5 Reasons Merchants Don’t Accept Coupon/Deal Sites Affiliation

Coupon sites pushes billion of sales to online merchants. Inspite of proven performance in terms of traffic, leads and sales given by coupon/deals sites still they are rejected or rather looked down by most of the merchants these days. Merchants first choice these days is to work with content sites.

Here are listed 5 reasons coupons/deals sites are rejected by merchants

1. Merchants do not accept coupon site affiliation because they do not generate new traffic

2. Coupon sites does not recommend product to the users

3. Hijacks traffic of the merchant

4. Change in policy that coupon sites are not accepted

5. Eats most of the budget assigned to affiliate marketing

Here is why merchants should consider promoting on coupon/deal sites

1. In a recent survey conducted by one of the largest network states that there is steep decline in sales of the merchants who have banned coupon/deals site from promoting them.

2. Merchants needs to understand that coupon sites can not only promotes the product but also targets intent of the shopper at the bottom of the funnel where they look out for discount coupon to complete the purchase, 50% of the purchases happens unintentionally on finding a coupon.

3. Looses more exposure to competitors.

4. Exposure to easy acquisition of new users.

5. Promotes the brand overall, no more coupon/deals sites are restricted to just displaying coupon but also gives shopping tips and USP about the brand and comparison metrics as well.

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