Walmart Affiliate Program Review

Walmart was started in the early 60s in the US and with time it has grown into a multi-million giant company that has more than 10,000 stores in around 24 countries. In this era of online shopping people simply purchase all types of products from the Walmart website. It is the topmost online shopping portal that is being used today to buy various kinds of products from thousands of popular brands. Now Walmart affiliate program is a hot topic that we will discuss here.

Walmart affiliate program

In this article, we will make a summarized Walmart affiliate program review and try to cover all the given major points to help you to develop a better understanding of this program.

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Does Walmart have an affiliate program?

Yes, Walmart has a wonderful affiliate program that can help you to earn incredible revenue by promoting millions of products available on the online shopping website. You can pick the desired products such as electronics, clothes, beauty products, etc. for promotion and can easily earn amazing commissions. The main affiliate advertising networks that make the Walmart affiliate program available for you are given below.

Impact (For US)       Join Now

SkimLinks (Global)    Join Now

Rakuten (Canada)     Join Now

What is Walmart affiliate program?

The Walmart affiliate program offers useful product curation and promotion tools along with advertising widgets to make the whole promotion process easy and smooth. You can easily promote the products by placing text links and banner ads on your websites and blog posts. When any audience clicks on that link placed on your website, he or she will be redirected to the Walmart product page that is being promoted by you. Now you are being rewarded with a commission if someone makes a buying action.

Why should You Join this program?

Walmart is performing excellently in the online shopping market and it has a gigantic collection of retail products that are loved by millions of its customers around the world. Its annual profits are remarkable and the company‘s expected growth is exceptional. You can also become a companion with Walmart in helping it to achieve its goals and in return you will earn wonderful commissions. That is an excellent chance and a golden opportunity to make money and generate high revenues because Walmart has become a trustworthy name in online shopping in the past years.

What about the Walmart Affiliate commission rate?

Walmart affiliate program has variable commission rates on its wide range of products. The commission rates can vary depending on the products, Monthly orders, and categories.
If we talk about the commission by monthly orders then you will get your first payout after one month of your sign up and that would only happen if you have made any sales. The Impact radius network simply sends the commission amount through Paypal or direct deposit.
Now Let’s come to the Commissions by Products.

  • For Electronics, Books, movies, and video games. Photo, music, and other similar digital products – 1%
  • For Clothing, Jewellery, beauty, baby, Gifts, health, home, and sports – 4%
  • For Eyewear and Contact lenses – 10%
  • For personal and Business Checks – 18%

Finally, we come to the commission rates based on the categories and the average commission rate is 4% for Walmart products.

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Conditions to become a Walmart affiliate?

  • You must have an active website with decent traffic.
  • Any illegal or explicit material should not be there on your website.
  • The majority of the incoming traffic must be from North America.

How to become a Walmart affiliate?

Understanding all the services provided by jobbers is extremely important to build an influential strategy for the program. Jobber offers services in a wide range of sectors and industries. So you can plan and target the entrepreneurs in your audience according to those offered services. Some of the major services offered by Jobber are:

  • Visit the Walmart website and click on the ‘Become member’ option.
  • Enter all the required information and details carefully.
  • Choose suitable promotional methods.
  • Apply and you will receive a notification mail for the acceptance within 24 hours.
  • After getting approval, the text links and banners would be provided to you that are going to be used for the promotions.


The Final conclusion about the Walmart affiliate program is that if you have an active website with decent traffic, then you can join the program of this gigantic retail company and easily encash this opportunity to generate awesome revenue in the form of good commissions.

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