Best Home Security Affiliate Programs

In this post, you will find the best Home Security Affiliate Programs that pay high commissions to their affiliates for their product promotion.

Affiliate marketing is growing leaps and bounds, and the whole system has become so easy that many bloggers are taking full advantage of it. The revenue created by these affiliate programs has changed the lives of many bloggers. But how to choose the correct affiliate program is the biggest challenge which often leads to impulsive decision making. The product which you are going to promote must be well known in the market and have a high demand too.

Here, in this post, we are going to discuss the best home security affiliate programs. Home security products are well recognized in the market and people do buy such products to protect their family. These kinds of products never go out of demand and hence capture a significant share of the market. Bloggers and website owners promoting such products gain a big share in the form of commission.

Home Security Systems Growth Rate

In 2017, more than four billion dollars were spent on security solutions in the US itself. It is becoming more of a necessity for every home worldwide. Houses without security systems are 300% more expected to be conked-out into by intruders. As per the FBI stats, there is a robbery taking place every 20 seconds in the US and only 17% of the entire population has security systems installed in their houses.

The unavoidable thefts taking place on a daily basis makes it necessary to have one such powerful home security solutions at our home. The security solutions can be offered in various forms like video recording, alarms, lighting, cameras, smart locks, and much more.

The buyers often get discreet on deciding which security system is the best for them. By promoting the products in the best possible way, one can earn a huge amount of commission from the companies.

Best Home Security Affiliate Programs

So, here is the list of the best home security affiliate programs which will help you make money online.

BrickHouse Security

BrickHouse Security
BHS is the leading security systems and surveillance solutions since 2005. They deal in various type of security products like GPS tracking, hidden cameras, cellular videos, security cameras, counter surveillance, cybersecurity, alarm systems, and emergency alerts.

They offer products and services to an extensive range of businesses, both large and small, together with 400 of the Fortune 500 corporations and over 40,000 small trades globally. They also provide solutions to 2,500 plus local and national law enforcement organizations, including the NYPD, L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, the FBI, and many more.
Highlights of BrickHouse Security Affiliate Program

iSmartSafe Security

iSmartSafedesigns and develops the finest smartphone-empowered home safety and home control system. The classy system uses a free and easy smartphone and tablet application to put home security and home control in the hands of its handler. iSmartSafe products are sophisticated, easy to use, and reasonably priced for everyone. iSmartSafe makes your home safe and sound in a smart way. They deal in outdoor and indoor wireless cameras.

Highlights of iSmartSafe Security Affiliate Programs:

Brinks Home Security

Brinks Home Security
Brinks is a well-recognized brand throughout the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada. The security systems are customized as per your demand and it allows risk-free 90 days trial. It offers the most advanced professional security monitoring at an inexpensive price. It features a strong backup system, event-based mobile alerts, and number-one alarm response centre. This is the reason why Brink is trusted by more than one billion subscribers in the US itself.

Highlights of Brinks Home Security Affiliate Programs:

Armor Concepts

Armor Concepts
Since 2004, Armor has created the world’s most successful door security and restoration solutions. In other words, they make the existing doors more secure thru their robust security solutions. The door safety products are highly trusted by the big names and have never put anyone down when it comes to offering knock-out security.

Door Armor is an original door security device system that strengthens the weak points on your present doors. The solutions offered are police verified& recommended, and can be fixed easily by you, using only a drill, in less than 30 minutes (you don’t have to remove your door).

Highlights of Armor Concepts Affiliate Programs:

FrontPoint Security

Since 2007, FrontPoint has established itself as a trusted brand in offering powerful security solutions. It has the safest, easier and smarter technology which puts your family in the safest hands. Their experienced professionals monitor your home 24/7 and take prompt action as and when required. The best thing about this firm is that they put people as the priority than just the profits they make by just selling the security products.

Highlights of the FrontPoint Security Affiliate program

ADT Home Security

ADT Securities
ADT is the number one smart home alarm system providers. Irrespective of your home design, ADT offers you the customized and the most technically advanced security alarms for your home. They have you covered in every aspect like- customized protection from 24/7 alarm systems monitoring to home automation.

For more than 140 years, ADT is offering safe and secure services to more than eight billion people in the US itself. For offering the best security services, it has appointed more than 18000 professionals at 200 different locations so that your home is monitored every hour.

Highlights of ADT Home Security Affiliate Program:


ProtectAmerica is the award-winning home security systems from last 25 years. Front-runner of the Consumers Digest Best Buy for last 8 years, their home security suites are the industry standard for reasonable, expertly scrutinized home security. They offer more than just home security products like suitability and security through their home automation, GPS, and investigation products-allowing the clients to have full control of their home, from anywhere.

By providing the best security services, ProtectAmerica is ranked #1 on many home security review websites.

Highlights of ProtectAmerica Affiliate Program:


Smarthome is one of the world’s leading and largest home automation stores, it has become an easy-to-use resource for thousands of reasonably priced lighting, security, and home entertainment products that are do-it-yourself. Their team of product experts struggles to bring the latest pioneering products at the best possible amounts.

It is a SmartLabs, Inc. company that allocates products with high-quality Insteon® technology. Insteon is the gold paradigm networking technology for the linked home. It is a strong, wireless home-managed networking technology. Illumination control, scene light, timers, control & status on smartphones and tablets, leak, door & motion detecting and garage door control are some of the more prevalent apps. Insteon matching products are easy-to-program devices that interconnect over your home’s present wiring and over radio-frequency indicators, a dual-mesh structure that substantially increases signal dependability.
Highlights of SmartHome Affiliate Program:

  • 4% commission
  • 30-day cookie policy
  • Affiliate Network partner- CJ, Rakuten Linkshare, and ShareASale
  • Apply here for SmartHome Affiliate Program

Vivint Home Security

Vivint is a one-stop-shop that builds the safest homes. It opens door to the connected future with full safety for your loved ones. The security systems are installed by them itself and you just need to understand the simple working process. They offer wireless surveillance and home security with 24/7 video recording. With Vivint, you can manage your home from anywhere as it offers powerful features of voice control, mobile control, and home control.

As a foremost smart home technology supplier, Vivint offers home safety, energy management, home automation, local cloud storage, and speedy Internet solutions to more than one million clients all over the United States and Canada.

Highlights of Vivint Affiliate Program:


Last but not the least, Lorex is also one of the leading creators of business and user video surveillance solutions. They constructed, wireless security cameras, IP camera, security DVR, and Internet Protocol security close watch equipment as well as digital video recorders, and all-in-one systems. The unparalleled connection offered by them allows you to monitor your home and other property anytime and anyplace.

Highlights of LorexTechnology Affiliate Programs:

Final thoughts on Home Security Affiliate Programs

I would recommend that you choose a right niche to promote the home security products like- door security systems, window security systems, alarm systems or video surveillance security systems. For video surveillance you can choose Brink which offers $200 commission per sale; go for Armor, door and window security solutions giving 20% of sales; choose SmartHome for DIY home security solutions. In this way, you will have a more specific and targeted approach at affiliate programs for your users.

Not only affiliate programs, but you could find a hundred more ways to earn high commission by promoting the branded products like reviews, how-to videos and articles, top 10 lists, etc.

The above-mentioned home security affiliate programs will definitely help you in fetching good commission if you promote them in the best way on your website. Some of them have their own affiliate programs and some take help of affiliate network partners to track the program and to make payments. But irrespective of any affiliate program method they have, your commission is always safe and you can be withdrawn anytime pertaining to the company guidelines.

If you have any queries related to the home security affiliate programs, feel free to write in the comment section.

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