Click Funnel Affiliate Program – Review

Click Funnel

What is Click Funnel?

In the world of affiliate marketing, companies and organizations are doing innovative things to turn down the marketing game to a different level. Click Funnel is a similar kind of innovative approach that has proved to be beneficial for startup owners and early entrepreneurs to give their sales the required pace and generate revenue by making new valuable leads. Click funnel is an online sales funnel platform that simply targets the customers and engages them through the landing pages to ensure that they get happily convinced with your products and simply buy them. It provides you with useful drag n Drop tools to design beautiful landing pages for your products to turn visitors into happy customers. Apart from that it also facilitates its users to adopt and implement aggressive marketing automation tactics by sending targeted messages on social media, E-mail, and other platforms. In this program we will discuss all the major points of Click Funnel Affiliate Program and its major aspects.

Why join the Click funnel affiliate program?

Click funnel affiliate program is a golden opportunity to earn huge commissions by simply promoting their products using the affiliated links. Clickfunnel has also set milestones to encourage their work and reward them whenever they accomplish a milestone. This makes the click funnel affiliate program more interesting and exciting.

Apart from any direct product sales, Click Funnel use to pay commissions to the affiliates whenever anyone signs up as a user through the particular affiliated links.

How to Promote?

After successfully signing up for the click funnel affiliate program you will be redirected to the affiliate portal. On this portal, you will find all sorts of marketing and designing stuff such as ads, banners, graphics, Emails, affiliated ID links, etc. You can implement your unique strategy to start promoting and marketing for Click funnel.

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How much commission do you get?

For the New Click funnel affiliates, the commission is 20% on sales of click funnel subscriptions and that is pretty encouraging to boost the morale of a novice affiliate. The best thing is that they are rewarded with recurring commissions as long as the customer stays active with the subscriptions.

Once you accomplish the milestone of $1000 commission Click funnel instantly gives you a wonderful appraisal in commission by making it 30%.

Another exceptional milestone can be achieved by the affiliates when 40 Active click funnel members become members using your affiliate id link and are continuing their membership for the last 30 days. This milestone pushes the affiliate commission to an amazing 40% mark.

What about the Click funnel affiliate program rules?

There are a lot of common rules in the affiliate agreement which you need to follow as an affiliate but the major rules that you must always keep in your mind are:

  • Never spam users through social media or Email.
  • While promoting Clickfunnel don’t represent yourself as a customer.
  • Always represent yourself as a trustworthy affiliate with a transparent and authentic approach.

Is there any training program offered to the Clickfunnel affiliates?

You don’t need to be an affiliate to start promotions for Click funnel. This is the best part for beginners who do not have any prior knowledge to learn the basics of affiliate marketing and promotion. You can sign up for Click funnels affiliate boot camp to learn those basics without paying an extra penny.


Hope you have liked the review and it would prove to be beneficial for the people who are looking forward to Join the Click Funnel Affiliate Program.

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