Sephora Affiliate Program Review

In the past couple of years, affiliate marketing has emerged as a great source of passive income and there are thousands of niches that can be exploited to earn those extra earnings. Beauty, makeup, skincare, and cosmetics is a very giant industry and Sephora is a leading player which has a large customer community that has a strong trust in the brand for such cosmetic and makeup products.

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In this article, we will make a summarized Sephora affiliate program review and try to cover all the given major points to help you develop a better understanding of this program.

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Does Sephora have an affiliate program?

Sephora has a wide range of beauty products from different brands that are loved by its customers for their quality and results. To boost sales to an extended level, Sephora has developed an affiliate program that helps beauty and lifestyle bloggers to earn some extra income in the form of an impressive Sephora affiliate program commission. The affiliates only need to promote the products on their beauty blogs and website to grab those high commissions directly from Sephora.

The following affiliated marketing networks have been given the responsibility to take care of the affiliate program in different parts of the world.

Sephora US Affiliate Programs

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Sephora Asia Affiliate Programs

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What is the Sephora affiliate program?

Sephora bags more than 10,000 products from around 200 brands and is known for its giant supply of beauty products. Sephora provides a fixed commission to its affiliates when an affiliate who owns a fashion website and a good number of audience redirects its audience to the Sephora website for a successful sale of a product.

There is a vast range of products that the affiliates can promote over their website to earn those commissions.

1. Makeup – Makeup products are always in demand by women and the affiliates can target the customers by promoting the Makeup kits and products.

2. Hair – Hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, and combs are required to get your hair in style and this area can be fruitful for the affiliates to earn some money.

3. Skincare – Skin care creams, products, moisturizers, and cleansers are needed by everyone to keep them healthy and natural. The affiliates can easily juice out this opportunity by promoting skin care products to earn those respected commissions.

Apart from these categories, you can also promote fragrances, tools, and special lotions to earn an affiliate commission.

The Promotion and marketing tools supplied by Sephora include pictures, banners, and text links to engage more customers towards Sephora and boost its sales figures.

Why should you Join the Sephora affiliate program?

If you are a fashion blogger or have an interest in lifestyle products then you must join this affiliate program. Sephora has become the leading retail giant in the fashion and lifestyle niche with a business of thousands of dollars in a month. The high quality and renowned brand products pose you enough guarantee to clinch the commissions and generate incredible income.
Some other favors done by Sephora to its affiliate include

  • The Program is absolutely free to join.
  • Free samples with every order
  • Free Shipping on orders of $50
  • Exclusive information about upcoming products

What about the Sephora affiliate program commission rate?

Sephora is rewarding one of the highest commission rates among its competitors. The commission rates vary with the products belonging to several different departments.

Commission Rate: 5 to 10%

Cookie length: 24 Hours

If we talk about payment Sephora offers payments through Direct deposit or by check.

The payment is made every month with a default payment threshold of $50. This means you will be paid automatically when your balance would reach $50. You can also change the threshold to any other desired amount later as well.

Requirements to join Sephora affiliate Program

There are not any hard and fast conditions to join the affiliate program but some basic of them are:

  • A website to promote Sephora products.
  • A little experience in the affiliated marketing business.
  • The website must have steady traffic and a targeted niche for promotion.

Typically Sephora use to take a few days to review and approve the application but sometime it would take more than a week for the approval process.


The Final verdict about the Sephora Workspace affiliate program is that if you are a fashion or lifestyle blogger having your own website with decent traffic, then you should join this program and easily cash in this opportunity to generate awesome revenue through the high commissions for the all the beauty and makeup products.

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