Fiverr Affiliate Program – Review

Fiverr Affiliate Program - Review

Freelancing is the modern trending way to earn and make your living via the online medium. This trend had led to the birth of many online freelancing platforms and Fiverr is one of them. Fiverr is the most trusted and loved freelancing platform for freelancers to work on Writing, marketing, design, and editing. Publishers who are dealing with Writing, marketing, design, and editing can also take a big advantage and earn huge profits with the Fiverr affiliate program.

In this article we will try to cover all the given major points to help you to get a better understanding of the Fiverr affiliate program.

Table of Contents
1. Does Fiverr have an affiliate program?
2. Why join Fiverr Affiliate Program?
3. How to Join the Fiverr Affiliate Program and become Fiverr affiliates?
4. How to Promote using Fiver Affiliate Program?
5. How much Commission Will I get from Fiverr?

Does Fiverr have an affiliate program?

Yes, Fiverr offers an outstanding affiliate program to join as an affiliate and earn decent revenue in form of affiliate commission. You can easily promote Fiverr services using the possible ways which you have and in return, you will be rewarded with Awesome commission benefits.

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Why join Fiverr Affiliate Program?

There are several reasons to join the Fiverr affiliate program. Some of them are:

  • Fiverr is a trustworthy name and possesses a clear image in the industry to rely on.
  • You can pick and promote a specific service as per your skills from a large bunch of services.
  • The most incredible thing about Fiverr is that it has a Cookie tracking period of 12 months.
  • The affiliate program has the option for social media promotions.
  • You are provided with the facility to generate deep links for more convenience during the promotion.

How to Join the Fiverr Affiliate Program and become Fiverr affiliates?

You have to follow some given simple steps to join the Fiverr affiliate program.

  • Just open your browser and navigate the official Fiver Affiliates sign-up page.
  • Fill in the required important details and click on ‘Next’.
  • The next step is ‘Tell us about yourself’ where you need to choose your promotion channels and the interest of the audience community linked with you.
  • At last, you need to agree to the terms and conditions and click ‘Register Now’.

After finishing the whole sign-up process, you would be able to log in to your Fiverr affiliate area where you can easily manage the promotions and track your commissions.

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How to Promote using Fiver Affiliate Program?

For promotions, you can simply use the affiliate links provided by Fiverr after the sign-up process. But how will you work out on the promotions is a big question. You can try out multiple ways to promote Fiverr services.
We will discuss some of those possible ways that can stand to be fruitful for the promotions.

  • You can use your website as a Smart guide for some specific niches and can recommend Fiverr services for those Niches.
  • You can mention some important Fiverr services and your experience with those services and simply put the promotion links below that.
  • Short reviews about the Fiverr platform can also be a good option to promote its services.
  • Elaborate about the Fiverr services on your social media pages, so that you can target people for a specific niche such as graphic designing, blogging, etc. Using this way you will be able to get more conversions from your social media audience.

How much Commission Will I get from Fiverr?

The most important thing that must be kept in mind before joining Fiverr affiliate programs is that it pays commission only when any orders are placed by First-time buyers. Here, the First-time buyers are those individuals who sign up for Fiverr using your affiliate links.
Fiverr follows two major affiliate commission structures:

1. Fiverr CPA: It is offered for first-time purchases using your affiliate links. The commission rates range between $15 -$150 depending upon the Fiverr services.

2. Fiverr Hybrid: It offers a fixed CPA for first-time purchases and 10% RevShare for 12 months.

A little idea about its commission rates for its various services is like this:

$50Industrial and Product Design, Data Science, Mobile Apps, E-commerce Development.

$40Website Builders & CMS, Lyric & Music Videos, Web Programming, Game Development, Data Processing.

$30E-commerce, 3D Product Animation, Logo Maker, SEO, T-shirts & Merchandise, Business, and Financial Consulting, Proofreading, and editing.

$25Illustration, Gaming, Article&Blog Posts, Resume writing, Voice Over.

$15All Other categories.


The Final Verdict about the Fiver affiliate program is that it completely slams its competition and offers incredible affiliate services in its program that turn into a money-pumping model for the affiliates. Hope you have liked this review to develop a better understanding of the Fiverr affiliate program.

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