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Halo Board Electric Skateboard is far lighter (as claimed) despite weighing around 6 kgs in weight. You might be thinking how come a skateboard weighing 6 kg can be a light one. Yes, it is, as other skateboards starting weight is more than 7 kgs and goes upto 15 kgs. But carrying it in your hands will definitely feel heavy. It is better to ride on it and go home.

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Features and functions of Halo Board Electric Skateboard

If you see the under the board, you will find the power button, charging port, and wires connecting the motor to the wheels. The board quickly responds to the touch on the remote and turns into a hydraulic roller coaster ride. Turning to mode II will make you fly on the roads, but don’t forget to wear a helmet. A single charge lasts for 19 kms, which means may be a day or two of covering small distances at a time.
The carbon fibre Halo Board costs around $1300. The lithium battery overheats a little and there are many other cheaper options available in the market if you want a normal quality. Halo skating board is of high-quality and runs at a far better speed and has smooth performance than the cheaper ones in the market. There are 2 variants HALO GO and HALO ROVER in detail check the comparison https://www.haloboard.com/pages/comparison


  • Lightweight
  • Better performance
  • More stable and durable
  • Fast and safe product
  • Comes with guarantee from the manufacturer
  • Quick response to joysticks
  • Light motorised longboard
  • Cool as compared to Segway or hoverboard
  • Fun to ride around


  • Little pricey
  • Ergonomic plastic switch
  • Remote is delicate
  • Not made for long rides

Halo Board Discount Code and Coupons

Now that you have read Halo board review and interested in buying, here are few tips

  1. Select the model as per your requirement, check the specifications and additional accessories you need to buy along with the electric board.
  2. Looking for the promotions offered on top of that apply Halo board coupon  BESTHALO to get additional $20 discount.
  3. There are various colors available, Blue color looks really attractive and eye catching.

If you go for this Halo Board Electric Skateboard, then you have to spend on a little higher side. But I return, you will get a quality product which is more stable than other longboards. The remote might be delicate, but it gives a quick control over the device. Overall, if you want to spend money on this device, then it will not be a wrong choice. Add some fun to your life and ride this cool board.
Hope this Halo Board Electric Skateboard Review will help you in taking the right decision.

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