6 Best Green Supplements Affiliate Programs

Many people all around the world are adopting a healthy lifestyle by converting themselves into vegans. The reason could be any, it might be the rise in bird flu, unknown animal diseases or just a change of mind. Due to all this, green supplements are taking the world with a boom. This nutritional transformation towards then green veggies is bringing in beneficial changes in the body. The market of green supplements is also growing with leaps and bounds, and thus we will be discussing the Green Supplements Affiliate Programs paying high commissions to their associates.

Growing Popularity of Green Supplements

The growing population is becoming more aware of the benefits of the green vegetables and thus a wholly fresh and new nutritional category is formed with the name of concentrated green powders. It is clinically proven that green food supports the four pillars of good health – nourishment, digestion, circulation, and resistance. This is the reason as to why so many old and new firms are becoming the leader in manufacturing a wide range of green supplements.

In this post, we are going to discuss the best brands that are offering the Green Supplements Affiliate Programs paying handsome commission to the affiliates for promoting their brand. So, if you also have a health or fitness or nutritional food-related blog, then take advantage of promoting the Green Supplement manufacturing companies in return of the lifelong high commission. Let’s check out the brands for Green Supplements Affiliate Programs.

Best Green Supplements Affiliate Programs

1. Amazing Grass

Amazing Grass
Amazing Grass greens are USDA natural, Non-GMO, kosher pareve, vegetarian and gluten-free. They specialize in creating a grab and go products for the fast-moving world. You can mix their amazing green supplements into juices or shakes, or any food dishes you like to make for yourself. You can join the Amazing Grass Green Supplement Affiliate program and earn handsomely for a lifetime by just promoting their brand on your social page or website.

Benefits of the Amazing Grass Affiliate Program:

  • Yearly discount code to share with your users
  • 10% off on sales thru affiliate links via ShareASale
  • Paid sponsored fee
  • Profile on the website

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2. Athletics Greens

Athletic Greens Affiliate Program
Athletic Greens is the world’s most all-inclusive daily recipe for improved health and agile performance. Athletic Greens is invented for those who want to take their performance to the next level. It uses high-quality ingredients with world class QA and manufacturing. The taste is really good and the drink is recommended by well-known health experts like Tim Ferriss.

Benefits of Athletic Greens Affiliate Program:

  • Commission Rate: 20% Lifetime
  • Cookie Duration: 1 year
  • Affiliate Network: AvantLink, Refersion
  • PPC Terms: Closed PPC Policy.

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3. Lean Greens

Lean Greens Affiliate program
Lean Greens began back in 2012, but the roots of the name greens drink go back a few years more. Lean Greens an inordinate way to complement your daily veg consumption. It’s also one of the favorite Super Greens Powders on Amazon.co.uk with 179 positive reviews. The brand has been published in popular journals like GoodHousekeeping, NaturalHealth, Women’sHealth, and women fitness.

Benefits of Lean Greens Affiliate Program:

  • Commission rate- 13%
  • Cookie duration- 365 days
  • Affiliate Network- Refersion

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4. Supa Mega Foods

Supa Mega Foods Affiliate program
Supa Mega Greens is a plant-based mixture of 7 nutrient-rich superfoods. Created with natural components, this comprehensive recipe helps to alkalize the physique, supports detoxification, helps invulnerable functioning, supporting boosting energy levels, and encourages a fit digestive system. Today Supa Foods advances wellness products by curating the finest organic plant-food constituents in the world.

Benefits of the Supa Mega Foods Affiliate program:

  • Commission rate -15%
  • Cookie duration- 30 days
  • Access to exclusive offers, newsletters, banners, and links

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5. Bulk Powders

Bulk Powders Affiliate Programs
At BULK POWDERS, you will find a wide choice of high-quality bodybuilding supplements at invincible prices. BULK POWDERS is at the lead of Green Powders movement and it not only produces an extensive range of unadulterated Greens Supplements – like Spinach, Kale and Broccoli but also offers afar-fetched Greens Supplement in the formula of Complete Greens, which comprises an extraordinary23 greens powder in their complete purest forms.

Benefits of joining the Bulk Powders Affiliate Program:

  • Commission rate- 13%
  • Cookie duration- 30 days
  • Affiliate Network- AWIN

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6. iHerb

iHerb Affiliate Program
Since 1996, iHerb has been offering a huge range of natural supplements and is run by multiple distribution centers in California, Kentucky, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. On the iHerb website, you will get the 30,000 products from 1,200 trusted brands in the Health, Nutrition, and Beauty departments. The products are shipped to more than 100 countries and it has the maximum industry conversion rate.

Benefits of the iHerb Affiliate Program:

  • Commission rate- 5%
  • Cookie duration- 45 days
  • Affiliate Network- Partnerize
  • Access to detailed reports, coupons, advanced tracking, creative assets

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Final Thought

Today green supplements are the fastest growing category in the market. They are becoming number one choice of the consumers because of the way it is being consumed. In this fast-moving world, no one would like to waste time on cutting and chopping the veggies and fruits when they can get all that in the form of a tablet or powder. The nutritional value provided by these easily consumable products is attracting more consumers towards it. The Green Supplement market is growing and it depends entirely on you to take the best out of it.

Do join the Green Supplements Affiliate Programs in order to earn high commissions. You can promote the products on your social media page, blog, or website. But remember that the niche of your website or blog should be related to health, nutrition, lifestyle or fitness. The above Green Affiliate Programs will no doubt prove to be beneficial for you if you endorse them effectively.

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