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Amazon Product Research Tools are helpful for those looking to sell on Amazon. Such tools help you generate better income by monitoring sales and supplying products accordingly. Good research tools help you validate your idea with actual facts and figures. You can find Amazon products which can help you earn maximum profits with the proof of data. Here we give you some of the best Amazon Product Research/Seller tools affiliate programs which are easy to set up and help you earn generous affiliate commissions. Sign up and reap the many benefits.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Affiliate Program

This tool helps you find the best products to sell on Amazon. You have a Jungle Scout web app as well as a Chrome extension which address different issues in the product research cycle. With the help of the web app, you can scan their product catalog instantly. The extension helps you get accurate metrics for products of your choice. You get an idea of a niche market on Amazon which will help you earn maximum profits. Their Affiliate Program is free to join and easy to sign-up.

Commission Type

  • Pay-Per-Sale $20.00 USD for each Jungle Scout Chrome Extension sale from your site
  • Get 100% of the first month of monthly recurring software subscription sale delivered by you on Jungle Scout, Jumpsend or Fetcher.
  • Get 10% off any package sale you deliver on Jungle Market.
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Amalinks Pro

AmaLinks Pro Affiliate Program

Amalinks pro is a WordPress plugin which helps you increase your Amazon affiliate earnings. With Amalinks Pro, you can get all the marketing aspects of Amazon covered. But to earn with this Amazon Affiliate programme, you should have your own blog.
You should also have SEO optimized web hosting. Amalinkspro WordPress plugin offers you all you need to become a successful Amazon affiliate. The more sales you generate with this, the more commission you will earn from Amazon, and the WordPress plugin will help you generate more commissions. For those planning to start an affiliate marketing blog, Amalinks Pro plugin is the best suited for you.

Commission Type

  • Get 50% Commissions – Lifetime – Recurring
  • All eligible purchases
  • Credit for all future purchases by people you refer
  • Credit for recurring payments
  • 90-Day Cookie
  • Get regular monthly payouts
  • Link –


Egrow Affiliate Program

Egrow helps you build your e-commerce business effortlessly. Egrow is a free web-based tool which is specifically developed for Amazon sellers. With Egrow, online businesses wishing to sell on Amazon get an overview of markets which are potentially profitable. Egrow helps sellers discover products that are profitable by analyzing millions of items in the Amazon marketplace. It also helps you aggregate sales data in easy-to-understand charts and panels. Join their affiliate program and earn money with every sale! The program is free to join and sign-up.

Commission Type

  • 1 – 10 sales – 15% monthly recurring commission
  • 11 – 20 sales – 20% monthly recurring commission
  • 21+ sales – 30% monthly recurring commission
  • $100.00 USD – Minimum balance required for payout.
  • Link –


AliExtractor Affiliate Program

AliExtractor is a new software product from the creators of ASINspector. With AliExtractor, you can speed up the process of sourcing products off of the AliExpress website. The problem in trying to find products to sell on AliExpress is that it’s time-consuming. Filtering and finding the right product is very difficult. This is where AliExtractor stands out. AliExtractor is a Chrome extension used to automatically extract and analyze AliExpress data and sales trends to find products that sell. It helps you find the niche to focus on.

Commission Type


AMZ Tracker Affiliate Program

AMZTracker is software for Amazon that grows rankings and you can maintain them. You can quickly reach first page rankings with the help of promotions, conversion rate optimization as well as competitor analysis. AMZTracker offers keyword tracking, negative review alerts and a lot more. You also get a free 7-day trial before you buy them. Their entire affiliate process has ease of use, and they also maintain extremely accurate affiliate tracking.

Commission Type


AMZScout Affiliate Program

AMZ Scout is similar to Jungle Scout and an extended version of AMZ Tracker with some advanced features. Besides scouting for the best products, AMZ Scout is also accurate in maintaining product data. We found AMZ Scout more accurate in the U.S. market place when compared to other marketplaces. The features of AMZ Scout are the same as of Jungle Scout and it is available in the form of a Web App and a Chrome extension.

Commission Type

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