Target Affiliate Program Review

Target is the eighth largest retailer in the United States and has an incredible and mammoth stock consisting of thousands of products. It was established in 1962 in Minneapolis but later in the 1980s, it started to expand its stores nationwide. Today it has turned into a million-dollar corporation and has recorded a revenue of more than 90 million in 2021 which is pretty impressive in the US market. In the upcoming years the Target corporation is expected to experience very rapid growth and its trustworthiness among existing customers is helping it to clinch new customers in the Global market as well. You can easily cash in on its success and can generate outstanding passive income by joining the incredible Target affiliate program.

Target Affiliate Program

In this post, we will explore the Target affiliate program in detail and attempt to cover all the important features in order to obtain a deeper understanding of this program.

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Does Target have an affiliate program?

Target offers an outstanding and beneficial opportunity for bloggers and social media influencers to earn impressive income through the offered commissions. This is a pretty clever strategy by Target to grab a more portion of the market through affiliate marketing practices. As they have almost everything in their product arsenal that can be promoted and in exchange, you will get those lucrative commissions as compensation.

The well-known affiliate networks responsible for overseeing the Target affiliate program are listed in the list below.

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What is Target affiliate program?

Website owners, bloggers, and social media influencers can utilize their extensive reach and unique content to promote the extraordinary products available in the Target store. For each sale and successful conversion, the affiliates are remunerated with impressive commissions. This program can turn out to be a new way to generate passive income by doing simple promotions.

Target has a giant stock of products belonging to each and every type of category and it completely depends on what niche you are working on. Despite this fact, we are mentioning some of the major categories that are worth being promoted.

1. Clothing Shoes and Accessories

Target has a very big stock of clothing, shoes, and accessories from various popular brands and is a perfect choice for promotion.

2. Furniture

From the Living room to the bedroom and from the kitchen to the bathroom Target has a wide range of furniture for each and every place in your house or office.

3. Electronics

This category has always been on the popularity list and You can pick a series of any popular branded products such as apple, for promotion.

4. Beauty and Personal care

This is another major section of the Target store that has some fantastic products from makeup kits to lipsticks and eyeliners.

Some other major categories that you can consider for the promotion are party supplies, luggage, Home utilities, and kitchen essentials.
Apart from that you must also keep in mind that in some categories no commissions are offered in this program. Some of those categories are groceries, baby products, and toys. So it would be a good idea to study the commission rates before starting the promotion.

Why should you Join the Target affiliate program?

You should join the Target affiliate program for the following strong reasons.

  • With more things sold, you might be able to earn commissions at increasing rates.
  • There are no entrance requirements or fees for the program.
  • Large assortment of branded products is there, as opposed to the Amazon affiliate program.
  • Target is a renowned and trustworthy brand.


What about the Target affiliate program Commission rates?

Target allocates commissions into two categories based on the number of orders you receive each month and the categories in which you sell.

Payment Based on Monthly Orders

You make more money the more you sell. In every affiliate program, this is true.
By increasing your commission after you achieve specific monthly sales criteria, Target expands on this concept.
For instance, you might begin with a lower commission rate, but when sales in a given category rise, so would your commission rate.

Payment Based on Category

The commission structure varies depending on the category. While you may be able to earn a commission of up to 8%, this isn’t always the case.
No matter how many products you sell in a given month in certain areas, like health and beauty, you’ll always receive a flat 1% commission.
Some categories, like grocery, toys, and baby products, don’t give commissions.
It won’t be worthwhile for you to invest in the products in your niche if they receive little to no commission. It might be worthwhile, though, if your niche aligns nicely with one of the larger commission categories.

Commission Rate: Up to 8%

Cookie length : 7 Days

  • You will receive a commission or a small portion of the sales if they make a purchase within this seven-day window. The person is not required to purchase the item you first connected them to.
  • Any goods they purchase from Target during those seven days will earn you a commission.
  • Additionally, unlike other schemes, you will be compensated for each purchase the customer makes throughout the seven-day period, not just the initial one.

Requirements to join the Target affiliate program

Target’s affiliate program just has a few simple requirements.

  • Target requests that your website be suitable for all ages and that all languages be G-rated.
  • There shouldn’t be any offensive, harmful, or provocative material on your website.
  • You must receive the majority of your traffic from the United States.


You should join this program if you are a website creator, blogger, or influencer with decent audience traffic. You can promote a broad range of products to earn those wonderful commissions.

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