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Tailor Brands is a platform which helps you design state-of-the-art logos in less than a minute. Not just logos, Tailor Brands also helps you create any kind of design for presentations, social media creatives and a lot of other places where you need to attract your clients. Design logos, business cards, business letterhead, envelopes and much more without any specialized skills and stand out from your competitors. Tailor brands is affordable and require you to possess no special skills, get started with your Free Trial version today and you will be stunned by the results.

Top Products in Tailor Brands

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What are the Products of Tailor Brands?

Tailor Brands has a wide range of layouts, options, fonts and styles to help you create some of the best designs. Whether it’s Brand building or attracting users, Tailor Brands has the right products for you.  Here’s a list of what’s available on Tailor Brand.

Logo Maker

Build your brand with a unique design created with their logo maker. Once you’ve created a logo, gain access to their exclusive branding box with more than 15 professional Branding Tools.

Toolboxes are available for

  • Social Posts

A Social Post includes a message with your logo, with a perfect image for Facebook, Instagram etc.

  • Brand Strategy

Receive weekly posts to update your social media channels and keep them updated.

  • Landing Page

A branded high-quality landing page to show off your brand!

  • Business Cards

Create business connections with branded, attractive business cards choosing from different layouts.

  • Seasonal Logos

Get your brand ready for the next seasonal holiday with unique changes to your logo

  • Facebook Ads

Generate more sales and traffic with Facebook ads

  • Presentation

Customized PowerPoint or Keynote slides

Why is Tailor Brands a good choice for Logo Designing?

Their suite of tools helps provide your brand with a strong presence providing an edge over your competitors and visibility for your brand. When you choose Tailor Brands you will be easily identifiable across platforms, and helps you stand out!

  • All the professional branding tools focus on visual branding and social visibility, establishing a sustainable brand.
  • Tailor Brands uses an advanced machine learning algorithm by understanding your requirements to build world-class logos in a few simple steps.
  • At low costs, get instant results and build your brand identity.
  • Use the social media scheduler for your content to go on social media to simplify your day to day tasks.


Their Logo Only plan gives you unlimited storage for your logo files and the higher your plan, the more you get for your brand. Create your own logos, choose a right plan and access your own brand profile with a subscription. You maintain the rights to your logo even after the subscription is over.

Tailor Brands pricing

Tailor Brands Customer Service

There are an exhaustive set of FAQs which answer almost every query you have about Tailor Brands. Check out their Knowledge Base to answer all your queries right here.


This is the perfect logo making software for individuals and small businesses. Their products are of good quality, offer a range of products and services and help you boost your social media image. The Analytics tool helps you engage your audience – they are a one-stop shop with the best brand building solutions for any company or individual.

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