Highest Paying Bitcoin Affiliate Programs That Works

What is Bitcoin Affiliate program?

Bitcoin Affiliate program lets all the associates gain income by sending traffic to the particular Bitcoin-related program. The returns paid are in Cost Per Action (CPA) or Revenue Share Model contingent to the different programs.  Most of the Bitcoin Affiliate programs pay their partners with Bitcoins, but there are few who pay with fiat.

Applying to the Bitcoin Affiliate Program is a regular process where the Bitcoin dealing websites approve your application to join the program and permit you to promote them on your website via links, banners, texts, etc. We have listed 10 best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs below according to the reports by main Bitcoin members. All affiliates who want to join these programs must follow sound principles when applying for any of the Bitcoin Affiliate Program.

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How does Bitcoin affiliate program work?

It is a great way to generate passive earnings by just driving traffic to the particular Bitcoin website. This how Bitcoin Affiliate Program Works?

  • Sign up for the service and give them your Bitcoin address.
  • Get a unique URL of the website.
  • You can share this URL on your website or any social media pages.
  • Get a fixed commission when someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase.
  • More traffic results in more income in the form of Bitcoins.

So, if you play well with these Bitcoins Affiliate Programs, you earn significant income in the form of Bitcoins.

10 Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

1. 1broker.com affiliate Program

It is one of the best trading platform for bitcoin. With ibroker, you get many more additional features and you can connect with them on social media and take guidance from the experts.
Commission -25% of the fee for their exchange transaction
Sing up here for the referral program: https://1broker.com/trade/#referral

2. CEX.OI Affiliate Program

It provides cross-platform dealing via the website, mobile app, WebSocket and REST API, giving access to high resources order book for top currency pairs on the market. Immediate Bitcoin purchasing and retailing is obtainable via abridged package interface.
Commission -30% of the fee for their exchange transaction
Sign up here for CEX.io referral program https://cex.io/affiliate-program

3. Localbitcoins Affiliate Program

It is an online open market where users can exchange Bitcoin for fiat cash directly with each other.
Commission– 20% of the customer’s trading subscription on each trade new user does
Sign up here for local bitcoin referral program https://localbitcoins.com/affiliate/

4. CoinMama Affiliate Program

It lets people buy bitcoins with a credit card. By adhering to its affiliate program, you can receive commissions forever on new referrals and their future purchases.
Commission -15%
Sing up here for CoinMama Affiliate program https://www.coinmama.com/coinmama-affiliate-program-earn-free-bitcoins

5. Bitbond Affiliate Program

It permits it’s customers from around the world to lend or borrow to one another using Bitcoins. Affiliate commission is only paid on referring new users and is deposited in Bitbond wallet.
Commission 50% off the fee

  •  borrower fee-20%
  •  lender fee -30%

Sign up here for bitbond referral program: https://www.bitbond.com/affiliate

6. BitPanda Affiliate Program

BitPanda lets clients purchase and vend Bitcoins with a credit card, Paypal account and more options all over Europe.
Commissions -€2.50 for every Gold Verified customer and 5% life time bonus
Sign up here for BitPanda Affiliate Program: https://www.bitpanda.com/tell-a-friend

7. Trezor (The Bitcoin Safe) Affiliate Program

TREZOR is a hardware wallet that allows to store your Bitcoins offline safely
Commission – Upto 10%
Sign Up here-https://shop.trezor.io/user/login/?next=/user/profile/affiliate/

8. AVATrade Bitcoin Affiliate Program

AvaTrade is a foreign exchange company permitting people to gamble and clout their dealing with Bitcoin’s amount.
Commission– Revenue share or CPA ($250 per customer).
Go Here to know more- https://www.avapartner.com/?lang=1

9. 247 Exchange Affiliate Program

247Exchange is a moderately recognized Bitcoin exchange that consents patrons from around the world to accept Bitcoins thru credit card, debit card and wire transmissions.
Commission– 30%
Client referrals also receive 30%
Sign Up here-  https://www.247exchange.com/affiliate_program

10. bitlio.com Referral Program

Bitlio is a very famous platform to buy and sell bitcoins. They have referral program only for referring new users where in every new users who transacts or perform any activity through your referral link gets $15.
Referral Payout: $15
Sign up link: https://www.bitlio.com/static/referral_program

11. Coinbase Affiliate Program

Similar to bitlio, coinbase is another platform to buy and sell bitcoins. You need to sign up with coinbas to get the referral link. Supported in few countries only.
Referral payout: $10
Referral link on sing up

12. hitbtc.com Affiliate Program

Started in 2013, one of the most trusted Bitcoin trading portal has been acclaimed for its fault-tolerance, uptime and high availability.
Sign up link: https://hitbtc.com/settings/affiliate


All the Bitcoin Affiliate Programs mentioned above are a great source of making passive income. Some of the programs offer regular commissions for 1 year from the user’s registration date while others offer it for a lifetime. The payments are sent automatically to your Bitcoin address. You are also provided with a report of your referrals.

So, take advantage of these Bitcoin Affiliate Programs and make regular passive income.

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