finder. This tool will find profitable products by zeroing on trending Amazon keywords with high demand and low competition. It also shows you how the niche has performed over time so you can make an informed decision.

Jungle Scout Lunch

Launch or promote your Amazon Private label products directly within the Jungle Scout app with the new Jungle Scout Lunch feature. This feature will help you increase sales through automated customer service email outreach.

Jungle Scout Alerts

Keep yourself updated with alerts, which will update you with critical changes in your Amazon product price, reviews, and more. It helps you react to reviews faster, monitor new product opportunities, track product review changes, and gives you a summary of all alerts.

Listing Builder

Optimize your listing instantly with the listing builder. This tool helps you build a better Amazon listing so you get higher rankings with a proven keyword strategy. The listing builder will rate your listing using the content creator scale, where a fully optimized listing will be scored between 90-100. The listing score is based on product title, product feature, description, keywords used, images, and back end search terms.

Jungle Scout Academy

Jungle Scout Academy to help you learn all that you need to sell on Amazon. They have small video tutorials and educational resources to guide you through. The Academy lets you learn at your own pace. You can ask your queries to experts during the weekly live Q& sessions. You can also participate in community forums and monthly Livestream training to hone your skills.

Rank Tracker

Track keyword performance over time with the rank tracker. It will help you streamline your process by tracking and add your keywords from keyword lists and keyword scout to rank tracker. You can analyze historical ranking trends for the last 30 or 60 days, or for a specific time frame, along with giving you a peek into your competitor’s keyword performance.

Saving Tip

If you are looking to start selling or expand your business on Amazon your best bet is using Jungle Scout. With the new pricing plans and discount offered Jungle Scout will earn you back the amount, you invested within no time. Make use of these deep discounts and our 50% off discount coupons now!

Jungle Scout Free Trial

With all the amazing features and two options to choose from Jungle Scout offers a risk-free 14 days money-back guarantee on all of its packages. In case you decide to discontinue within 14 days of using it you can email them and get a refund.

Jungle Scout accepts payment through Visa, Master Card, and American Express. In case you don’t own a credit card you can email them and they would send you a Pay Pal invoice.

Jungle Scout is the best tool for Amazon sellers in the market. The easy to use tool with the amazing tools it has to offer, great customer support, and training on how to get the best out of the tool is all worth the price you have to pay. With Jungle Scout there is nothing in between you and your successful Amazon FBA business.

Pricing & Discounts:

Jungle Scout will now be sold in three plans: Basic, Suite, and Professional

Yearly Plans

  • Basic: $19/mo, limited searches on some features
  • Suite: $49/mo, full access to all tools
  • Professional: $84/mo, additional seats for teams

Monthly Plans

  • Basic: $39/mo, limited searches on some features
  • Suite: $69/mo, full access to all tools
  • Professional: $129/mo, additional seats for teams

Jungle Scout Plans

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Jungle Scout Review
  • Reliability
  • Usability
  • Customer Support
  • Value for Money