Affiliate Summit West 2019 – Everything You need to Know

Affiliate Summit West 2019

Event Location: Paris Las Vegas Hotel

Dates: January: 6-8, 2019

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About the event:
Every year top companies and key decision makers come to the affiliate summit to build strong relationships, indulge in networking and create opportunities to grow, innovate, create and learn. More than 6000 digital marketers will gather for the Premier Global Event called Affiliate Summit West. These high-level decision makers include influencers, online publishers, media owners, advertisers, and other solution providers. It combines the affiliate experience with a new vision to provide an educative experience. You can cultivate long-term relationships that will help you gain new insights into the affiliate field.

Agenda of the Summit

  • To engage in various discussions on the affiliate market
  • To get hands-on knowledge about new concepts
  • To grow the value of the business through peers
  • To use data to achieve new growth heights
  • To network with individuals in a dedicated meeting space
  • To brainstorm with some of the highest minds

Who Should Attend the Summit?

  • Affiliates
  • Merchants
  • Vendors
  • Digital agencies
  • Online publishers
  • Media owners
  • Advertisers
  • Influencers
  • Tech owners
  • Startups
  • Traffic companies

What will one gain by Attending this Event?

  • A relaxed environment that will encourage open ideas and experiences exchange
  • Unwind and network in a zone meant for exchange
  • Access to online tools and procedures
  • One will learn to use various technology
  • To build high performance and influence campaigns
  • To make efficient decisions and beat the competition
  • To enjoy the latest innovation in affiliate space
  • To drive growth and improve sales

Top 5 Reasons to Attend

  • Increase knowledge and ideas with innovative techniques
  • To increase the capacity of business and capitalize
  • To gain access to support and training
  • Networking with superiors, industry experts and peers
  • To hear speakers who have excelled in their fields

How to Register and Pricing

Four types of passes are available for this conference. They are:

  • Networking passes: this is best for industry professionals who want basic access for networking to industry professionals
  • Networking plus: this is best for those industry professionals who are looking to network with industry professionals and receive access to select content
  • VIP passes: this is best for industry insiders who are looking to connect with and learn from insiders. VIP attendees will also get food, drinks, special events, and additional amenities
  • Influence Pass: this is one which has all the VIP pass benefits and gets you a spot guaranteed in the influence track. This gives entry to the influence networking party.

Are there any free Passes or Group Discounts?

Free affiliate passes are those that require an invitation. You have to apply and submit details and on receiving a code, you will get a free pass. For group discounts rate, for 5-9 passes, one gets up to 20% off. The group discount rate for 10 or more passes is 25% off.

What is the Best way to get Discounts

The best way would be to sign up for a free pass by filling out details. You can also get discounts if you are in a group and are aiming to attend the conference.

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