8 Best Yoga Accessories Affiliate Programs in 2023

Yoga is a set of physical, intellectual, and spectral exercises or bailiwick, which developed in ancient India. Today, yoga practices have spread out worldwide, and people are training their bodies with yoga asanas in full swing. Hence there is the expansion in the Yoga accessories market. People buy yoga accessories to add more comfort to the discipline. The affiliate marketers are also making profits by joining various yoga accessories affiliate program.

Yoga accessories are a wide range of yoga equipment or tools used to perform yoga comfortably. Yoga accessories include yoga mats, mat bags, sandbags, eye cushions, straps, towels, breathable clothing, yoga block, knee, and wrist pads, bolster cushion, and a water bottle. These accessories have become a necessity for those performing yoga, and give a soothing feeling and stability to the body.

Why are Yoga accessories affiliate programs an excellent choice for marketers?

Yoga has gained popularity in recent years, and the accessories have become a prime necessity for yoga doers. The fitness consciousness factor among the people has unexpectedly increased the market share of yoga accessories. Moreover, the government is also supporting yoga globally to promote a healthy lifestyle. So, this is another significant component contributing to the overall growth of the yoga accessories market.

The target audience is not only children or young people but also the middle and old aged people. Yoga is not limited to a specific age group but practiced by all due to zero side effects. It heals your body internally, and the positive results remain for a lifetime. According to the current market research report by Technavio, the yoga accessories market size is anticipated to place a CAGR of next to 7% during the 2019-2023 period.

Therefore, the affiliate marketers who deal with health and lifestyle verticals can earn a good income by promoting various yoga accessories affiliate programs on their website. One has to only smartly utilize the promotional material offered by the yoga accessories companies. These companies pay handsome commissions to the affiliate for bringing in more customers and closing up sales.

Let’s check the Yoga accessories affiliate programs and find out the commission rate of respective firms.

Yoga Accessories Affiliate Programs

1. Yoga Accessories.com

YogaAccessories Affiliate Program
Yogaaccessories is one of the best suppliers of all yoga equipment and yoga appurtenant required for proper training and workout since 1997. They are intended to offering top-quality products that encourage atomistic living, meditation, and spiritual wellbeing. They emphasize on providing all the necessary yoga supplies to reinforce a sustainable yoga practice and further curative life for each customer.

Supplying many sorts of yoga mats, props, blankets, blocks, mat bags, bands, and much more, they are assured that you’ll get the yoga gear carved to fit your activity.

Affiliate Program:

  • 10% commission on every sale
  • FREE and easy to join
  • Get privileged discounts and offers through their Wholesale For Life program
  • Get access to real-time news to track your success
  • Network partner- ShareASale

Register here for Yoga Accessories.com Affiliate Program

2. Gaiam

Gaiam Affiliate Program
Gaiam brands embrace Gaiam for yoga and physical fitness; Gaiam Restore, centered on wellbeing; SPRI, centered on physical fitness. They have a distribution network that includes roughly 38,000 retail thresholds, 18,000 stores inside stores, 5,000 collection management locations, and e-commerce.

Gaiam is the heart of the yoga revolution and deals in over thousands of products to make the journey more comfortable.

Gaiam Affiliate Program:

  • Commissions up to 10%
  • Default Return Days – 10
  • A respondent site to convert your visitors to customers
  • New and powerful banner creative
  • Prevailing newsletters with product info
  • No minimal outset for payments
  • Affiliate Network partner- LinkShare

Sign up here for Gaiam Affiliate Program

3. Barefoot

Barefoot Yoga Affiliate Program
Barefoot was established in 1996 by Kelly LeFebvre, to encourage yoga practices among the masses. The website deals with all types of yoga accessories, meditation, eco yoga products, and signature products.

They are pioneering leaders in the Yoga industry and manufactured the first Yoga mat bag, Bamboo blocks, and Indian Rosewood blocks. They were also the first to bring bona fide Mysore exercise rugs to the US. Barefoot Yoga captures the most significant market share around the world. All over, 2000 Yoga studios use and trade with Barefoot products.

Barefoot Affiliate Program:

  • Offers over 5,000 products to the various Yoga industries
  • Pull in 10% commissions instantly
  • Automatic payments and online tracking
  • Monthly payments with auto-deposit feature
  • 60-day cookie policy
  • Affiliate Network Partner- ShareASale

Sign up for Barefoot Yoga Affiliate Program here

4. JadeYoga

JadeYoga Affiliate Program
Jade is devoted to making the world’s best performing, most environmentally friendly yoga products and giving back to the earth with every product sold. JadeYoga is 100 years old company, and it all started with the invention of anti-slip yoga mats. These mats became a sensation in the US market and gained popularity in no time.

JadeYog deals exclusive in mats, organic cotton rugs, pride mats, Darba grass mats, blocks, straps, towels, mat wash, mat bags and carriers, and other gears. The products are of high quality, and the users will feel the difference by using them during their yoga sessions. If you, too, have a yoga studio, or teach yoga, get your products from JadeYoga.

JadeYoga Affiliate Programs:

  • 20% commission
  • Quarterly payment of commissions
  • 30-day cookie policy
  • Affiliate network partner- AvantLink

Register here for JadeYoga Affiliate Program

5. Mukha Yoga

MukhaYoga Affiliate Program
Mukha Yoga is devoted to joining people to yoga so that they can link up with each other, community, and earth to get a balanced and concord place. The practice of yoga is loaded with the components of the universe, and Mukha Yoga’s purpose is to be a viable energy business that is consecrated to assist you.

When you buy stuff with Mukha Yoga, they give some part as a contribution to One Tree Planted, an organization devoted to re-afforestation of areas destroyed by fires and loss of forest areas due to deforestation. They save the environment by using minimal plastic even in their shipping process as they use recyclable material and twine for packaging.

MukhaYoga Affiliate Program:

  • 8% commission
  • 60-day cookie duration
  • access to banners, text links, & product data feed
  • devoted program management
  • every month report containing news and promotions
  • day-to-day promotions for your clients to convert into sales
  • Affiliate network partner- Affiliate Management Solutions

Register here for MukhaYoga Affiliate Program

6. YogaOutlet

YogaOutlet Affiliate Program
YogaOutlet is the fastest developing yoga shop with full assurance of excellent quality yoga products. They deal in yoga accessories like clothing, mats, props, meditation, home and wellness products as well as studio supplies. They have the lowest shipping rates in the market that are fixed at $4.99, and orders above $75 are shipped free of cost.

YogaOutlet offers the best price in the market with easy returns, fast shipping, a huge variety of products, and 24/7/365 days live chat support. It is also featured in may publications for their high-quality products and prompt services.

YogaOutlet Affiliate Program:

  • 8% cash commission on all sales or 10% store credit commissions
  • Quick and free sign up
  • Early access to contests, promotions and sales promotions
  • Offer digital website banners
  • Customized link generation
  • 7-day cookies
  • The affiliate network is self-hosted

Sign up for YogaOutlet Affiliate Program here

7. Manduka

Manduka Affiliate program
Manduka is yet another influential source offering yoga gears designed by yogis and trusted by teachers globally. Their range of products and clothing are used and ferociously admired by 900+ yoga representatives, over two million users, and 4,000+ yoga studios internationally.

The store has a variety of yoga towels and gears like blocks, bolsters, strap, blankets along with yoga mats, books, and yoga bags and carriers. Besides selling yoga gears, it deals with comfy men and women’s clothing for performing yoga at ease. Join its free affiliate program and start making money.

Manduka Affiliate program:

  • Up to 15% commission
  • 30 day return period
  • Collect payments directly from their affiliate platform
  • No minimal outset for payments
  • Chances to cooperate on content
  • Monthly affiliate newsletters featuring our latest promotions, collections, and banners
  • Responsive team to help you increase your sales
  • Affiliate network partner- Rakuten Marketing

Sign up here for Manduka Affiliate Program

Final Thought

The above top 8 Yoga accessories affiliate programs are highly profitable as the commissions offered are quite high in the health industry. You have to choose a niche and put the best content to promote the yoga accessories affiliate programs. A beneficial affiliate program recommended from our side is JadeYoga as the product variety is wide, and 20% commission is highest in the market.

You can boost your earnings by writing the top 10 list, how-to guides, or reviews of different Yoga gears suppliers online. Don’t forget to utilize the free promotional materials offered by the brands as it will help in making the content look attractive. It will help you in getting more audiences and better ranking in search engine pages.

I hope you will take the benefit of the Yoga accessories affiliate programs and earn a decent commission for your flourishing affiliate marketing business.

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