CannAffiliate Review – Earn Good Money As A Data Driven Marketer

CannAffiliate is a company which focuses on acquiring new customers and provide conversion tracking for Dispensaries and Cannabis/CBD brands. You can join them as an advertiser or affiliate partner. They will help you tap into their affiliate network, and set your own customer acquisition cost, and use their affiliate partners to promote your brand. Besides, with CannAffiliate Conversion Tracking, they empower their partners to discover what marketing channels/campaigns result in online sales that are picked up in store. You can also earn commission directly from cannabis dispensaries and CBD brands.

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What are the products/services covered under CannAffiliate?

CannAffiliate Products

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CannAffiliate offers two products to find new customers & empower your marketing team for data-driven decisions.

  1. CannAffiliate Network: Tap into its global network of affiliates
  2. CannAffiliate Conversion Tracking

Track the metrics to determine what marketing channels have the best ROI which will help you optimize your marketing budget accordingly.

  1. Affiliates can earn commission by sharing Dispensary, Cannabis & CBD Brand Links

The CannAffiliate Network strictly pays for performance. You can incentivize their network of affiliates to raise awareness on your behalf. You only pay the pay commission on sales.
Empower your marketing team to make data-driven decisions, schedule a demo with CannAffiliate.

Where can their affiliate links be posted?

As an affiliate partner, their affiliate links can be posted anywhere which includes:

  • Your website
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media accounts
  • Print media

How do you sign up for affiliate services?

Sign up to become an affiliate and earn commission on the CannAffiliate Network. You can do this by registering your account in their website sign up page. As an affiliate, you will get paid on a monthly basis, as long as the total commissions earned are greater than $50. You can become an affiliate by clicking on the link

Why choose CannAffiliate?

  • Only pay commission on sales generated by CannAffiliate
  • Determine the ROI of your digital marketing spend
  • Tap into their global network of affiliates and incentivize
  • As their dispensary partner, you also have the opportunity to earn commission directly from cannabis & CBD brands.
  • Absolutely free of cost
  • As a cannabis or CBD brand, you can earn commission directly from dispensaries
  • Get upto 30% commission
  • Determine what marketing channels have the best ROI to decide your marketing budget accordingly.

What are the e-commerce and CMS platforms with which CannAffiliate integrates?

Integrates with all eCommerce & CMS platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace,, Joomla, WordPress and a lot more


The best part of CannAffiliate network is that it is absolutely free.

CannAffiliate is a niche Cannabis affiliate network which partners with CBD Brands, Dispensaries, and Cannabis Brands. The commission rates are pretty high which is upwards of 30%. You don’t have to pay anything and all affiliate accounts are 100% free. It is a one-stop-shop where you can browse multiple brands/products before quickly monetizing your website, content, or social media following. Create an account and start tracking and advertising for better ROI or become an affiliate partner right away.

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  1. Just joined them a little while back. Love the setup and a lot of top brands are starting to join so it should only get better with time.


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