Top 5 Japanese Candy Subscription Boxes Affiliate Programs

Japanese Candy Subscription Boxes Affiliate marketing is one innovative and great way to earn money. There is a wide range of subscriptions available for Japanese Candy Subscription Boxes these days all over the World. Find the right Store and earn up to 50% off commission through the Affiliate program. We found some top Japanese Candy Subscription Boxes for you. Check them and Earn huge Commissions.

Here’s a List of the Top 5 Japan Candy Box Affiliate Programs

1. Japan Crate

Japan Crate

Japan Crate lets you experience Japan with candy and snacks. They have hand-picked exclusive goodies with each box curated keeping in mind the current trend. Japan Crate regularly collab with Funimation, Crunchyroll, Bandai Namco, Comics, and more for occasional goods.

Affiliate Program Details of Japan Crate

  • Automate commissions and save time.
  • Track any digital sale your affiliate refers.
  • Unlimited commission structures
  • Gets Payment Automatically
  • Cookie: 14 Days Free Trial
  • Sign-Up Link:  Japancrate Affiliate Program

2. Japan Candy Box

Japan Candy Box

Japan Candy Box delivers tasty candies and treats directly from Japan. Treat yourself with seasonal snacks, limited edition Japanese candy, and limited editionflavors. The box contains snacks from popular brands and hard to find seasonal and exclusive Japanese Candies.

Affiliate Program Details of Japan Candy Box

  • Use banners on the sidebar widgets and elsewhere on your site.
  • They will supply the required banners, logos, and images.
  • They offer $5 USD commission from every join
  • The Minimum Payment Amount is $ 50 USD
  • Payment: PayPal
  • Sign-Up Link:  Japancandybox Affiliate Program

3. Forget Sushi Kyoto Box

Forget Sushi Kyoto Box

Forget Sushi is one of a kind boxthat doesn’t need a subscription. You can select your box and they will ship to you. You get to personalize your box with Pickachu, Starbucks, Rillakuma, KitKat, and many more snacks and candies.

Affiliate Program Details of Forget Sushi Kyoyo Box

  • You must live in the United States for applying Affiliate with Forget Sushi Kyoyo Box
  • You will get Payed once you have earned $20. The Minimum amount you can withdraw is $20.
  • Provide good per cent of commissions based on the referrals.
  • Payment: PayPal
  • Sign-Up Link:  Forget Sushi Kyoto Box Affiliate Program

4. Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat delivers limited edition and exclusive Japanese snacks right at your doorstep right from Tokyo. Every month get a curated box of Japanese drinks, Japanese Ramen, KitKat, candies, chips, and snacks exclusively only available in Japan.

Affiliate Program Details of Tokyo Treat

  • There are five different types of commission options.
  • Tokyo Treat Premium Box (Monthly 3/6/12 Month Prepay plans) $5.
  • Tokyo Treat Classic Box (Monthly 3/6/12 Month Prepay plans) $3.
  • Yume Twins Box (Monthly 3/6/12 Month Prepay plans) $5.
  • NMNL Box (Monthly 3/6/12 Month Prepay plans) $5.
  • Sakuraco (Monthly 3/6/12 Month Prepay plans) $5.
  • Sign-Up Link:  Tokyo Treat Affiliate Program/

5. White Rabit Japan

White rabbit Japan

OMG Japan is your one-stop for all things Japan. OMG Japan gives you access to all things Japanese from candies, teas, snacks groceries, drinks, KitKats, and more. Their website is not only limited to snacks and candies you can also buy Japanese beauty, fashion, books, stationery, toys, and many more things.

Affiliate Program Details of White Rabit Japan

  • The commission is 8% product specific.
  • Cookie validity is 180 days.
  • 12% commission on select White Rabbit Press titles.
  • Cookie: 30 Days
  • Sign-Up Link:  White Rabbit Affiliate Program

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