Eargo- Hearing Aid Packed With Technology

Have you ever wondered how tough it is for those who don’t have hearing capability? The life becomes miserable, and the sense of belongingness gets lost somewhere. Think of those small children who cannot hear their mother’s voice or nature’s beautiful sounds. The common reason for not getting a hearing aid at a small age is that they are uncomfortable, big in size, and costly.

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But now the technology has transformed everything into a simple mechanism. You can easily get hearing aid in small, comfy and reasonably priced devices like EARGO. Previously, all used to believe that getting a hearing aid before the age of 10 becomes difficult to handle, especially for kids. But after people have tried Eargo, the general idea about such devices has completely changed.
Eargo is not only a compact device, but also lightweight, and hardly visible on the surface of the skin. The sound experienced after inserting this tiny device in your ear is crisp, regular and buoyant.

Why Eargo?

As per NIDCD, around 360 million people in the world are born with hearing defect. Some are born with this defect, and others are prone to get the issue with age. Some people work in such environments that push them towards the hearing issue; like experts of all ages, DJs, and individuals working in noisy fields, are more prone to hearing flaw. Eargo is for all those folks who want to live a normal life even when they have this imperfection.

Mind behind Eargo

Great inventions are results of great minds, and so is Eargo. A person who feels this discomfort can only understand how difficult it is to live with the hearing deficiency. So, Dr. Florent Michel, a European ENT surgeon invented this product to make other lives easy. From years, he has been recommending hearing devices to his patients, but most of them said no as they were bulky, uncomfortable and visible to all.
Therefore, he thought of an idea of creating a compact device which is lightweight and easy to manage on a daily basis. The size is that of a fishing fly modelled for perfect earing and well-adjusted in ears.

Overview of Eargo

The Eargo is a small piece which is well-designed to fit into anyone’s ears. The packaging of the product is also excellent and includes all documents needed for reference purpose. The box consists of everything in a well-arranged manner along with straightforward and informative user’s guide. The packaging contains two ear cleaners, a USB cable and power adaptor for charging.
The size is of a rubber on the pencil which has a mic, speaker, and a rechargeable battery. The end that goes into your ear is wrapped in Flexi Fibers, while the other point has a small plastic flex that is used for taking out the hearing aid from your earlobe. Before using it, you have to charge it. It takes around 6 hours to charge the device, and the casing can be carried anywhere in your pocket. You can use Eargo for 16 hours on a single charge.
The process of wearing Eargo is similar to the earbuds. It fixes gently into your ear, and you can quickly make out whether the device has been adjusted or not. It will make a whistling sound and which is a standard procedure of adjustment process. The first timer will face a little discomfort while adjusting to its new elements, but within two days you will not even feel it or notice it in your ears. It can be hardly seen by anyone and are quite comfortable because of its small size.

Advantages of having Eargo

  • Clear and crisp sound
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable on wearing
  • Not visible to eyes
  • Very small to be noticed by anyone
  • Easy to carry casing
  • Creates more lively environment for those having hearing defect
  • Easy settings
  • Reasonably priced as compared to other old hearing devices

Disadvantages of Eargo

  • Adjusting volume is little tricky
  • Needs the practice to get used to it


Well, if we look at the overall features of Eargo, then you will find it the best hearing device in the market. Other devices are not made in such a way to offer you full comfort even on wearing it for all day long. You can also wear them comfortably while running and exercising as it has a nice grip in your ears. The sound you hear is natural and clear.
Hope this Eargo review has provided you with the sufficient info about the product. If you have ever felt cautious to wear any hearing device, then try Eargo. Not only it offers full comfort in your ears but is also designed nicely to have a trendy look. Eargo can be one of the best hearing devices one could get at a reasonable cost.

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