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This world is a beautiful place, and every one of us desire to travel some part of it with our dear ones sometime. But what if you have to face the sudden and unseen calamity while traveling those beautiful places. So, make sure that you are protected and a travel insurance company covers all your unseen mishap costs.
World Nomads is one such travel insurance organisation which offers travel insurance to the independent traveller and daring families. You can easily buy, extend and claim online even if you are not at your home. It covers all your journeys requisites and provides 24/7 emergency assistance.

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Why do we need travel insurance?

Travel insurance helps us to meet the sudden medical treatment expenses while we are travelling or holidaying. Many other emergency expenses like stolen bags or personal liability are covered by the travel insurance. The cost of the medical treatment and crisis are always high in many countries and at times not affordable by all; so the travel insurance helps us to bear the minimum charges applicable.
The travel insurance covers both home and medical expenses which is very important for the traveller. Without it, you might have to bear all the extra and unexpectedly arising expenditures by your own. The insurance also covers the cost repatriation – after recovering from the medical condition on a holiday. For instance, if you face a bad fall from the hill top or meet with an accident while paragliding, the travel insurance will deal with the charges of medical expenses endured by you.

What does World Nomad Travel Insurance offers?

It offers protection against the following situations arising suddenly:

  • Medical treatment comprising conveyance to the medical facility
  • Cancellation of trip due to the following reasons
  • Death
  • Jury services
  • Obligatory confinement
  • Called up for emergency services if working for armed forces
  • Official migration from the destination
  • Prohibition of travel by the government to the terminus
  • Death or serious illness of a family member
  • Taking home of remains
  • Trip interruption or cancellation
  • Unplanned death, damage or impairment benefits
  • Return of a minor
  • Funeral expenses
  • Lost or damaged baggage or personal documents
  • Airline negligence in rescheduling flights
  • Hijacking
  • Travel delays due to weather

Risks not covered by the travel insurance

  • Sports with risk elements
  • Pre-existing medical condition
  • Travel to high-risk nations like war zones or terrorist prone areas
  • Additional AD&D (Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance) coverage
  • Third party supplier insolvency
  • Damage or illness caused by liquor, drug use or careless behaviour
  • Terrorism or combat
  • Optional surgery or treatment

Types of coverage

World Nomads offers 24-hour emergency assistance in more than 140 countries. Your policy includes medical conveyance services for a grievance or ailment that happens during your trip.

  • Overseas medical
  • Travel cancellation
  • Baggage & Personal belongings
  • Other claimable expenses

Time taken for the claim

You can request you claim online while roaming or after getting back to your home. You just need to follow few steps given below to claim the insurance amount.

  • Collect all your receipts
  • Sign in with your Nomad account
  • Choose the type of claim applicable
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Claim payout options. The Claim will be sent only thru check to your home.
  • Enter your expense
  • Tell about the whole incidence in the box given
  • Submit your claim
  • Talk to your claim handling team
  • Send your documentation

The company tries to settle applications as fast as it can, but it will be done sooner if you follow the steps given above. It does not take more than a month if you have all the documents ready on time.

World Nomad Promo Code

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World Nomads is a recognised firm which offers full safety to you while you are traveling. It covers all your expenses if you end up into an unseen catastrophe. I hope all the above information will help you in taking the right decision and securing your next trip with World Nomads travel insurance.

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