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Chewy is a popular pet supplies retail brand that has evolved over the last few years on a large scale. It provides a vast pet supplies range including pet food, toys, pet supplements, accessories, and equipment. In the past couple of years, its sales and revenue have climbed drastically in the charts. If you are a pet blogger or had influential pet content on social media then the Chewy affiliate program is a quite good opportunity to generate decent revenue conveniently.

In this article, we will make a summarized Chewy affiliate program review and try to cover all the given major aspects to help you develop a better idea about this program.

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Does chewy have an affiliate program?

Chewy has a wonderful affiliate program that is capable to deliver extra income in the form of affiliate commissions. The popular pet retail brand is fully committed to monetizing pet bloggers and social media channels to boost its sales by promoting its quality pet products. The partnerize affiliate advertising network has taken the core responsibility for this affiliate program.

The affiliate program is available on the following affiliate networks.

Chewy US Affiliate programs

Available On Partnerize       Join Now

Available On Lemonads      Join Now

What is the Chewy – Affiliate program?

This affiliate program gives you an amazing chance to earn lucrative commissions on the sales of the products promoted by you. If you have a pet blog that has pretty interesting content to engage the audience and make successful conversions for chewy with the provided links then you are on for this affiliate program. If any person would click on the link and purchase any chewy product then you will be eligible to get the commissions.
The products that you can promote under this affiliate program are listed below which you can select as per your blog niche are mentioned below.

  • Food and treats
  • Supplements
  • Toys
  • Litter Boxes
  • Fish tanks
  • Terrariums
  • Fish supplies
  • Pet Clothing
  • Bowls and Feeders
  • Bird cages

The promotional materials supplied by chewy include text links, banners, and graphics which you can mold into your content for promotional purposes. Chewy also supplies you with useful videos and guides that can help you to achieve the set milestones in affiliate marketing.

You can also subscribe to the chewy newsletter to get more information and regular updates about the offers, deals, and discounts.

Why should you Join the Chewy – affiliate program?

If we talk about the pet product and supply market it is expected to grow very rapidly till 2030 and a person having pets will spend around $1500 to $3000 on their pets (especially cats and dogs). The lucrative commissions on the diverse range of products. One more great reason is that this program is absolutely free to join and the application process is also pretty simple. Chewy has over 2000 brand products that you can choose from as per your blog requirements and audiences’ interest.
According to the reports, 50% of the affiliates earn between $50,000 and $80,000 per year, and on average, you can expect around $30,000 per year initially. Thus the High commissions are a strong reason to join this affiliate program.

What about the Chewy affiliate program commission rate?

The commission rate offered by chewy is 4% which is quite impressive and is provided to the affiliates on both new and existing customer orders. A flat $15 reward is also provided by chewy for new customers.

Commision rate : 4% – On All Pet products

Cookie length: 15 Days

Chewy deposits all the commission amount straight into your bank account which you have shared at the time of the application process. The commissions are paid out manually on the basis of payout requests and there is no provision to schedule the payouts.

You are eligible to get the payout when your account balance reaches the $50 mark.

What are the conditions for joining the Chewy – affiliate program?

There are no specific conditions to join this affiliate program but some major things are required to join the program and are listed below.

  • If you have a blogging website having decent traffic and interesting and engaging content on pet experiences, pet foods, and supplies, then it’s a great chance for you to monetize your blog.
  • Petfluencers who have a massive audience on their authentic social media accounts are also eligible to join this program as they can easily promote chewy products through their videos and posts to boost their sales.


All and all we can say that Chewy’s affiliate program is a gamechanger for petfluencers, Bloggers, and other pet websites having good traffic and interesting content to engage thousands of visitors or followers and earn amazing revenue in the form of lucrative commissions for a broad range of pet products.

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