Monetize your Health Blog with Keto affiliate Products

Keto diet is getting very popular these days, health and fitness bloggers can monetize articles on Keto diet by promoting Keto products. We searched around the web to get the best Keto affiliate products. Join affiliate program offered by the online sites listed below and start promoting the products.

Top Keto Products affiliate programs

Keto Chow

Keto Chow is ideal for ketogenic or low carb diets, or for people who just want to become fit with perfect body shape (even if they’re not following keto). It has a great taste and the quantity can be modified as per your calorie needs just by mixing more or less of this Keto cream. There are a variety of flavours available so that you buy the one that suits you.

Affiliate Program of Keto Chow details:

Califlour Foods

Califlour Foods manufactures cauliflower flour pizza crust which is very nutritious for all age groups, in particular for children who love pizzas. You will also get hands on the attest recipes to make pizzas from this white flour crust. It is an entirely gluten-free product which is obtained locally.

Affiliate program details of Califlour:


Netrition is a firm which offers a huge variety of nutritional products which will suit your individual needs. From weight loss to gluten-free products, from vitamins to low carb foods, it has got everything for anyone. You can enhance your website with the Netrition’s products which are healthy and available at great prices.

Affiliate Program details of Netrition:


KetoForYou is a nutritional program administered by Patricia Daly, who is an experienced and internationally recognised Nutrition Therapist. She provides training to cancer patients to live a healthy lifestyle. She offers all the healthy Keto-diet plans, recipes, and practices thru expert coaching, guided mentorship, and online support.

Affiliate program details of KetoForYou:


PaleoPlan is the best and the easiest way to start living Paleo. Through Paleo Plans, you will be able to achieve optimal fitness. The package offers meals plans, shopping lists, delicious recipes and super effective bodyweight workout which can be done from the comfort of home.

Affiliate Program details for PaleoPlan:

Healthful Pursuit

Healthful Pursuit contains information related to healthy living, recipes, nourishment, and diet and is meant for informational intents only. It is started by Leanne, who is an ultra-passionate Nutrition Educator. She is a host of Keto Diet Podcasts which is ranked number 3 in the US and Canada.

Affiliate Program details of Healthful Pursuit:

Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto is the most effective, top tasting, and most reasonable exogenous ketone supplement in the market. It is gluten and dairy free product which is a tested product recommended even by the doctors. Perfect Keto has superior beta hydroxybutyrate and helpful in raising blood ketone levels.

Affiliate Program details for Perfect Keto:

Keto Bars

Keto Bars are the premium quality bars made for fitness freak people who give more importance to nutritional diet over junk food. These low carb bars are made with all the ingredients that ketogenic diet lovers are searching for. If you too want people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, then promote the Keto Bars on your website and earn good commissions.

Affiliate Program details of Keto Bars:

Keto Kookie

Healthy eating snack for all Keto diet followers. With these low carb kookies your Keto diet becomes more easy and fun.

Affiliate Program details of Keto Kookie

Kegenix By Real Ketones

A real ketone with its line of products put ketone direct into your body. Promote their line of meal supplement to get 15% payout per sale.

Affiliate Program details of  kegenix by Real Ketones

  • Earn 15% commissions on referred sales
  • Extra incentives for affiliates with high sales volumes
  • The chance to share the benefits of a great product backed by leaders in the keto industry
  • Exclusive Discount Codes to give your audience
  • Creatives to use on your site
  • Advanced Affiliate Tracking Software
  • Lifetime Commissions for repeat customers
  • 90-day cookie
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  • Conclusion

    Hope you enjoy and take benefit of the above-mentioned Keto health programs and products. You can make good money by joining their affiliate programs and help others to live a healthy lifestyle. The Keto health affiliate programs are for everyone who believes in eating a healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle.

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