The Best Guest Blog Practices to Build Authority to Your Site

Guest blogging is when you write for other blogs to create your own brand authority. It is a very common practice nowadays, and many famous bloggers are doing this to spike their own website’s traffic. Now you may think that why only guest blogging when there are several other ways available to create authority of your website. You might also question that why not go for banner ads or general SEO campaigns.

My answer to the above question is that those (banner ads and SEO) methods are probably time-consuming, costly as well as do not help in quick traffic spike. I do not say that one must not do that at all, but one must also practice such activities which are need of an hour. However, it doesn’t mean that you will keep doing guest blogging for everyone’s blog in bulk. Also, you need to bear in mind that the content must be original and created by you.


Approach to Guest Blogging

Gest blogging has a unique pattern in which it should be carried on. You have to make a wise decision while choosing the host blogs. One must not go with unknown small blogs. The next thing to be considered is the length of the content, which must not be less than 1500 words. The length is useful for creating an impact on reader’s mind as well as attract more audience and build authority. The main purpose of guest blogging is to set up an agenda centered around innovative subjects and suitable authority blogs.


If you do guest blogging in a proper way, it will assist you in exploring new high-grade websites, foster positive associations, better prospects and obtain quality incoming acquaintances. If you choose the wrong website, you may end up in damaging your brand name as well as SERP’s. The additional benefits which you receive from a robust guest blogging campaign are:

  • Brand cognizance
  • Traffic escalation
  • SERP standings via significant sources
  • Upsurge social shares
  • Boost your own clout

Let’s find out best guest blog practices to build authority

Get started with right type of research and recognizing your capability

To begin with guest blogging, you are always advised to take some time out and then jump into it. The motive behind this is that you have to do a good amount of research online to look for preferred blogs. And also to work on yourself and know your niche topics. While searching the blogs for guest blogging, you also need to keep in mind the blog’s niche they deal with.

One cannot pick a host blog for casual writing just because it is famous and having a good amount of traffic. If you are a tech savvy, then find those blogs which already have a good grasp on the same niche. Finding a suitable will help you build your own expertise, and you will come to know your potentials by writing for relevant blogs. Just to develop your authority, you cannot start writing for a fact writing blog or a health blog.



Create qualitative as well as quantitative content

Now when you have already decided to go for guest blogging, make sure that your content meets the specific parameters to build your expert witness. You have to prepare a content which must be more than 1500 words so that it could provide an adequate amount of knowledge about the topic. And also it must be a high-quality content easily comprehensible by the readers.

The reason behind writing a quality content is that you will be representing yourself on another person’s blog as well as be jeopardizing his blog’s name. So, along with quantity, you have to be very careful with your self-written quality content. The best practice is to write a topic on which you have full knowledge. And also do proper formatting by providing proper external, and internal links, so that readers come to know that the topic is well-searched and well-planned.


Niche dominant blogs

To find relevant blogs for your guest blogging is complicated as well as time consuming. The task is tricky and takes time as first you have to explore the right blogs which provide information related to your niche, and then follow up those selected ones and see if the owner of the blog accepts guest post.

Type your preferred keyword on Google and take out the list of top-rated blogs. Now you don’t only have to list out top blogs, but also get information about their authors and owners. They must have a great portfolio, a huge fan following, and genuine testimonials from their co-workers. You need to go through every minute detail about the blogs for which you are going to write.


Social media silhouette

This is an important point of your research, as you have to go deep into the profiles of the blogs and blog owners for which you have decided to guest blog for. You have to peep into their all major social account on FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You have to check the frequency of their posts, comments, follower’s response, popularity, and every aspect of being an authority blog.

By getting all this info, you will be able to make a difference between a fake account and real account. It will help you in taking correct decisions for your guest posts and will also provide clarity regarding whom to approach and whom to avoid.


Positive approach to the authority blogs

After having a thorough knowledge of the writers, followers, and owner of the authority blog, now it’s time to get started with your one-on-one approach to the blog owners. You have to be creative, professional as well as little personal in your approach. What is mean to say here is that you need to have a productive conversation with the owner of the via phone, message, video call, or email. The possessors of such famous blogs are very busy, so they do not have much time to entertain or talk to others without any reason.

Do not hesitate to call, email or message him as both the parties need each other with some good motive. These people might not have time for long talks, but they always pay attention to their emails and messages. So drop a friendly message or informative email mentioning all your details and purpose of connecting. If he will like your proposal, he will definitely get back to you.


Content submission

When you get your work done and get an invite for guest blogging to a specific blog, clear all your doubts well in advance. These doubts can be related to the time allotted to write the post, mode of payment, access to WP site, and type of content (word count and guidelines if required). Before creating your final lengthy content, send a pitch or idea about what you have understood by following the instructions. This will save your time because if the other person wants to make some changes in your outlines, he will tell you immediately. And then after getting the feedback, you can design your content appropriately by following the suggestions. Make sure you have followed:

  • Timeframes
  • Topic and guidelines
  • Proper Formatting
  • Linking guidelines
  • Insert high-quality images and videos

After finalising your content submit it to the blog possessor.


Personal approach to a blog

Your work is not done by just submitting your final content and getting it published on the blog. In my opinion, to build your authority, you have to follow your guest post carefully and answer all the questions asked in the comment section. You have to handle all sorts of positive as well as negative responses from the readers. So just be prepared for it and try to manage everything patiently.

After getting done with all the stuff, do keep in touch with the blog owners as you can need them at any point in time of your life. So, build healthy relationships with everyone who crosses your path in one or the other way. Blogging is an outgoing endeavour, and bloggers community is always ready to lend a hand.

Businessman mapping out the sources of authority
Businessman mapping out the sources of authority


Guest blogging is to done very diligently as your treatment can either build up your image as well as host blog’s image or bring down the aura of both the parties involved. Guest blogging has much scope than you can ever imagine, and in recent times many established writers are practicing this method to create their own brand’s integrity.

I have shared my personal experience with you and tried to enlighten you on all those mistakes usually made by bloggers at the time of guest blogging. Anyone can go for guest blogging and reap its subsequent benefits.

Hope my post “The Best Guest Blog Practices to Build Authority” provided you all the necessary information.

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