Best Stock Trading Affiliate Programs in 2022

The idea of promoting a trading affiliate program may sound intimidating. The market has jargon and terminologies that only experts understand. On the other hand, this is the holy grail of passive income, and learning the basics is undoubtedly worth it. Over half the population holds stocks and bonds in the USA and constantly wants to improve their portfolio. You can help them by sharing your knowledge using various stock market affiliate programs and making high passive income for yourself.

An affiliate program is a type of performance-based marketing. In this business model, companies reward affiliates for bringing visitors or leads to their website using their marketing efforts. Promoting stock trading affiliate programs can be as easy as placing affiliate links on your app or website with a unique affiliate promo code. When your visitors purchase or subscribe on their company’s website using the code, you get the commission. Here are some of the USA’s highest paying trading affiliate programs that you can consider joining:

Top 7 Stock Trading Affiliate Programs

1. Raging Bull:

It is one of the fastest-growing stock-trading training firms in the US, led by a team of self-made trading millionaires. These traders share their knowledge using training sessions with people that subscribe to the site or join their membership program. You can learn to trade and start by creating attractive ads to promote your affiliate program.


2. TradingView:

Currently, it is one of the most active trading communities, hosting 30 million traders worldwide to discuss and trade. They have a strong sense of working with real-time charts, and financial tools, making the affiliate program easy to promote.


3. SpeedTrader:

It is one of the oldest platforms offering trading services at a low cost. Traders get state-of-art technology, customer support service, and more at SpeedTrader. After signing up, you can promote their stock market affiliate program by using their affiliate links, landing pages, custom banners, visuals, and more.


4. eToro:

It is a well-known risk-free investing and trading platform. Most people enjoy investing in stock with eToro as they have a zero percent commission policy. Traders can open or close positions without paying any commission. Commission Junction powers its affiliate program, and you get complete access to tools, banner ads, visuals, and more to promote the program.

  • Link:
  • Commission:25% revenue share or $200
  • How To Apply:Signup
  • Cookie Length:45 days
  • Training Type:Self-learning tutorials and materials


5. IQ Option:

It is an award-winning investment firm and software development company. Their primary focus remains online trading, which is accessible worldwide. Traders can invest in Forex, CFD’s, Crypto, and Option with IQ Option. By signing up for their trading affiliate program, you get highly converting promo materials in 13 languages to help you promote the program.


6. RoboForex:

It is an international brokerage platform that offers over 12,000 trading instruments to traders from across the world. RoboForex has a daily commission payout for its affiliate. Their trading affiliate programs are very lucrative. You can sign up for the VIP or Expert program and increase your earnings by promoting the same.


7. Capitalist Exploits:

Capitalist Exploits is a group of professional money managers, investors, and entrepreneurs who help traders find great investment opportunities. They are constantly looking for affiliates who can promote their program. Join and boost their stock trading affiliate programs and earn a good commission.



Promoting affiliate programs is not a cakewalk but worth trying, especially if you are interested in this industry. Presently, it is one of the most profitable remote jobs available in the USA, and with the right tools and approach, you can make huge money!

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