Top Recurring Affiliate Programs

Top Recurring Affiliate Programs

First of all, before discussing recurring Affiliate commissions, let’s understand the basics of affiliate marketing. In the past few years, affiliated marketing has become a popular marketing model with an efficient strategy to boost the sales of a particular product or service. Companies have liked this marketing model to pump up the sales of any new or lagging product and in return, they use to pay impressive commissions to the affiliates who had helped to bring up more traffic and generate new leads for the company using their influential articles and blogs leading to towering sales figures.

What are recurring Affiliate programs?

Generally, the commissions to the affiliates were paid on a one-time basis by most of the companies but then recurring affiliate commissions term emerged in the market as a new revolutionary option for the affiliates. If you go with the recurring commission affiliate programs then the companies continue to provide you commissions till the client or customer stays active with them. Let’s take a simple example of an Online news reading plan where a client subscribes to a plan of 6 months then the affiliate would get the recurring commission until the customer unsubscribes the plan. The recurring commissions can be paid by the companies according to their payment policies and can be paid to the affiliates on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Why go with the Recurring Commission Affiliate programs?

It’s simple to understand that a recurring commission is a much better option than compared to a one-time commission. Imagine a $100 subscription where the affiliate would get a 60% commission on a one-time basis and a 15% commission on a monthly basis. It is so easy to understand that if the customer stays with the company for 1 year, you are eligible to get a 15% commission each month, which is more than double as compared to a one-time commission. And the affiliates would be happy to enjoy a continuous long time income instead of getting it for a single time.

Top Best Recurring commission affiliate programs

1. ConvertKit

ConvertKit offers the best affiliate marketing program with a recurring commission for the creators so that they can earn an extra income for their living. You don’t need to be a Converkit customer to become a successful converKit affiliate. All you need is the enthusiasm to support ConvertKit and in return, ConvertKit will surely support you with those recurring commissions.

  • Link: Apply Now
  • Commission: Up to 30% recurring commission
  • How To Apply: Signup
  • Cookie Length: 90 days


2. Aweber

Aweber is another great company that deals in Email marketing solutions and had an excellent record in providing awesome services to its clients. It also offers recurring affiliate programs to its affiliates to target long-term customers and in return, it pays a decent recurring commission to them. Other than that it provides responsive support, affiliate newsletters, and promotional products to the affiliates for aggressive promotion.

  • Link: Apply Now
  • Commission:Up to 30% recurring commission
  • How To Apply:Signup
  • Cookie Length:365 days


3. Coinbase

In the age of cryptocurrency, Coinbase has opened a new corner for affiliates to generate a new source of income. Coinbase is listed on the Nasdaq crypto exchange and is a well-known name in the crypto market. The affiliates can juice out a very good amount of recurring commissions by doing some easy promotions through their channels.

  • Link: Apply Now
  • Commission:Up to 50% recurring commission
  • How To Apply:Signup
  • Cookie Length:30 days


4. Cloudways

Cloudways is a popular name in the Hosting industry and is famous for providing magnificent Hosting solutions of all types to clients. Cloudways has also joined hands with affiliates to grow and scale up on an enormous level and for that purpose, it has recurring affiliate programs that can stand to be very lucrative for the affiliates. There are two options for affiliates slab-based and Hybrid, out of which Hybrid is best to earn recurring commissions.

  • Link: Apply Now
  • Commission:Upto $30 per sale + 7% commissions
  • How To Apply:Signup
  • Cookie Length:90 days


5. Active campaign

An active campaign is an eccentric tool for Email marketing automation and helps to engage more valuable leads dramatically. If we talk about the affiliate program, the affiliates would be happy to know that it pays recurring commissions based on its sale. The more the affiliates would sell the more they will earn.

  • Link: Apply Now
  • Commission:20- 30% recurring commissions
  • How To Apply:Signup
  • Cookie Length:90 Days


6. GetResponse

GetResponse is another great option that offers lucrative recurring commissions to its affiliates. GetResponse is among the top competitor of Aweber and provides similar kinds f solutions to its customers. It provides real-time tracking and statistics to the affiliates along with a dedicated affiliate manager for extra support and guidance.

  • Link: Apply Now
  • Commission:Up to 33% recurring commissions
  • How To Apply:Sign up
  • Cookie Length:120 Days


7. Mangools

Mangools is a top-notch SEO platform that offers different kinds of SEO solutions such as keyword research, ranking analysis, and backlink management. It is trusted by thousands of customers worldwide and is still looking forward to growing on a gigantic scale. For that, it has equipped itself with powerful and effective recurring affiliate programs that offer decent commissions to affiliates. It is so quick that no approval is required and you can start promoting things instantaneously after signing up.

  • Link: Apply Now
  • Commission:Up to 30% recurring commission
  • How To Apply:SignUp
  • Cookie Length:30 Days



Hope you liked the discussion about recurring affiliate programs and their role in modern affiliate marketing and you will be able to pick the best recurring affiliate programs as per your needs.

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