Top 6 Hosting Affiliate Programs in India

If you’re someone who loves to make a quick buck, here’s how you earn them in double-quick time. Do you blog on any topic, like say, technology, fashion, and the like? In that case, here’s some good news for you. All top online marketers have been earning thousands of bucks just by promoting web hosting services and products on websites, blogs, social media sites, etc. Nowadays, almost all web hosting companies offer affiliate programs that help you make more money, even compared to Google Adsense or other affiliate networks. Here’s what you gain with web Hosting Affiliate Programs.

  • Earn stress-free, quick bucks
  • Zero infrastructure requirement and low expenses

Here’s a list of the top 6 hosting affiliate programs in India.

1. GoDaddy

It’s very simple; place some GoDaddy banners and links on your site and get a commission for every sale made through the ads.

How it works:

  • To become a GoDaddy affiliate, join through its affiliate partner networks (Commission Junction or TradeDoubler).
  • Place some banners and ads on your site.
  • When visitors to your site click on these and make purchases, you get a commission.
  • Cost: Free
  • 100% commission on almost all products or services
  • Payment type: Direct deposit or cheque
  • Sign-Up here for GoDaddy Affiliate Program

2. Reseller Club

Reseller Club
Earn fantastic incentives with the Reseller Club affiliate program with an array of stunning display banners and ads and get a dedicated affiliate manager to help convert sales.

How it works:

  • Go to the Sign-Up Link specified above and sign up to become an affiliate.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with login details.
  • Use the affiliate Sign-Up Link provided to promote Reseller Club through various ads and banners.
  • Cost: Free
  •  Minimum Rs.2000 per referral all the way up to Rs.8000 for 21+ referrals
  • Payment type: Wire Transfer (minimum payout Rs.5000)
  • Sign-Up here for Resellerclub Affiliate Program

3. BlueHost

Bluehost offers Indians another great affiliate program for those who wish to make good money without any hassles.

How it works:

  • Go to the above Sign-Up Link and enter your details and signup at the “Affiliates Signup”
  • Place ads and banners on your site
  • Receive a commission once a visitor to your site makes a purchase by clicking on the ad.
  • Cost: Free
  • Flat Rs.4000 per referral
  • Payment Type: Wire Transfer/Bank (minimum payout Rs.10, 000)
  • Sign-Up for Bluehost Affiliate Program here

4. Host1Plus

Host1Plus has world-class products and services so promoting it ad earning money via affiliate marketing shouldn’t be a problem at all!

How it works:

  • Go to the Sign-Up Link specified above and sign up to become an affiliate.
  • Get a $10 sign-up bonus
  • Choose ads and banners from their database and add them to your site.
  • Cost: Free
  •  Start at around $200 per referral all the way up to $250. You also earn money for sub-referral.
  • Payment Type: PayPal or any way you wish you can specify to them (minimum payout $50)
  • Sign-Up here for  Host1plus Affiliate Program

5. BigRock

Another company that’s rolled out its affiliate program big in India so you make quick bucks through them!

How it works:

  • Go to the above Sign-Up Link and enter your details and signup and receive a tracking link.
  • Place ads and banners on your site.
  • The more you promote, the more you earn.
  • Cost: Free
  • You can earn up to Rs 1,000 per referral. If it’s 21+ sales per month, you can earn Rs1, 500 per referral.
  • Payment Type: Wire Transfer (minimum payout Rs.3, 200)
  • Sign-Up here for Bigrock Affiliate Program

6. AccuWeb Hosting

Accu Web hosting

The AccuWeb Hosting Platform offers Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Forex VPS. It offers Blazingly Fast and Hassle-Free, Highly Secured, and Fully Managed service. If you are looking to host a website on a Windows Server? This is the perfect starter option, including all the latest Microsoft Tools.

How it works:

  • AccuWeb ‘Flat Rate Multi-Layer’ affiliate program is free and easy to join
  • Also, with their new module, you will get an additional commission for every visitor you send to our website even though they don’t purchase plans/products
  • Flat rate high commission starting from $25 up to $200 per sign up
  • Your Earning = Commission for Each Sale + Commission for Every Visitor You Refer
  • Just select your banner and get HTML Code and place banner/code on your site and start earning!
  • To withdraw your amount you need minimum. $200.
  • Extended cookie life – 90 days
  • Payment Type: Your Commission will be paid via Paypal
  • Click here for AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate Program

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