10 Best Proxy Services Affiliate Programs

In this post, you will be getting precise but useful info about the Best proxy services affiliate programs so as to make significant income from the commissions.

About Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are always beneficial for you as they hide your real location and shifts your real virtual location which cannot be done via torrenting. In PC nets, a proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application) that performs as an intermediate for demands from customers searching for sources from additional servers. A user links up to the proxy server, demanding some service, such as a folder, link, web page, or other reserves available from a distinctive server and the proxy server assesses the demand as a means to streamline and monitor its intricacy.

Proxies were designed to add configuration and encapsulation to disseminated arrangements. These days, most proxies are web proxies, simplifying retrieve to content on the World Wide Web, offering secrecy, and may be used to circumvent IP address jamming.

How do these best proxy services affiliate programs work?

There are many proxy services available in the market offering the best anonymity to your online data. If you have a website promoting such software or services, then you can make money by promoting the services. When you recommend this service in the most effective manner, your readers will buy it, and in return, you will be entitled to a percentage of commission. Here, we have compiled a list of best proxy services affiliate programs that pay high commissions to their affiliates and have a good name in making regular payments.

Let’s check out the list of best proxy services affiliate programs and their commission’s rate.

Best Proxy Services Affiliate Programs

1. Smartproxy

Smartproxy Affiliate Program
Smartproxy offers the best affiliate commissions to partners. Smartproxy is one of the leading Residential Proxy Network. Smartproxy Automates anything and helps in accessing local data. With Smartproxy you can scrape the Web freely. They provide 195 locations globally, the top countries being the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, India, Canada, and Japan. You get over 40+ M Ip’s with Smartproxy.
Join Smartproxy Affiliate Program here and start earning.

  • Make up to $1,500 for every new customer.
  • 30 days of cookies.
  • Up to 50% sales commission.
  • $100 minimum payout.
  • Get paid on monthly basis.
  • Payment is only through Paypal, Wire Transfer, and Payoneer.

2. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies
Storm proxies offer you the built-up option of spinning proxies, you can choose for any of the USA or EU domestic IP’S, their IP replaces for 5 minutes and you can access over 200,000+ shared rotating IPs. The special features offer a 24-hour refund (money back) guarantee, premium 24/7 support along with high anonymity. Other proxy line-ups vend their proxies, but storm proxies own each of their supplies, and that’s the reason why their plan prices are reasonable as compared to the other proxy services.
Storm proxies Affiliate Program highlights:

  • 25% lifetime monthly recurring commission.
  • Monthly payments
  • Minimum $100 in affiliate commission.
  • Payment through PayPal

Register here for Storm Proxies affiliate program

3. Blazing SEO Proxy

Blazing Proxies

Blazing SEO is an influential proxy service that presents unrestricted threads and bandwidth. Blazing SEO is used by government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses. They offer 24/7 technical support, a huge monitoring system, Datacenter redundancy, end-to-end hardware control, immediate proxy rotation, and have high availability of IPs.

Blazing SEP Proxy Affiliate Program highlights:

  • Earn 15% recurring commission.
  • 90 Days cookies validity.
  • Monthly payments.

Register here for Blazing SEO Proxy affiliate program here

4. InstantProxies

Instant Proxies

Instant Proxies offer one of the fastest proxies with 99% network uptime. They offer elite anonymity with unlimited bandwidth, advanced control panel, subnet variety, guaranteed quality with 100% compatibility with 24/7 live support. Instant Proxies is the most reasonable private proxy supplier in the market with worldwide locations and instant setup.

InstantProxies Affiliate Programs Highlights:

  • A tier-based repeated commission structure on all auctions made
  • An actual click and conversion tracing interface
  • An industry-leading holding rate, safeguarding your conversions

Register here for InstantProxies affiliate program here

5. Squid Proxies

Squid Proxies

Squid Proxies offers elite anonymous HTTP/HTTPS proxies with guaranteed quality. They offer worldwide superfast servers, unlimited bandwidth, multiple IP subnets, 100% compatibility with servers, and no Ads. They offer guaranteed access to IPs 24/7/365 with 24/7 customer support at the most affordable prices.

Squid proxies Affiliate Program Highlights:

  • 20% commission
  • Monthly payment via PayPal.
  • Access to banners for promotional purposes.
  • Access to referral statistics from Client Area.

Register here for Squid Proxies affiliate program

6. ProxyHub

Proxy Hub

ProxyHub provided affordable private proxies with servers in the USA, Canada, Germany, France, the U.K, the Netherlands, and many other locations. They offer fresh IPs every month, dead IP replacement, unlimited bandwidth, DIY IP Auth, API access, and 99% uptime. It is compliant with SEO tools and functions at the highest productivity with other engine paraphernalia like SCRAPE BOX, GSA, ULTIMATE DAEMON, BMD, and others.

Proxyhub Affiliate Program highlights:

  • 10% referral commissions
  • Every 30-days pay-out
  • Payments thru PayPal, Wire Transfer and Payza

Register here for ProxyHub affiliate program

7. Smart DNS Proxy

Smart DNS Proxy

It is an all-in-one solution for all your fears pertaining to web security. The services provided are of Smart DNS Proxy, Smart VPN, and a VPN allowing you to visit any gridlocked website constrained in your place. The reason to promote Smart DNS is simple, as it not only works on your PC, mobile, or tablet but also on your home entertainment system. It is faster than a VPN, more secure, functions worldwide and you don’t need software for that. the speedy servers offer you unrestricted services anywhere and anytime.

Smart DNS Affiliate Program Highlights:

  • 30% to 100% commissions depending on new or renewed accounts
  • Payments via PayPal
  • Payments made from 25th to 10th of every month
  • 90-days cookies policy

Register here for Smart DNS Proxy affiliate program

8. BestProxyandVPN

Best Proxy And VPN

The website offers both VPNs and proxies to its customers depending on the demand. Purchase proxies from the top and reasonable proxy network accessible on the net. The proxy features static IP allocated to solely one user, compulsory authentication via either username/password or IP, and proxy form is configurable to any HTTP or SOCKS from inside the member area. Get the private proxy servers at all the prime geo-locations. So, it will be easy for you to promote a service which offers a different kind of proxies in one place.

BestProxyandVPN Affiliate Program Highlights:

  • 25% to 55% commission depending on the sales you generate
  • Monthly payments via PayPal
  • Minimum payout is $20

Register here for BestProxyandVPN affiliate program

9. High Proxies

High Proxies

HP offers premium private and shared proxies with unlimited bandwidth, 1000mb/s fast servers, and high anonymous proxies. Their objective is to provide an unmatched level of service and backing to their customers. Their data-centers are tactically situated to offer the most wide-ranging service coverage thinkable. High Proxies offers fast, safe, and dependable Private Proxies, Shared Proxies, or VPNs for SEM, SEO, and Web Marketing Professionals. Many SEO Agencies and Corporations trust in their extremely unspecified Private Proxy Server network.

High Proxies Affiliate Program Highlights:

  • 25% commission
  • Monthly payment
  • $50 minimum payout
  • Payments are done via PayPal

Register here for High Proxies affiliate program

10. MyPrivateProxy

MPP Group

MPP is the best proxies specialist with accessible solutions. The set-up they use is invented never to collapse. They utilize enterprise rating hardware, data centers with a robust past of uptime, they make use of ability and pull industry professionals. The private proxies are exactly planned for the “White Hat” Search Engine & Internet Marketing businesses. MPP functions over 220 devoted proxy servers in 24 data centers around the globe.

MPP Affiliate Program Highlight:

  • 25% recurring commission
  • 90-day cookie policy
  • Monthly payments
  • Payments via PayPal only

Register here for MyPrivateProxy affiliate program


All the above-mentioned best proxy services affiliate programs are top-rated for their services provided and the commission scales. They not only offer the best of services but also make timely payments to their affiliates as promised. If you adhere to the rules and regulations specified for the individual affiliate programs, you can make a generous income in no big time.

Hope this post on best proxy services affiliate programs was useful to you. Start promoting the proxy service providers in the best possible way on your website, and make good revenues in the form of commissions.

If you are a proxy website, you can post your affiliate program information and link in the comment box below, we will review and feature it in the article.

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