Important Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Website Builder

After months of planning, if you have decided to start your own blog, online shop or website, then you have come to the right place. At, we don’t only offer you guidance on how to make money online but also provide you with the step by step process to reach that height of expertise. In this post, we are going to explore the important factors to consider while choosing the best website builder, which will help you in having a hassle-free online presence in just a few minutes.

The website builders are essential tools to show your creativity through your personal channel. You might be having great ideas in your mind as to how your site must look like and what all elements should it have to look stunning. You can also use social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to showcase your creativity. But that creativeness will be limited to a number of audiences. To have your own identity and create your online presence, it is important to have your personalized website where you can put up the best show.

Why a website builder?

Now many people will think why only website builder, why not self-designing your website with free software available in the market. Let me explain you in detail. The website creation needs many tools to make your online presence stunning along with the unlearned interfaces that will help you to design as per your need. You do not need any qualification or coding skills to build your website if you have a top website builder’s plan. The other software you download will give you limited access, and you have to learn to use them and then implement it on your website.

The website builder makes your online journey easy and tension-free as you just pay a fixed amount and get hands-on the most beautiful templates, themes, and additional multimedia features. You will have real experience as compared to other social platforms. Your own website will give you control over every function, design and content you want to showcase. This management lends credibility to your business or your brand name.

With the help of website builders, the most arduous task of the professional-looking website has become easy and on fingertips. The website builders not only provide you with the computer-friendly interface but also mobile-friendly interface to make changes in your website on-the-go. And to mark the development, new competitors are rising each day with ever-stunning designs and control features to make your web page more intuitive and striking.

What about social platforms?

Now you might say that we can do half of the above-mentioned things on the social media pages also, then why to pay and use a website builder for creating our website. Let me explain you through an example; in case you need a manager for your hotel, then how would you advertise them the requirement so that they can upload their resume. Will you give them your FB or Twitter address to upload resume or your web address where they can see all the details pertaining to the job and then apply by uploading their resume?

Social media no doubt has influenced our lives to a great extent, but it doesn’t mean that they will replace our websites. For having our own identity and originality, or our firm’s brand name recognised in the outside world, it is necessary to have a website. The other reason which I would like to mention is that a fully dedicated personal website will make a business look more authoritative and dependable. I don’t say that social media doesn’t help in creating a brand image, it certainly does but every constituent has its own role to play.

The emergence of website builders

A Few years back, creating or building your website was not that easy as it is today. One used to require technical knowledge related to coding, HTML scripts, site registrars, and the help of hosting services to create the website. But with the advent of website builders as a separate entity, the task of website structuring with multimedia elements became easy. These services provide you with a completely online site creating a solution. These website builders help you in designing well-planned, mobile-responsive and easy-to-use interface.

They can provide additional features like- buying links, online stores, and money-making choices.

Benefits of the website builder

Large-scale businesses can spend lots of money to develop their websites. They may hire technical experts to perform special errands and pay exorbitant prices for that. But for small scale businesses or individuals who have a limited budget in hand, for them, the reasonably priced website builders are an excellent option to explore. You just need to give a little time and a reasonable price for all the services rendered. Some of the service providers offer free options to pick from. But make a wise decision while choosing such options as it may also have some indirect effect on your website.

The drag and drop feature makes your working easy. You can also include many other elements like media players, photo galleries, social share buttons, etc. some services also make password protected showing until the user subscribes to your web page.

Steps to follow while taking the help of website builder

Register your domain name

Now comes the most important part of website building. Before any further step, you will need an identity of your website i.e. the name by which your website will occur on the internet. To build up your authority, you need to register your name with the domain registrar. The domain listing companies provide you with a unique name, or we can say a web address. You can also continue to with the previous domain name which you have acquired from a third party. But for this, you need to shell out some amount.

Start with selecting templates

The first thing which you do after getting the right domain name is to choose a template for your web page. The best website builders like Weebly or Wix automatically use that template which is mobile-responsive. These have special templates designed for the specific objective of your site like if you have a food recipe site you will have a pattern related to that. Some website builders give full freedom to explore with the design and some like Strikingly and Squarespace limit you to put objects on a particular spot.

Mobile-friendly interface

Mobile-responsive mechanism came into being due to flexibility reasons and also looking at the contemporary approach. Many of us prefer small screen and gadgets due to handiness and convenience. So, if your website if not readable or editable on-the-go, you will waste time and energy. The Mobile-responsive technique is not only a better option for you but also for users who want to access your website anywhere. Google and Bing both have options to check whether your website is mobile-friendly on the internet or not.

Images with editing options

The best part of surfing online is to watch beautiful pictures. Now the website builder also gives you access to their inbuilt gallery and stock photos. Some web apps also allow you to edit the photos accessible by you. Some web builders so not allow any editing except for resizing or placing. For example, Wix and Weebly offer stock photography along with editing tools whereas uKit doesn’t allow you to edit any picture except regular changes. Another example is of GoDaddy which has limited images gallery option to choose from.

Social influence

In today’s world, social media is the most important component which makes your site authority more dominant. Without the help of social media, you cannot do a stable standing among your readers. Most of the web builder gives you the option of inserting Facebook Like button, and twitter follow button on your pages. And others might also allow you to add in feeds from the social links. Some site builder also assists you in creating a FB page and attaching your site to it.

Some site builders offer Even SEO tools, but that part is most of the time managed by you solely. Other site builders even provide you info about traffic, referring sites, page views, unique visitors for each day, top-visited pages, etc. But most of these features can be accessed when you have a premium membership. But all website builders do not have this feature as Wix doesn’t display all these stats. For gaining access to these stats, you need to create Google Analytics account which is not free.

Few drawbacks of Website Builders

Instead of all the attractive features they offer, someday you will realise that there is much more on others plate. What I mean to say here is that you might want to try something new and want to shift your service provider. It becomes a little difficult at times due to the custom code displayed on your site. Few of the service providers allow you to switch from the current one to another host.  Some services partially allow you to transfer selected components from other hosts like Weebly lets you download usual site server’s folders. Squarespace allows transferability to WP managed sites.

Therefore, every service has its plus points as well as negative points. So it’s up to you which way you choose. Always go through the reviews and features of every service you subscribe to. Each penny invested in building something is of great importance. So be open-minded to explore all the resources available to your ad start your online career with a bang.

Final thought

After gaining knowledge about so many factors, it will be easy for you to decide which one suits your needs. There are many site builders in the market with unique features and stunning option to choose from. So do in-depth research before deciding your online partner. Your website will be your identity in the digital world and will help you to create your authority. Take your decision wisely.

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