9 Best Sports Betting Affiliate Programs

In this post, you will find the best Sports Betting Affiliate Programs that pay high commissions to their affiliates for their promotion.

Affiliate marketing has helped talented bloggers and online marketers taste success like never before. If you are a provider of quality content which adds value, affiliate marketing helps you generate revenue thereby boosting both your business and the product or service you are trying to promote too.

Why Choose Sports Betting Affiliate Programs?

Here we would take a look at some of the best sports betting affiliate programs. Why sports betting, you ask? Because sports betting helps you enjoy sports and has been in existence for hundreds of years. Statistics indicate that almost 50% of people over 18 years of age have indulged in some form of sports betting in the US. You can research your picks from the comfort of your home. Sports betting is offered for almost every sport with the pick being football, basketball, cricket, boxing, and hockey. Another reason is the entertainment value it offers. Its demand is ever increasing and through such affiliate programs, you get to gain more.

Here’s a list of Best Sports Betting affiliate programs

1. Bet365

Bet365 Affiliate Program
Bet365 is an online gaming company based in the UK. The company has around 23 million customers globally. They are pioneers in offering sports betting besides other forms of betting like poker. It also video streams sporting events. The online affiliate program offered by Bet365 helps you earn big commissions in line with other affiliate programs like online poker etc.

Affiliate Program Details of Bet 365
Bet365’s affiliate programme is a professional marketing system used by individuals and companies. Linking With the bet 365 will allow access all the products and helps in partnering with the global gaming provider.
Commission :

  • 30% profit share for every customer that you refer.
  • The betting and gaming activity of all your referred customers counts towards your commission.
  • Payments are processed once a month

Cookie: 45-day cookie policy

Click for Bet365 affiliate program here

2. Betfair

BetFair Affiliate Program
Betfair is a leading online gambling company which is known to operate the world’s largest online betting exchange. Besides sports betting, it also offers Sportsbook (fixed odds betting), online poker, online casino, and online bingo. It has over 4 million customers and earns 50 million pounds per week.
Betfair also helps you earn big commissions on its affiliate programs and it is very popular.

Affiliate Program Details of Betfair
Commission :

  • Earn 30% revenue share
  • No negative carryover
  • Payments are processed once a month

Cookie: 30-day cookie policy

Click here for Betfair affiliate program

3. BetOnValue

BetOnValue Affiliate Program
BetOnValue helps to bet by striving to provide them with the best possible information on betting odds available anywhere on the internet. It helps you check and compare odds from over 165 bookmakers and betting exchanges across the globe, covering every sporting event in the world of any importance. They have many tools and features to assist you in betting.
When you become an affiliate, you get a 30% commission for every purchasing customer you refer. You can avail this for a lifetime.
Affiliate Program Details of BetOnValue
Commission :

Period/Subscription TypeSilverGold
Full 30 Days€15.0€37.5
6 Months (180 days)€76.5€100.0
12 Months (360 days)€100.0€100.0

Your rewards will be sent via either Skrill or Neteller
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Register for BetOnValue affiliate program here

4. 1Xbet

1XBet Affiliate Program
1xBet offers betting on specific events: like European handicap, correct score, run of play, over/under, team to score first, etc. They also have a great selection of betting markets to choose from on international games on a club and country level.
In the case of individual sports like cycling, golf, athletics, skiing etc. they also offer head-to-heads on two selected athletes at all times. Partner with them to introduce new users and earn up to 25% commission.

Affiliate Program Details of 1xBet
Commission :

  • Receive commission up to 25% for referred customers
  • Get paid every week

Materials provided in your native language

Join 1XBet Affiliate Program affiliate program here

5. All You Bet

All You Bet Affiliate Program
All You Bet is an online betting site established in 2012and based in the Caribbean. All You Bet offers players a sportsbook that allows for wagers to be placed on a number of sports like football, cricket, hockey, basketball, and more. Fast payments, good management, and ease of use have made it highly popular.
The sportsbook is available through a web-based platform and a mobile site is also available. Their affiliate program offers some great commissions for a subscription.

Affiliate Program Details of All You Bet
Commission :Cookie: 30-day cookie policy

Click for All You Bet affiliate program here

6. Bwin

Bwin Affiliate Program
Bwin is an online betting brand offering sports betting, casino games, soft and skill games with most revenue coming from sports betting. Bwin claims to have over 20 million registered customers in more than 25 core markets.
The Company provided services for its subsidiaries like marketing, corporate communications, finance, and administration, controlling and IT services.

Affiliate Program Details of Bwin
Commission :
Cookie: 30-day cookie policy

Register here for Bwin affiliate program

7. 10Bet

10Bet Affiliate Program
10Bet is one of the world’s best online betting sites. You get access to a first class betting experience with massive sign up bonuses for new players. You get to choose from 25,000+ live events every month across a wide range of sports including Football, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, and Handball.
When you join 10Bet Affiliates, your earnings will depend on the number of new players you refer each month.

Affiliate Program Details of 10Bet

  • RANGER: 1-5 First-time Depositors -10%
  • WARRIOR: 6-20 First-time Depositors – 20%
  • DRAGON: 21-40 First-time Depositors – 30%
  • WIZARD: 41+ First-time Depositors – 35%

Join here for 10Bet Affiliate Program

8. BetVictor

Bet Victor Affiliate Program
BetVictor Ltd is an independent bookmaker which specializes in online sports betting, the company now has online casino also.BetVictor has actively sponsored several sporting events over the years.
With the BetVictor Affiliates Exclusive Program, you get the best deals and incentives with knowledge of innovations in betting technology.

Affiliate Program Details of BetVictor
Get good commission on all promotional programs
Cookie: 30-day cookie policy

Click for Bet Victor Affiliate Program here

9. NetBet

NetBet Affiliate Program
An incredible choice of online casino and in-play sports betting, NetBet with its new mobile platform makes it the best online gaming destination of choice.NetBet has a safe, secure website with quick deposit and withdrawal options, and the best services, games, and promotions.

Affiliate Program Details of NetBet
Commission :

Web pageCPA *Minimum first depositTotal Player Bets
Sport.NetBet.gr25 Euros20 Euros60 Euros
Casino.NetBet.gr25 Euros20 Euros60 Euros

Click here for NetBet affiliate program

Final thoughts on Sports Betting Affiliate Programs

Sports betting is a huge niche with ample opportunities to earn affiliate commissions with your website. This is just the tip of the iceberg. You could focus on anything from bitcoin sports betting for US-based users, fantasy sports or various other sports betting related niches.

As more and more people(30-40%) are taking up sports betting, these great sports betting affiliate programs will help you earn big and realize your dreams of making big money. Most have their own affiliate programs and some take the help of other affiliate network partners to track the program and to make payments.

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