Best Buy Affiliate Program – Review

Best Buy is among the leading retail shopping brands that have boomed in the online and physical market over the past few years. Best Buy is primarily an American multinational store that initiated its business through physical stores and reached out to the homes of consumers through the online medium. It has a mammoth stock of electrical, electronics, and household appliances that is popular among consumers.

Best Buy Affiliate Program

In this article, we will make a summarized Best Buy affiliate program review and try to cover all the given major points to help you develop a better understanding of this program.

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Does Best Buy have an affiliate program?

Amidst the tough competition between giant retail brands such as Amazon and Walmart, Best buy has tried to lock horns with them by launching its affiliate program. This affiliate program is capable enough to match up the basic needs of the affiliates and offers a decent commission to them.

The Best Buy affiliate program is available on the following affiliate networks.

Best Buy US Affiliate Programs

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Available On Sovrn        Join Now

Best Buy Canada Affiliate Programs

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What is Best Buy affiliate Program?

The affiliate program of best buy is quite popular among the people but it is not as lucrative as compared to the affiliate programs of other giant retail brands. Although there is a diverse range of products on Best buy that you can promote to increase its sales and grab those commissions. The below-listed product categories can be promoted by the affiliates under this program.

  • Laptops, computers, and Mobiles
  • Drones
  • Video games
  • Wearable smart gadgets
  • Smart home and security
  • Health and Fitness

The range of promotional methods for the best buy affiliates is very long and after getting approval for the program you are supplied with those useful promotional materials and practices by Best buy. You can pick any of the mentioned promotional methods as per your website’s suitability.

  • Banners
  • Product Catalog
  • Text links
  • Widgets
  • API

Also, you will be get subscribed to the weekly newsletter which would be the best source of information about the latest and upcoming deals and weekly offers on Best Buy products.

Why should you join Best Buy affiliate program?

Best Buy has become an emerging player in the retail brand league and has become trustworthy among the people, especially the ones living in the United States and Canada. People looking for mobile phones, laptops, and other electronic goods are purchasing them online by cashing the latest deals and offers provided by best buy. The website owners or bloggers can crack this wonderful opportunity by promoting best buy products on their website to generate extra income from those commissions.
One another reason to join this affiliate program is the simple application process which is completely hassle-free.

What about the Best Buy affiliate program commission rate?

The commission rates of this affiliate program are not so competitive when compared to Amazon and Walmart.

0.5% – All products excluding (laptops, tablets, desktops, video game hardware, and Virtual reality Hardware)

Cookie length: 24 Hours

One most important thing that must be kept in mind about the affiliate program is that you would be rewarded with the commission only for first-time buyers and there would be no commission for the returning buyer who had already used their purchasing power.

The payments of the commissions are made to the affiliates on the monthly basis. The first Best buy commission will be paid 60 days after the first Best buy sale is done by you.

Conditions to become an affiliate?

There are no specific conditions to join this affiliate program but some basic requirements that make you eligible are mentioned below.

  • You must have a decent online presence through any blog or website having good traffic.
  • As you know that Best Buy operates majorly in the US, Canada, and Mexico, so it would be available to those blogs and websites having incoming traffic from these countries only.


The Final verdict about the Best Buy affiliate program is that if you have a website with good traffic and factual content that is capable to engage thousands of visitors or followers, then you must join the program of this growing retail brand and easily cash in this opportunity to generate amazing revenue in the form of lucrative commissions for a broad range of products.

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