Top Laptop Affiliate Programs for the Tech Bloggers

If you have a tech blog and want to make more money through the commissions, then you can include the Laptop Affiliate Programs of various brands. Laptops are the most searched gadgets on the net, and every tech-savvy wants to have the best configuration laptop for his work. Not only work, but people also use it for gaming as well as business purposes. So, let’s check out the brands with laptop affiliate programs which offer high commission for promotions.

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Top Laptop Affiliate Programs

Apple Affiliate Program

Sign up for the Apple affiliate program and earn excellent commissions by promoting Apple products on your blog or website. The program covers a range of Apple products, including Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and accessories.

Apple Affiliate Program offers:

  • Education pricing
  • Free usual shipping on all orders
  • Free iPod and iPad inscription
  • Curated collection of accoutrements for Apple products
  • Special custom configuration on all Apple processors
  • Links, ads and banners
  • Network partner- Performance Horizon Group
  • Sign up for Apple Affilate Program

Lenovo Affiliate Program

It is a market leader that offers great products like laptops, tablets, smartphones, desktops, workstations, server storage, and accessories. You just need to bring traffic to the Lenovo website and earn a good commission every time the users buy some products.

Lenovo Affiliate Program offers:

  • Banners, texts, links and content
  • Weekly coupons
  • 5% commission
  • Free shipping for more purchases
  • Network partner –Impact Radius
  • Sign up for Lenovo Affiliate Program

HP Affiliate Program

It is yet another market leader in providing world-class technology laptops, desktops, printers, ink and toner, displays and accessories.

HP Affiliate Program Offers

  • 2-3.5% commission
  • Links, banners, ads, texts
  • Exclusive offers
  • Network partner – VigLink
  • Sign up for HP Affiliate Program

Dell Affiliate Program

It deals in laptops, all-in-one PCs and desktops, gateways and embedded PCs, workstations, 2in1 tablets, software, servers, and accessories.

Dell Affiliate Program Offers:

  • Commissions as per sale
  • Weekly newsletters on offers
  • Top publishers receive -11 hours offer
  • Links and banners for promotion
  • Network partner – CJ
  • Sign up for Dell Affiliate Program

Origin PC Affiliate Program

Origin PC deals in best gaming laptops and accessories. It provides the top quality parts with world-class technology for gaming freaks. It excels in building customised gaming processors for playing latest games.

Origin PC Affiliate Programs offers:

Razer Affiliate Program

Razer is a primary lifestyle brand for those who love gaming. The corporation has created and built the world’s biggest gamer-focused network of hardware, software and services. It sells laptops, consoles, headsets, keyboards, mice and mats, etc.

Razer Affiliate Program offers:

  • Up to 20% commission for software, 4% for accessories, and US$10 for per system sold
  • Exclusive offers and promotions
  • Text links and banner of all sizes
  • Sign up link- Razer Affiliate Program

Microsoft Affiliate Program

It is the world renowned concern which deals in high-quality electronic products like laptops, software, gaming devices, services, for all purposes whether it is for business, IT, or education.

Microsoft Affiliate Program offers:

  • 10% commission on Office, Surface, Xbox, PCs
  • 14 day in-app purchase window
  • Tools for creating, promoting, and tracking the campaigns
  • Network partner –TradeDoubler
  • Sign up for Microsoft Affiliate Program

M-Tech Laptops Affiliate Program

M-Tech claims to create the world’s fastest and log-lasting laptops. The M-Tech products are built with high-quality parts from best brands. It manufactures a wide range of laptops, PCs, CAD desktop PCs, workstation, tablets, and gaming machines.

M-Tech Laptops Affiliate Program offers:

Acer Affiliate Program

Acer also offers broad range of quality products like – laptops, smartphones, desktops, monitors, tablets, projectors wearables, and other accessories. Its hottest collection will surely make you earn more money by simple promotion.

Acer Affiliate Program

  • 4% commission on $400 sales
  • Attention-grabbing creative, interesting text links, and exclusive promotional codes
  • Network partner –CJ
  • Sign up for Acer Affiliate Program

Samsung Laptops Affiliate Program

Samsung is also a well-known brand when it comes to buying a reliable products range. The brand manufactures laptops, smartphones, PCs, tablets, TVs, monitors, printers, memory cards, etc. utilised for every purpose. You can join the Samsung Affiliate program through multiple network partners lie VigLink, FlexOffers, SkimLinks, CJ.

Samsung Affiliate Program US offers:


The above-mentioned laptop affiliate programs are lucrative and will render substantial income. If you have a tech-related blog, then do consider promoting these brand’s laptops to make significant amount of revenue. Affiliate marketing is a sure shot way to make money from renowned brands.

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  1. I did not sign up for any of the other programs but I did sign up for Lenovo. When I did, they notified me the most the paid out was 2%. This is 3% less than what it says. Amazon gives more.


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