10 Best Video Conferencing Affiliate Programs in 2023

Having in-person interactions often help you to reach more people and speak out your story more clearly. The world around you has a meaningful insight, deeper alliances, and better results through the video conferencing software. Today we will be discussing video conferencing affiliate programs and the commissions offered by them on referrals.

If you have a blog, website, or social media pages enlightening your viewers about the different software for making your life comfortable, then surely you can add these video conferencing affiliate programs. You can write about the video conferencing SAAS in the form of reviews, top 10 lists, how to use or install guides, or in the form of videos explaining all about software.

Well, there are many ways to promote these kinds of video conferencing affiliate programs, but you must have the related niche-based website or blog talking about the top-notch software. The commissions and other marketing stuff offered by these software companies are also impressive enough to get involved.

What is Video Conferencing software?

Video conferencing software enables introducing and running live conferences between two or more members at numerous sites by using computer networks to communicate audio, video, and text data.

Currently, video conferencing software is used by firms of all extents to stay allied with worldwide partners and teams, to buildup efficiency and to slash outlays. Advanced video conferencing software allows users to communicate, share, and work together on files.

The modern features of video conferencing that help in planning, promoting, engaging, converting, and analyzing at various levels are screen sharing, conference calling, video and mobile conferencing, meeting recording & transcription, and more.

Now let’s have a look at the best video conferencing affiliate programs that offer high commissions along with customer satisfaction.

Best Video Conferencing Affiliate Programs

1. GoTo Webinar

GTW is a powerful and feature-rich webinar tool; it comes under the top 100 SAAS companies with a leadership position in the market. The brilliant online activities help you in telling your story, reaching more people and develop your business. GTW hosts around 2.7 million webinars. With more than 50k customers giving 73% effective results, GTW has all attributes to plan, promote, engage, convert, and analyze the webinars.

GoToWebinar Affiliate Program offers:

  • Earn $100 per order
  • 45-days referral period
  • Network partner- Impact

Sign up here for GoToWebinar Affiliate Program

2. GoTo

Go To Connect
GoTo Connect is an all-in-one, uncomplicated, and consistent platform for voice and video calling. It amalgamates the power of Jive’s cloud VoIP phone systems with GoToMeeting’s web, audio, and video into one compliant solution. Some of its brilliant solutions include custom call routine, team-based call distribution, screen sharing, call analytics, private meeting rooms, and great customer support.

GoTo Connect Affiliate Program offers:

  • $100 per order
  • 45-days referral

Register here for GoTo Connect Affiliate Program

3. GoTo Meeting

GoTo Meeting
GTM is yet again an all-inclusive solution for collaborating with any business type and administrators for perfect online communication. The feature-rich technology has offered intelligent solutions to 18 million users through commuter mode, room launcher, voice commands, and cloud recording. The administrators love its features, including In-room link, admin centre, meeting diagnostic reports, active directory connector, and downloadable admin reports.

GoTo Meeting Affiliate Program offers:

  • $$100 per sale
  • 45-days referral period

Sign up here for GoTo Meeting Affiliate Program

4. Zoom

Zoom is a consistent enterprise solution for all types of video, phone calls, chat, meetings, and conferences. The software is plotted and adjusted to work consistently with upto 1000 video participants and 10K viewers. It is easy-to-use, affordable, scalable as per your need. It is utilized in industries like education, finance, government, and healthcare.

Zoom Affiliate Program offers:

  • Great commissions
  • Referral Partners consist of advisors, systems integrators with knowledge in video collaboration, A/V technology, and IT resellers.

Click here for Zoom Affiliate Program

5. HubSpot

HubSpot is a collection of software for sales, marketing and service with CRM at its soul, and helps any kind of business bloom without conciliation. A few worthy facts about HubSpot include 150+ HS user groups, 7 million monthly HS blog visits, 218K+ certified experts in HS academy, 26K registered attendees, 400+ integrations HS Connect, and functions in 6 languages.
HS tools help you in increasing your traffic, connecting with leads, close and manage leads, with full support and tools.

HubSpot Affiliate Program offers:

  • $250 to $1000 commission for each sale
  • Large creative promotional inventory
  • 90-day cookie window

Sign up for HubSpot Affiliate Program here

6. UberConference

With robust features and insightful user-friendly interface, UC is a remarkable software for web conferencing and online meetings. The unique feature list includes voice intelligence, conference calls, web conference, mobile, screen sharing, hold music, and fully integrated with HubSpot, Google calendar, Slack, HipChat, G-Suite, Office365, Salesforce, and cirrus insight.

UberConference Affiliate Program includes:

  • High incentives and full support
  • Weekly product release and competitive pricing

Register for UberConference Affiliate Program here

7. TrueConf

TrueConf is yet again a powerful video conferencing software for meetings and collaboration. It is a stable platform for your communications and easily integrates with your IT resources. Its apps are supported by Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Browsers, and Rooms. TrueConf reliable products include server free, server, online, enterprise, tracker, weathervane, kiosk, integrIT Bridge, and API & SDK.

TrueConf Affiliate Program offers:

  • High revenues
  • Latest sales and marketing collaterals
  • Sales and technical training
  • Create quality inquiries and leads

Sign up for TrueConf Affiliate Program here

8. Free Conference

Free Conference
Instituted in 2000, FreeConference.com is a forerunner in offering free and dependable conference calling services/solutions. It serves over a billion minutes a year of all-digital conference calls to businesses and entities requiring top-tier implementation at little or no price. With hundreds of power-packed features, FC lets you manage your online meetings right from your in-call dashboard and add visual impact for a more involved audience.

Free Conference Affiliate Program offers:

  • Partner program for reseller and private label use
  • Creates norm web conferencing sites for big commercial, nonprofit, reseller, or individual label apps (>100,000 minutes per month)

Register here for Free Conference Affiliate Program

9. Slack

Slack Affiliate ProgramSlack is the alliance centre that brings the right people, info, and paraphernalia together to get work completed. From FTSE 100 corporations to corner shops, many people worldwide use Slack to connect their teams, unite their systems, and push their business ahead. Slack has 12 million active users, 100K paid customers, 65 out of Fortune 100 use Slack, and 150+ nations have daily active users in Slack.
Slack Partner Affiliate Program offer:

  • Better opportunities
  • Partnership preferences include- technology, security & compliance and services

Sign up for Slack Affiliate Program here

10. Cyberlink

Established in 1996, CyberLink is a leader in audiovisual software and AI facial detection technology. The corporation has preserved over 200 patented technologies that deliver a rock-hard foundation. The advanced technology unceasingly reforms the multimedia experience and consistently provides a state-of-the-art and interoperable solution. Till now, Cyberlink has shipped over 400 + million software and apps shipped worldwide and won over 1000 awards globally. The products include software, mobile apps, volume licensing, and education.

Cyberlink Affiliate Program offers:

  • 20% commission on each sale
  • 90-day cookies
  • Seasonal incentive programs
  • Regular update and full tracking
  • Network partner- CJ

Sign up Cyberlink Affiliate Program here

Final Thoughts

The above video conferencing affiliate programs or partner programs are worth joining if you have a website or blog dealing with IT, software, or relevant services. Enlighten your audiences about these video conferencing apps and software and promote these collaborative tools productively.

Along with excellent marketing material and dedicated support, these video conferencing affiliate programs also offer high conversion rates through their compelling images, videos, unique links, and banners. You can strengthen your affiliate marketing business by choosing any of the video conferencing affiliate programs and write either review or how-to-use posts by compelling your viewers to go for the software.

I hope you like the post, and if you have tried any other multi-functional video conferencing software, then do let us know so that we can provide you info on the same.

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