Hostinger Affiliate Program Review

With the advent of internet services all the information, business, and research are flowing through the networks. Have you noticed that daily hundreds of websites are launched with several kinds of services and information? To host all these websites you need a perfect hosting platform with excellent server uptime, reliable support, robust security, and immense bandwidth. Hostinger has a trustworthy name among Hosting service providers and is committed to giving you all these necessary things to ensure the consistent functioning of your website. It offers several types of plans which are suitable for a different types of business needs and showcase Hostinger as the best leading player.

Hostinger Affiliate Program Review

In order to gain a deeper understanding of this program, we will conduct a thorough analysis of the Hostinger affiliate program review in this article and make an effort to cover all the pertinent points.

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Does Hostinger have an affiliate program?

Hostinger offers several kinds of hosting plans to businesses and customers depending on their needs. It has grown up to a gigantic scale with the trust of more than 20 million people and has evolved as one of the best hosting service providers in the industry today. To reach up to the last client it has started its affiliate program, and this has given a golden opportunity to the affiliated marketers and tech bloggers to earn a handsome amount of money through promotions.

The following list includes the well-known affiliate networks involved in overseeing the Semrush affiliate program.

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What is Hostinger affiliate program?

Website owners and bloggers can sign up for the Hostinger affiliate program to promote their products. The service has a respectably high commission rate for users and is a cost-per-action program. The affiliate program is a terrific method to get some passive revenue from your website, regardless of whether you decide to advertise just one item or all of their products.

You can promote a variety of hosting and other services offered by Hostinger to earn those huge commissions. The following list includes some popular products that you can promote.

1. Web hosting services

You can promote a wide range of services under their web hosting services, including shared, cloud, and VPS hosting. You’ll have success promoting this service if your target market consists primarily of entrepreneurs.

2. Domain Names

If your targeted audience is seeking a domain name, Hostinger provides a diverse range of domain name extensions to help them choose the ideal one. A website or brand can gain credibility and attention by using distinctive domain names.

3. Website builders

You can recommend Hostinger’s tool to your audience without them having to know how to code if they want to develop their own website from scratch. This service is crucial in today’s society, regardless of whether your audience consists of bloggers or small business owners.

4. Email Hosting

Promoting Hostinger’s email hosting is a brilliant idea. Most organizations require assistance with E-mail management, E-mail list building, and E-mail efficiency. Your target audience might find this information useful.

5. SSL Certficates

YoiSecurity is important whenever a new website is being developed or launched. You can easily motivate your audience to create a private website by promoting Hostinger’s SSL certificates to them.

Every affiliate has a unique affiliate link, which is how Hostinger can be sure the commission corresponds to you. Some other promotional materials offered by hosting to its affiliates include banners, ads, and coupon codes that can be placed on the proper suitable sections of your website. Don’t be scared to experiment with the various tools because it will take some time to learn which ones work best for your audience.

Why should you Join the Hostinger affiliate program?

Here are a few convincing reasons for why you should sign up for the Hostinger affiliate program.

  • The Hostinger has earned a trustworthy badge in the market which would evaporate all the worries in the mind of the new customers. Thus more visitors would probably go for its offered services.
  • The conversion rates of Hostinger are pretty much higher in the market as compared to its rivals.
  • A significant portion of the revenue generated by the clients you recommend will go to you.
  • You can boost your return on investment and earnings by promoting a wide range of services through Hostinger’s affiliate program.
  • The Hosting affiliate program is absolutely free and there are no sign-up fee to join this program
  • The Hostinger affiliate program consistently and regularly pays out affiliates, so you never have to worry about when you’ll get paid.
  • You’ll have access to a reliable support team, who can assist you with any queries, suggestions, or issues you may have.


What about the Hostinger affiliate program Commission rates?

You may be paid a distinct commission as a Hostinger affiliate. When users use an affiliate link to buy a service, all affiliates typically receive a 60% commission.

Commission Rate: 60%

Cookie length : 30 Days

  • Their commission rates include the drawback that you only receive 60% of the customer’s initial purchase. You won’t receive that commission, even if the same customer purchases something via your link at a later time.
  • One thing to keep in mind is that you won’t receive any compensation if that same person clicks on another affiliate link within those 30 days and buys a product.
  • The minimum payout threshold to receive a payment is $100 and this balance is mandatory to get the payout.
  • We like Hostinger’s affiliate program’s reliable payments, which is one of its best aspects. Affiliates are paid by Hostinger once every month on the 20th for the previous month’s earnings.
  • You have three options for payment or withdrawal: Bank transfer, Payoneer, or PayPal.

Requirements to join the Hostinger affiliate program

There are not any strict and serious requirements that you need to follow to join the Hostinger affiliate program but some of its basic requirements are mentioned below.

  • You must be 18 years old.
  • You must have your own website or blog.
  • You can also use social media platforms for promotion purposes.


You should join this program if you are a website creator, small business owner, or blogger with your own website or blog. The commissions provided for the promotion of numerous hosting plans and services make it simple to generate a significant income.

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