8 Best Korean Beauty Affiliate Programs in 2023

Introduction to Korean Beauty products

You must have read a lot about Korean beauty products these days. Have you ever wondered why these products are gaining high demand in the beauty market and why so many famous websites are endorsing these products? The reason is that Korean products have a highly specific set of standards. The Korean beauty products are alluring and different than ours and have urged the worldwide beauty sensation.

There are many websites and blogs which are endorsing the Korean Beauty products.  The products are more focussed on health, hydration, and pigment as compared to our only sun-withered ambitions. These products are original, perfect and natural and made with such components that only benefit the skin. Korean beauty products are all about providing your skin with the required amount of nourishment leaving it beautiful nature, whereas the other beauty products pay more attention in covering up the ugly faces with makeup.

Why endorse Korean Beauty?

K-Beauty is an umbrella term used for skin care products that come from South Korea. These products gained fame throughout the world, specifically in the US in 2016. The products contain natural ingredients like snail slime, bee venom, morphing masks, pig collagen, starfish extract, etc. The whole Korean beauty routine involves a series of steps which help in making the skin soft and naturally glowing.

Their approach towards maintaining beauty at its best is natural, and not only a flimflam like other brands skincare products. That is why many beauty and fashion bloggers are endorsing the Korean beauty products on their blog and earning high commissions through that. K-Beauty is the secret of young- and fresh-looking skin. So, you too can earn handsome commission through the same if you too have a fashion or beauty or health-related blog or website.

Korean Beauty Boxes Affiliate Programs

If your users are mostly females and have a keen interest in the beauty products, then it will be beneficial for you to indulge in Korean Beauty Affiliate Programs. Below we are providing you with the best brands which have high paying affiliate programs for their Korean beauty products.

1. Joah Box

JoahBox affiliate program
If your clients love Korean products but are unable to fetch them, then Joahbox is best for them. JB is the Korean Beauty Subscription box and packs items & skincare products 5 to 7 real size items at up to $100 value. It ships worldwide for free. The products will include Moisturizing Sunscreen, Snail Serum, Spot Perfume Brush, Mask Primer, Snail Sheet Mask, etc.

Joah Box Affiliate Program:

  • Commission -6%
  • Access to banners, links, etc.
  • 30-day cookie policy

Click here for Joah Box affiliate program

2. BeautyTap

beautytap affiliate program
Beautytapis the K-beauty community consisting of users like us from around the world who make K-beauty fun, thrilling, and communicating. Through the society, we not only learn about products and skincare routines, but we also share and learn and develop to value each other’s philosophies and competitions. Since K-beauty isn’t just what you put on your face. It’s about the face-to-face, a lifestyle, a group, a communal desire. Get into your gorgeousness, both inside and out.

BeautyTap Affiliate Program:

  • 7.5% commission
  • $50 bonus on the first $50 in commissions
  • 7-day cookie

Join BeautyTap affiliate program here

3. Style Korean

Style Korean affiliate program
SK is dedicated to fetching you the best quality & benign products: Korean cosmetics, mineral makeup, natural skin care, GMO-free hair care and many more.  All the Korean products follow the severe strategies set onward by the MFDS (mfds.go.kr). Utilizing Korean makeups& skincare products are a great, nourishing solution for everybody. Moreover, their lines of organic make-ups&natural skincare have been found to be very beneficial for those with complex skin & sensitivities.

Style Korean Affiliate Program:

  • 7% commissions
  • Access to all marketing tools
  • 30-day cookie policy

Click here for Style Korean affiliate program

4. Facetory

Facetory affiliate program
With Facetory, you get a box of sheet masks supplied to your doorstep every month. It’s an enjoyable, simple, and affordable way to discover the latest and trendy favourites of Korean sheet masks. Like everybody else, they were the first one to overcome with the range of Korean sheet masks accessible in the market when they first began our sheet masking voyages. Though prepared with the desire for Korean skincare, we have come to love and value the miracles of sheet camouflaging.

Facetory Affiliate Program:

  • $3 commission
  • Access to our banners and text links
  • Free tracking tools, notification of specials/sales, free coupons
  • 30-day cookies

Join Facetory affiliate program and start earning

5. AmorePacific

AmorePacific Affiliate program
Immersed in eras of Korean legacy, AMOREPACIFIC has extracted the amazing skin-health assistances of Asian botanicals, directing these constituents into comfortable, high-performance anti-ageing skincare. As South Korea’s first universal beauty corporation to achieve7th on the Women’s Wear Daily’s Beauty Top 100, AMOREPACIFIC is devoted to expanding its access to markets around the world.

AmorePacific Affiliate Program:

  • 18% commission
  • 7-day cookie policy
  • Access to exclusive offers, ads, images, links, and promotional data

Click for AmorePacific affiliate program here

6. Q-Depot

Q-depot.com is an online store offering an extensive diversity of Korean make-ups for across-the-board and merchandizing customers universally. All the products are 100% trustworthy distributed straight from our store in Korea. Q-depot.com affiliate program is free of charge and allows members to make revenue by placing links on their website which promotes Q-depot.com or exact products.

Q-Depot Affiliate Program:

  • 5% commission
  • Gain access to all exclusive offers, banners, and links
  • 7-day cookie policy

Join Q-Depot affiliate program here

Final Thought

The above-mentioned Korean beauty affiliate program pays good commissions to their affiliates. If you too have a blog or website which can promote these Korean beauty brands, then go ahead and start making quick money by utilizing all the marketing tools offered by these brands. Affiliate marketing is the best and quickest way to make money for all the bloggers, and influencers. The affiliate programs of various brands, may it be beauty, clothing, sports, etc. offer the best resources to their affiliates to be utilized in attracting more customers towards their products. You can review the products, or share the links on your social media pages in order to spread awareness among your users.

Hence, joining these Korean beauty affiliate programs will surely bring in good revenue.

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