How To Save Big With Start Up Discounts 2024

Startups can take advantage of’s special offer to save money on the popular work operating system platform. This discount program is designed to help new companies get off the ground by giving them access to’s collaborative tools and workflow solutions at a lower pricing point It can provide huge discounts on Project management, CRM Software, Portfolio, Task management & more. This will help them nurture productivity and organizational efficiency right from the start.

Does offer a start-up discount?

Yes, offers great discounts on any of its yearly plans for start-up organizations to raise the power of small businesses and the impact that can make. You can claim your discount by clicking this deal bow!

Are there any Limitations on start-up plans?’s annual project management and collaboration plans provide many features, however there are restrictions. For quickly changing businesses, the set annual investment may limit adaptation. Additionally, some organizations may struggle to afford the upfront annual charge. Users must carefully evaluate these restrictions and ensure that annual plans match their long-term goals and operational dynamics.

Basic Plan ($8 seat/month)Standard Plan ($10 seat/month)Pro Plan ($16 seat/month)
Includes Free, PlusIncludes Basic, PlusIncludes Standard, Plus
Unlimited Free ViewersTimeline & Gantt ViewsPrivate Boards & Chat View
Unlimited ItemsCalendar ViewTime Tracking
5GB File StorageGuest AccessFormula Column
Prioritized Customer SupportAutomations(250 actions/mo)Automations (25k actions/mo)
1 BoardIntegrations (250 actions/mo)Integrations (25k actions/mo)
5 Boards10 Boards Pricing & Offers for Start-ups:

Take advantage of this start-up discount today. It provides discounts to only small businesses and start-ups with a maximum of 30 employees.

A. General Pricing For Start-ups:

The first paid plan on costs $8 per person per month, which is charged once a year. Each membership lets at least three people use it, so the least you’d pay is $24 a month, paid once a year. The Standard plan from is their most popular option. It costs $10 per user per month, and you need at least three people to get it.

B. promo codes & coupon codes:

Want to save your money on your next purchase at Quickly try these below coupon codes to get an instant discount on your plans today.

  • 10% Off Your Orders with promo code – ” 10OFF
  • 10% Off Your First Subscription with promo code – ” HELLOMONDAY

C. Does offer a Renewal Discount?

Yes, offers a renewal discount on any of its yearly plans for start-up organizations and small businesses.

How To Apply For Discount?

Small organizations or start-ups must simply fill out this form and hit submit to get a discount on plans. This is applicable for all beginning to mid-stage startups with up to 30 employees. 

If they qualify they can receive instant 20% off on their first year of yearly subscription. New Customer & Existing Customer discount:

New customers can enjoy up to 10% off on any plans using ” 10OFF ” as mentioned above.

Existing customers can also enjoy up to 20% off on their yearly plans. Check below to know how to apply them.

How To Apply Promo Codes & Coupons Codes?

Firstly, you need to get a promo code to gain a discount on your plans. Follow these simple steps below to redeem today.

  • Log in or sign up
  • Click on the profile icon and click the upgrade button.
  • Select the Plan you want to subscribe to and set your team size.
  • After the plan and number of team members, Click continue.
  • Choose the “Enter Coupon Code” link and copy and paste your promo code into the box.
  • The discount will be reflected in your total subscription value.

Note: Check whether you are using a valid discount code. Please, study the terms and conditions of promo codes.


To sum up, offers a strong chance for new businesses to optimize their cooperation and project management efforts at a more affordable rate with their generous 18% beginning discount on annual contracts. Startups can more effectively deploy their resources thanks to this cost-saving incentive, which makes the platform more accessible to them. The reduction is tempting, but business owners should think about their needs and finances in the long run before taking advantage of it. In sum,’s dedication to helping startups out with this steep discount shows that it understands the struggles that new companies have and that it wants to be a part of their journey to success.

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