Top Affiliate Tracking / Marketing Software For Your Business

Here are the top affiliate tracking platforms i come across and are proven in the market. In this article i will guide through basic information about affiliate tracking platforms and how will they help to improve your sales.

What is affiliate tracking software?

Affiliate Tracking Software is a technological system used to trail or deal with affiliate marketing doings. It arranges for the ways to track working of clicks, views, and impact of marketing stuff like Banner, Links, etc. within any online marketing actions. Affiliate tracking software is generally allied with affiliate linkages that use such a software platform to trail and administer goings-on of associates who are endorsing promotions from within the system.
The process of administering and trailing is done thru special software and plugins installed on affiliate websites.

Best Affiliate tracking software


From last 15 years, idevdirect is a leading affiliate tracking software. By adding the software, you can target more sales, traffic and search optimisation and achieve your goals. Idevdirect will just install in few minutes, and through the usage of integral front-end templating, it effortlessly incorporates into your existing website.


  • You can plan your own pay out like- PPC, PPL, coupon commission, affiliate hiring, etc.
  • It is a customizable platform various language choices, HTML/CSS templates, color and logo choice, etc.
  • It offers many marketing option for your affiliates like social media, banners, email templates, page peels, QR codes, light boxes, etc.
  • Robust integrated security with double redundancy tracking, password hashing, commission blocking as well as fraud protection tools.
  • In-built shopping cart integration.




At number 2, we have Refersion, an exclusive software which will help you in creating, growing and managing your affiliate program. This app connects with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc. witohout any need of coding. It is very easy to install and takes few minutes to set up.


  • You can administer your affiliates and new sales straight from your account.
  • Your partners will also get their own account access to check their working.
  • It is a social media friendly tool which comes with fully customised designs.
  • Tracks sales commission owed to affiliates, influencers, partners, sales people, ambassadors.
  • Ability to share your products on social media.

Postaffiliate pro

This is yet another affiliate software which will help you to grow your business at a great speed. The software is fully optimised with latest multimedia features and defines new standards of visitors tracking with high-tech tracking method.


  • Powerful tracking method equipped with various link styles, multiple currency deals, private campaigns, forced matric, etc.
  • Deals in different type of commission namely- action, recurring, lifetime, split, multi-tier and group commission.
  • It has exclusive promotional banners namely –text link, image, HTML, peel, zip, flash, etc.
  • It has groundbreaking user-interface with various options of unique themes, mass payments, customisable interface, and multiple merchants, etc.
  • Also offers several all-inclusive reports to track your affiliate program. They are quick report, trend report, map overlay report, top URLs and affiliate reports, etc.




Hasoffers by Tune offers performance-based marketing that works for your organisation at an optimum level. It equips your company with technology to assess, explore, and boost functioning marketing results in real time by taking it to the next level.


  • It is among the top performance marketing program which is fully customisable.
  • It provides easy-to-use technology supported by unmatched customer service.
  • Gives real-time campaign measurement and optimization.
  • Endless scalability and overall consistency.




With the help of Allaffiliatepro software even the small businesses can discover the benefit of affiliate marketing. The allaffiliatepro suits everyone’s needs, whether it is a one website program or a 20 site program. It takes care of every corporate need whether it is in-house or managed solution.


  • Lead tracking
  • Multi-currency deals
  • Multi-level marketing
  • True personal branding
  • Scale recurring commissions
  • Extra link popularity options and many more




Getambassador make your referral marketing done in the right way. This software works on the referral campaigns as they pull the power of word of mouth publicity. Referrals are the great source of earning huge money. The method goes like that, first the software identifies your ambassadors, enrols them in the referral programs, tracks them by boosting awareness, and making revenue. In return, it will incentivize referrals by offering rewards thru cash, credits or gift cards.


  • Getambassador is a comprehensive platform with multi-campaign and multi-program functionality.
  • It offers an intuitive interface suitable for marketers.
  • It is fully optimised for performance.
  • Omni-channel marketing for seamless experience
  • Customised platform for branded experience



With ReferralCandy, you can customise your referral program as and when you want without getting any developers involved. You can access every information through various reports, campaigns and analytics. ReferralCandy offers beautifully integrated design with robust customer support.


  • Flexible program with various rewards and incentives
  • Provides individual referral link to all its members to make the access easy
  • Customisable design for those who even can’t code
  • Fully automatized program with great customer support
  • Trusted by many ecommerce marketers and agencies


referral candy


LeadDyni is an easy-to-understand affiliate marketing software for both the member and you your affiliates. There is an added advantage of joining for all LeadDyno users. It is an affiliate network dedicated to ecommerce products. LeadDyno offers an easy affiliate marketing and social media sharing.


  • One-click social sharing for your affiliates or any site visitor
  • Fully customisable software with easy and quick sign up
  • Fast payments to members with one-click using PayPal & more
  • One-click plugin for all Ecommerce stores
  • The affiliate dashboard allows to upload almost every important work of yours
  • It is also for Google AdWords conversion tracking




Tapfiliate is a cloud based affiliate tracking software for Ecommerce and SaaS. It enables you to create, track and optimise your own affiliate programs. You just need to set up your affiliate programs in just few minutes and start recruiting your affiliates to promote your business. You can have full control and branding in your hands and build your team at ow cost.


  • Fully incorporated software which allows you to add assets and affiliates quickly
  • It allows you to pick and customise your commission structure
  • It included multi-level marketing strategy where members are paid to bring in more affiliates
  • Amazon CloudFront is their partner for worldwide banner delivery
  • Fully branded experience which does not require any special knowledge of coding




Omnistar is an easy-to-use referral marketing software for fast-developing companies. Once incorporate, you can attract more affiliates and grow your business by getting more sales, more traffic as well as saving money. Many well-known businesses have flourished with Omnistar affiliate software.


  • Social share widget for easy sharing
  • Discount codes and coupon codes for increasing sales and referrals.
  • Rewarding supporters is very easy by commissions, gift cards, etc.
  • Auto signup feature to turn clienteles into partners.
  • Contest manager for increasing sales
  • Customisable Thank You pages



Why do you require affiliate tracking software?

The affiliate tracking software is used by businesses that possess affiliate networks to control its associates and gain understanding to the functioning of every affiliate and network as a whole system.  It measures which activities are driving more users as well as returns. This analysis helps them to distribute proper compensation among the members.
The action can be roughly classified into four types.

  • CPC (Cost per click)
  • CPA (Cost per acquisition)
  • CPM (Cost per impression)
  • CPS (Cost per sale)
  • CPI (Cost per install)
  • CPV (Cost per visit)


Overall if we look at the present fast changing scenario, these affiliate software assist in taking the right decision at right time. The information provided by the software gives you an acumen to the working of the whole affiliate system considering various important factors like disbursing payments, calculating commissions, planning the overall development of the business.
Integrating these software in the various affiliate programs help you in boosting traffic, sales of your business by measuring various activities.

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