Practical Tips to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program

What is an Amazon affiliate?

Amazon Affiliate programs are the money making plans for its associates, by way of linking affiliate product links to the illustrated products. Amazon was the first such kind of program in the money making industry. Amazon has the world’s largest marketplaces used by many companies and bloggers to sell their products.

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The affiliate program of Amazon may not provide you high commissions like other affiliate marketing programs, but it is most steadfast and regular way of making money. You can make money through Amazon associate program by writing about its various products and adding links to the content. For this, you need to have a blog which is particular about that niche.

Amazon associates sign up

  • You can sign up for Amazon affiliate program depending on your location. All you need to do is just submit the required information.
  • Login with your username and password
  • Create links to products in from the panel, product link tool will help you create customized links, link with contain your associate id and you will be paid comission for sales coming through this tag.
  • If you dont give any sales for 180 days your amazon affiliate partner program will be suspended automatically.working_of_affiliate_marketing_program

Steps on how to make money with Amazon affiliate programs


  1. Create your blog’s relevant niche and earn confidence of your readers

For making money through Amazon affiliate program, you need to set up a blog along with a relevant niche to attract readers. You can build up a blog on various platforms like WordPress, Joomla or BlogSpot. The niche selection for your blog is very imperative to attract the followers. Your niche will help you in getting more traffic, and more traffic will help you in earning more money.



  1. Prepare content according to reader’s point of view promote the products accordingly

While designing the content of your blog, you must always thin as a reader. The content layout must be simple and understandable by the reader. The description of the product must be such that reader immediately clicks on the “buy now” button to explore more. You must cover the trending products in the market which will create a sure shot target and get quick conversions.

content concept handwritten on blackboard


  1. Get the links and best images of the products so that it attracts readers

Look, here we have to be more careful as it all depends on how you showcase your products in front of your viewers. Do include attractive images, videos and catchy lines in your product presentation, then definitely it will have an impact on reader’s mind. Even you can attach captivating lines like – “Buy Now with more discount”, “Click here to get more offers”, etc. this will bring the user to the page where you want to take them.



  1.  Bring more readers to the by writing creative description about their preferred products

When you are preparing the content about products, make sure that it is neat, genuine, and clearly mentions all the details which users are looking for. The long paragraphs and fancy lines often lead to the wrong impression of the product. Your engaging product description will make people visit for further details and purchasing.



  1.  Take help of genuine reviews of the products available on the product page

Always back your product information with already available real reviews of the product. This has a great impact on consumer’s mind. For instance, if you are creating a post about “best headphones” then you can mention that this headphone has 2000 or 3000 reviews of the users. This will build more trust factor in the mind of a potential buyer, and he will definitely click that particular product with so many reviews.



  1.  Make use of best seller’s record and social evidence to convert to sales

Taking help from Amazon’s bestselling page will assist you in earning more money from its affiliate program. Amazon has bestsellers page on its official website, and this works perfectly well when you write about those products on your website or blog. It becomes easy to attract consumers as the products are already ranking high on the website.



  1. Make honest references of the products

Making accurate recommendations is the best way to make your affiliate program work wonders. If you have personally used any of the product mentioned in your post, then you will be able to make recommendations more confidently and honestly. The users are always more attracted towards such products which are personally used by the bloggers or their friends or relatives. Such authentic description is always engaging and easily converts users.



  1.  Share informational and contextual links

You can provide educative links in your product description so that the buyer gets a deep insight about the mentioned and linked product. For example, if the product is in news and available for only pre-book, you still link the product to the Amazon so that people get more information about it and make up their mind to buy or not.

Contextual links found within your post also help in boosting sales. For example, if you are writing about sound bars, then your another post also must have some other type of content on the same topic. So as an SEO strategy, you can link that post in your current post in the form of interlinking. Or you can also attach an original external link in your text body.



  1. Make attractive deals through discounts and festive or special day offers to engage buyers

The exclusive discounts and offers work best to attract consumers. All the Amazon affiliate programs get a boost in festive season or special days like Easter, Black Friday, Thanks Giving or Boxing Day. People buy lots of gifts for others, and they search a lot during this time. If your blog offers extraordinary and attractive seasonal discounts, then people will surely buy from your website. Bloggers usually earn up to $1000 a week or even more.



  1.  Select more quantity of inexpensive products to get more commissions

It is a human penchant to hunt for low priced products to save more. So you can promote more of small-ticket products to add up to your commissions. It is true that Amazon pays less commission as compare to other programs and if you do marketing of budgeted products, then you may end saving less. But the fact is that if your readers are interested in small products, they will buy more of them. Your small commissions earned in small instalments will add up to a big amount one day instead of be making single amount by selling only one big ticket product.


  1. Do interlinking of other commodities in one product description or a single post

Providing internal links of your own blog for related products is the best way to boost the sales program. For example, if your current post related to “cameras” then you can link your previous post related to lenses, camera bags, or tripods. Interlinking and internal links help to promote other products as well.



  1.  Build up more tracking IDs

Create multiple tracking ID’s for each website of yours except the one that Amazon provides you. It will help you in monitoring the traffic and money earned from the various sites. You can create up to 100 tracking ID’s as same Google Analytics code will not work for all.



  1.  Big items sale always gets you more money

In my previous point, I told you that if you target small budget items, you will be able to accumulate more commissions. I am still backing that point, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t write about branded or expensive Amazon products in your blog. When your blog is ranking high, and you have different kinds of readers, then you can experiment with all types of products. And sometimes it happens that people who search for budget products often end up buying branded products due to its well-written description and reviews.



  1. “Buy Now” button helps you get in

Creative “Buy Now” buttons with the Amazon affiliate links help your potential buyers to go to the website. Once they get in, Amazon tries to offer them every possible deal to buy the stuff. There are many unique Amazons buy now buttons available online, and you can select the best one to suit your need.



  1. Compare products

Create product analogy grid in your post so that people make up their mind to buy a particular product based on its different characteristic. At the end of product comparison table, you can insert buy now button for users to know every minute detail of the Amazon website itself. This strategy works great and helps in increasing the sale and income up to 10% or more.



  1.  Creative website layout helps in conversions

If your niche is entirely about Amazon products, then you can make your website profile related to that. You can take help of amazing tools like various plugins and themes to design your website or blog. The attractive design and description play a very crucial part, and readers get the whole idea of what they are going to see next. For example, my website’s first page is so creative and attractive, and informative, that casual visitors also get attracted towards it and do click on the mentioned products once. So the layout of your website helps in converting casual readers to regular customers.

web design


How does amazon affiliate marketing works?

When someone visits the Amazon through your affiliate links and ends up buying something unrelated to your mentioned products; even then you earn commissions. It is because they visited Amazon through your website link. Amazon spends a good amount of money on the ways to get people to convert.



So friends, just join Amazon affiliate program for free, promote their products on your website and earn a substantial income. There are no third parties involved in any transactions. You can easily choose from wide range of products according to your blog’s niche and get going with full-fledged Amazon membership. Amazon helps you to earn money not only by your advertised products but from all qualifying purchases.

Now the thing is that the Amazon’s affiliate program might not cost you anything, but your blog’s layout and hosting will. So you just need to be little spendthrift in the initial months, and then quickly you can recover this amount in few weeks or maybe few days. Everyone loves Amazon because of its high-quality and resilient products. And its fanatstic affiliate program has completely changed the life of many bloggers and website owners.

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