Best eBook Affiliate Programs

Books are the best friend of human beings since the old times and in this modern digital era, Ebooks had emerged as the best companion for people. The ebook is convenient to read at any pace using a digital device such as a laptop, mobile, or tablet. The readers had turned ebook reading into a separate industry that has grown to a giant scale in the last five years. Statista’s Digital Market Outlook has predicted the ebook sales figure will cross the 19 billion mark by 2026. This has gained the attention of affiliate marketers as a separate niche having a huge potential of making tremendous revenue. There is a great opportunity for you to earn a handsome amount of money using the best ebook affiliate program available in the market. You only need to promote your favorite ebooks which are worth reading to the audience with these Best eBook Affiliate Programs and in return, you can the amazing commissions as a reward.

Best eBook affiliate programs

In this article, we will analyze the best eBook affiliate programs that you can pick for earning handsome commissions. Here we have compiled a list of the top parenting affiliate programs that you can pick as per your requirements.

5 Best eBook affiliate programs

1. Apple Books

Apple Books is backed by the trustworthy and renowned apple brand. It has a vast catalog of exciting ebooks that you can wait to read. It shows personalized recommendations to the users based on their previous reading habits to pick the best ebook for them. The affiliate program offered by Apple ebooks has incredible support and handy promotional tools that are pretty useful while doing the promotion work.

  • Link: Apply Now
  • Commission: : Up to 7% on sales
  • Cookie : 30 Days
  • Payment Methods : Electronic Fund Transfer(EFT)


2. AbeBooks

Abe books are one of the best places to explore your favorite new, used, and rare ebooks. It is an oceanic collection of Ebooks with more than 20,000 listed Ebooks on its deck. People can easily search the suitable piece of literature from AbeBooks as per their reading taste. You can join the AbeBooks affiliate program to grab the amazing commissions and all the special benefits along with the promotional material.

  • Link: Apply Now
  • Commission: 5% Per sale
  • Cookie : 30 Days
  • Payment Methods : Paypal , Direct Deposit, Check, Wire transfer


3. SmashWords

Smashwords claims itself as the strongest player among the distributors for providing indie Ebooks with its massive stock of more than 400,000 Ebooks from over 100,000 authors and publishers. The Ebooks are available in multiple formats and some of the authors in its stock are among the best sellers in the New York times and USA Today. If you want to earn an attractive amount of commission by doing simple promotions then the Smashwords affiliate program would be a perfect choice.

  • Link: Apply Now
  • Commission: 11-80.5% of Net sale
  • Cookie :48 Hours
  • Payment Methods: Paypal , Direct Deposit, Check, Wire transfer


4. BookBaby

This is a one-stop place for indie authors for selling and publishing Ebooks. Authors are rewarded with 100% net royalties earned through BookBaby sales. It also offers an audiobook publishing solution that lets the creators earn 75% Royalty. Other solutions include wonderful book binding and cover design services for customers. All these things make this BookBaby affiliate program a must-join thing.

  • Link: Apply Now
  • Commission: Up to 5% per sale
  • Cookie : Not listed
  • Payment Methods: Paypal , Direct Deposit, Check


5. Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is another leading ebook-selling platform that has stacked its catalog with over five million Books and 3.6 million e-books. It also deals in selling DVDs, music, toys, and games. The affiliate program offered by Barnes & Noble has a decent commission rate and supplies various resources to its affiliates for driving sales and traffic.

  • Link: Apply Now
  • Commission: 2% – 5% per sale
  • Cookie : 1 Day
  • Payment Methods: Direct Deposit, Check, Payoneer



The Final Verdict is that there are various affiliate programs available in the market but this compiled list of the best eBook affiliate programs would prove to be useful to get high lucrative commissions.

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