Google Cloud Referral Program And Promo Codes

Google want to bring all its products under one umbrella called Google Cloud Platform, as part of this program it renames Google Apps to G Suite and merged that under Google Cloud platform. Google Cloud is one of the powerful platforms to host your applications which gives tough competition to Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean kind of companies. After seeing the huge success from Amazon AWS, Google want to aggressively promote its cloud solutions like G Suite, Google Cloud, Maps etc. and capture the market size.

To promote Google cloud through channel partners first they introduced partner program and targeting three segments by naming the programs as services track, sales track and technology track. Now they started Google Cloud referral program for influencers and consultants who can recommend Google platform for their customers infrastructure or hosting requirements.

Google cloud referral program is now available in only U.S, Canada, Brazil and japan. All you need to do is, sign-up for the referral program with your google cloud account and get your unique referral link to share your customers. Google is offering the referral partners a $100 product credit for each referral sign-up and the customer will receive $350 worth of credits when they sign up for google cloud trial through the referral link. This will create additional revenue for affiliate marketing professionals.

Product offerings from Google Cloud platform to refer:

  • Compute
  • Storage & Databases
  • Networking
  • Management Tools
  • Developer Tools

Google Cloud Platform offers free tier to learn and build apps on GCP. Below are the details of most popular products and their free tier offerings:

Google App Engine: Used for auto scaling web and mobile based applications
Get 28 instance hours per day and 5 GB cloud storage with 100 emails per day for free.

Google Compute Engine: Virtual machines that can scale with high-performance
One micro instance per month, 30 GB HDD with 1 GB network egress for free.

Google Cloud Storage: Enterprise class storage solution
5 GB per month with 1 GB network egress for free.

Google Cloud Data Store: Highly Scalable NoSQL databases
1 GB Storage with 50K read, writes per day for free.

For getting Google cloud platform promo codes you can write to [email protected] we would be happy to alert when Google start its promotions. Meanwhile if you are looking for G Suite Promotion Codes you can get from here.

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