Affiliate Marketing Tips For Mother’s Day And Best Offers To Promote

Mother’s Day is celebrated in the second week of May.  It’s a big trend and a great opportunity for affiliate marketers to tap in on the craze. Mothers day is important both for consumers as well as marketers. Beginning your Mothers Day affiliate marketing strategies earlier is very important as it provides insights into consumer behavior and also helps marketers adjust their strategy to make more money.
That’s why we are here to provide you some useful tips on how to make the most of Mother’s Day and how to be creative in your marketing strategies.

1. Banners and Links Specific to Mother’s Day

Banners are what initially attract a consumer and it’s the right time for you to create banners targeting Mother’s Day to increase click-through. Opt for banners which promote your sales with eye-catching headlines like “Mothers Day Super Sale – 20% off all Purchase”.  Such banners attract customers to make a purchase and you can benefit from it.
Before sending out your newsletters, make sure to upload these banners to your merchant center too. Include pre-coded links for your affiliates making ‘copy-paste’ directly from the newsletter easier.

2. Mail Mother’s Day Specific Newsletters to Promote your Sales

Act early to make the most money! Ensure your affiliates know your Mother’s Day Sales well in advance. Make sure your new banners are available to them for use during and before Mother’s Day. So send out a newsletter telling your affiliates of your sales and do not allow other merchants to take up space on your affiliates sites.
Remember, your Newsletter shouldn’t include other items pushing your Mother’s Day promotions to a corner, but should be entirely dedicated to it. Conveying sales and promotional information to affiliates days in advance is very important.

3. Activate Publishers with a niche towards Mother’s Day Gifts

There might be publishers out there highlighting Mother’s Day gifts purchasing who could prove useful in sending you traffic. Look out for such sites, providing them with updated banners and give them incentives for promoting your sales. E.g by increasing cookie life etc. When they see some good sales come through, they would be interested in furthering their association with you.

4. Track Results in Preparation for the Next Seasonal Niche

Now that you are beginning to promote sales through Mother’s Day, keep track of which banners increased your sales. Check out for new affiliates who have joined you and whether coupon codes and discounts helped increase your sales. Plan for your next holiday niche accordingly! You can utilize the above information to make money and boost sales.
Remember, when you promote affiliate programs for Mother’s Day you can take advantage of the niches in advance. You can start building your affiliate programs right away!

Finding the Right Affiliate Programs for Mother’s Day

Find out specific niches which sell on Mothers Day. Find out what services and gifts are popular at this time. For instance, if you’re in a baby products niche, add a page to your site and promote “Mothers Day Gifts for First Time Mothers”.
You can also find plenty of affiliate programs in big affiliate networks like Commission JunctionLinkshare, and PepperJam.

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