How to Earn Money With Youtube Videos

Everyone wants to make money in the quickest possible way. But how many of us know the correct way to earn it? We often read about people who have become millionaires by just making videos and posting it to YouTube. But how does that work? What is the correct way to do it? Is this platform open for everyone like us? Or it is just for those who are familiar with today’s digital world. All these questions can be answered correctly by those who have attempted this act and got tremendous success in the same. This post will answer all your queries related to –how to earn money on YouTube views and other related topics.

YouTube is the most popular way of searching almost everything and anything. It is a huge platform for discovering wide-reaching facts and knowing every detail about everything. You might have thought that is an easy way to make money, but till you don’t have a strong social base, it is little difficult. YouTube doesn’t pay you just like that. You need to follow a set course of pattern to earn money via YouTube. If you do that, you can monetize on any of your skill and show it to the world. But you also need to know that till you don’t have strong audience support, you won’t be able to make money fast. So, now let’s check out the process of earning money through YouTube.

Steps to be taken into consideration for earning money on YouTube views

Step 1

Establish and create your own YouTube account – Your online presence is essential for YouTube. Make an account on YouTube which will help you in accessing Google products. Your username plays an major role in making a place in people’s mind. You can add keywords to target your audience. Keywords must be pertinent to your subject and you can set it by exploring the advanced setting options. This is the first step which all have to follow before getting started with your own YouTube channel. While setting keywords for your channel do keep in mind about the type of viewers you are going to approach.

Step 2

Upload content to your account – Content is paramount factor for the videos you create. Though the size of the content doesn’t matters, quality and way of picturing do. Remember, YouTube is all about audiovisual display. The more appealing content, the more subscribers you have. Use a high-quality camera to build interesting videos. This can be learned with time, but your first attempt will create a positive feedback.

And also you must upload content on a regular basis to hold on to your viewers. Not only regular uploading is necessary, but tagging your videos with catchy lines and keywords is also important. Now let me tell you that YouTube pays you by two ways- cost per click and cost per view. The number of times your video will be clicked to watch, you will receive some amount. The other method denotes that the viewer has to watch your video for at least 30 seconds or half of the video, then only you will be paid.

YouTube usually pays $1000 per million watches.

Step 3

Get hold of the audience —If you get hold of the desired audiences, you will take your proceeds to the next level. Creating your audience is the most difficult step, and you need to work hard for it. Now there are few enigmas to get more views and then holding on to them via uploading the latest and fresh content. Social media plays a significant role to get your videos a desired number of watchers. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other social sites help you to hook people for your content.

Share your videos as much as you can and ask people to subscribe to your YouTube page. Not only more people should watch the videos, but their queries related to the videos must also be answered. Regular interactions and friendly approach towards everything is also important to keep your audiences satisfied and hooked to your page.

Step 4

Start earning from your videos— Now this is the important stage of your content. Once you know that your video quality and content in the video is up-to-date, then you can start earning money by making some changes to your account. For monetizing your account you need to enable the same feature in your account and allow YouTube to place its ads in your video. The changes made by you in your account also acknowledge that there is no copyrighted content in your video.

You just need to check the “Monetize with Ads” box while uploading your video. If you want to monetize a video after it’s uploaded, then open the Video Manager and click the $ sign given next to the uploaded video which you want to earn money from. Verify the “Monetize with Ads” box

Step 5

Take help of Google AdSense–Google Adsense is an open assistance by Google to help you earn money via YouTube. With Google Adsence, advertisers bid to place their ads in your YouTube monetized account. And when more of audiences watch your videos, the advertising company behind those ads are charged a specific amount, and in return, you get a share of which these companies pay Google to show it. YouTube channel might render a small sum, but with the help of advertisements, more viewers will engage in your videos and subsequently you will make more money.

You just need to sign up for GoogleAdense account. For receiving money, you need to have a PayPal account or bank account with a useable email id so that GoogleAdsense can confirm it to direct money to you. As we discussed earlier, pay per click and pay per view two ways through which you earn money through video. A definite amount keeps adding in your account with the number of clicks by your audiences, and when that amount reaches a specified limit, you can withdraw it. That is why viewer’s engagement is an essential part of your YouTube channel.

Step 6

An Analytical approach towards your videos—Only creating your channel, uploading videos and monetizing, is not enough to increase your YouTube earnings. You must have an investigative approach towards your account’s performance levels. You need to monitor Analytics option in your channel’s setting menu regularly. In this YouTube channel setting, you can find your expected proceeds, ads execution, video watches, and statistical data.

If you find unsatisfied results, then you can take necessary steps to improve the views. You can create a blog or website and embed your videos to the related content. Share your videos on social sites, and ask your friends to share it further so as to increase the views. This will assist you in gaining potential viewers.

Step 7

Get into YouTube partnership–If your video viewership is good enough or crosses 15000 hours over past 90 days, then you can go for YouTube Partnership program to earn more income from your video views. This programs not only offers better incentives but also provides you access to more flexible tools, programs, chances to win prizes for increasing viewership and in-depth analytics. The YouTube associates get more public backing and useful guidelines to streamline your video channel.

Even if your single video monetizes, you automatically get enrolled in YouTube Partners Program. You must have proper knowledge of how the income from the commercials generates and on what scale are you paid by YouTube. If you have 100,000 or more subscribers of your YouTube channel, Google sends a framed silver or gold “play button” commemoration that has the YouTube insignia and their username.

All this takes place only when you stick to the rules and regulations of YouTube Partner Program. If your video gets negative feedback by the users stating that it is violating the community standards, then you are not entitled to any ad revenue.

Right approach towards earning money on YouTube views

In the beginning we went through the stages to be considered for earning money on YouTube views. In this portion we will deal with the precise methodology for the videos created for YouTube uploads. Let’s check out the important elements we should keep in mind to get more ad revenues.

  • Targeted audiences

Directing your video towards desired viewers is the most important part which should be taken care of before producing the video for YouTube. We all know that we get real revenue by the ads placed before our video. Those ads are targeted towards particular viewers, and same must be the case of your videos. If you target 50-60 years old, then you know that views will be less. The demographic structure of your video must focus on a huge number of engaged audiences. For example- if your video is about the few health tips, tutorials, product info, then it is an excellent opportunity for advertisers to place their various products ads.

  • Keywords  

Your video content must have aimed keywords with a high Cost per Click motive. If your keyword is targeting those subjects which are more searched by your directed audiences, you will make more money from that. For example- if your video is about home loans products, then advertisers can place their bank loan ad in between your video so as to get future benefits.

  • Creating regular videos

It might be difficult for you to make bulk videos for uploading and then to edit them on a daily basis. Not everybody has sufficient time to do so. In order to overcome this problem, you can produce as many videos you want on a single day when you are free and have no other second thoughts running through your head. By adopting this approach, you will save your monotonous time spent on creating videos half-heartedly. After this, you can edit those videos one by one for the uploading purpose. You can use various gizmos and guides to make high- quality videos. This idea works best as first you can create a number of videos in a good mood and then give final touch to them.

Final Roundabout

YouTube is a huge pathway for making easy money, but only if you follow set techniques. There are three ways to make money with YouTube – YouTube Ads, Affiliate Advertising, and Sponsor Advertising. Believe me, friends, YouTube can get you good income sources just by abiding by its policies. According to New York Times, top video creators-Olga Kay ($8.3k-10.8k per month) and Mimi Ikonn ($20976.00-$44160.00) are highest payees from YouTube. So, there is not only one way to earn money on YouTube views but many.

Not only you get money through maximum views but also can earn by creating a product or service on your YouTube channel. YouTube provides various ways to maximize your earnings through affiliate marketing. If your video is related to any big firm’s product promotion like Amazon, you can get commission by revealing the product qualities and benefit you received after using the product. If you mention the products affiliate link below your video and people buy it, you get a good commission.

Therefore, you can earn good amount of money via YouTube views just by following all the above guidelines.




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