Best Home Decor Affiliate program that pay good commissions

All the bloggers and affiliate marketers out there who deal in home-based niche blogs or have affiliate marketing sites, this post will benefit you to a great extent as it will help you to increase your revenue. Not only you will earn high commissions, but you will get a chance to associate yourself with the world’s leading brands in home decor. The home decor category includes stuff for every corner of the home which gives a beautiful look to your house thru furniture, garden decor, office, bedroom, bar, accouterments, as well as entertainments items.

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These home decor affiliate programs include a huge variety of products that you can endorse on your website as well as get benefits for yourself. So, get started with the leading brands which deal in exclusive home decor items and payout good commissions.

12 Best Home Decor Affiliate program

1. Designer Living

Designer Living
Designer Living is an online store which deals with all types of branded house items be it bedding, furniture, window, home decor, bath, and outdoor decor.
It also offers great perks in the form of a 12% commission which is comparatively high in the home goods industry. The average order value must be $120. It also offers to click the referral window for 30 days along with exclusive personalized offers for your specific audience.

Designer Living Affiliate Program

  • Commission – 12%
  • Affiliate network – Impact Radius

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John Robshav
John Robshaw displays a wide range of stuff from local artisans ranging from beddings to quilts, By promoting the products you can earn 10% commission. The average order value ranges from $300-$250 with 45 days of cookie period. Affiliate Program

  • Commission: 10%
  • Affiliate network: Shareasale

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3. World Market

World Market
Again a leader in home decor, World Market includes every stuff required to give your house a wow look. From rugs to curtains, lighting, decor and pillows, kitchen and outdoor decor, etc.
As a member, you can choose the type of store to build using the symbol, banners, and product links. You will earn 6% commissions on any products sold as a result of your link to

World Market Affiliate Program

  • Commission – 6%
  • Affiliate Network – CJ

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4. Home Living Style

Home Living Style
Founded in 2002, Home Living Style is yet another online home decor store that deals in exclusive and high-quality interior decorating products. Their extensive range of customers includes homemakers, US Army, and the White House.
The affiliate program offers an 8% commission, 90-day cookie, extra perks, exclusive promotional offers, as well as hands-on a huge variety of products. There are a few term and conditions which you need to abide by to join the Home Living Style affiliate program.

Home Living Style Affiliate Program

  • Commission – 8%
  • Affiliate network – ShareASale

Register for Home Living Style Affiliate Program here

5. Best Portable Bars

Best Portable Bars
Best Portable bars is a division of Avec Flair which was established in 2006. It offers high-end bar solutions for any occasion. The organization focuses entirely on fabricating and designing the best portable deluxe bars possible.
The Best affiliate program offers a 10% commission to its members for every accessory or bar sold. The commission can go from $280 to $600+ for each bar vented using your excellent affiliate link. You will get a 45-day cookie program in which your customer can buy their product within 45 days and you will still receive a 10% commission.

Best Portable Bars Affiliate Program

  • Commission – 10% and can go up to $600
  • Affiliate network – self

Register here for Best Portable Bars Affiliate Program

6. One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane
One Kings Lane helps you in making a beautiful home by its immense variety of great branded home décor products. Two female entrepreneurs launched in the year 2009.
The affiliate program of One Kings Lane offers a 20% payout on sales generated by new customers and 5% of old clients. An average sale must be $200 with a 14-day cookie program. The affiliate referral is $10%.

One Kings Lane Affiliate Program

  • Commission – 20%
  • Affiliate network – Self

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7. Joss & Main

Joss & Main
Joss & Main is a home décor venture started by two entrepreneur friends. The store deals in the range of exclusive home furnishings like rugs, tabletops, windows, lighting, etc. at affordable prices.
To join its affiliate program, you need to sign up through the ShareASale network partner. The commission earned is 6% per sale on the average order value of $125.

Joss & Main Affiliate Program

  • Commission -6% (excluding custom commission rates)
  • Affiliate Network – ShareASale

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8. Neiman Marcus Horchow

Horchow is a modish and comfy range of home finds which are colourful and premium quality products. The luxurious furniture helps you in making your home beautiful.
The affiliate program of Horchow offers a 7.99% commission rate along with a 14-day cookie program. It also accepts traffic from the USA, UK, and Canada.

Neiman Marcus Horchow Affiliate Program

  • Commission – 7.99%
  • Affiliate network – VigLink

Register for Neiman Marcus Horchow Affiliate Program here

9. Kitchen Universe

Kitchen Universe
The Kitchen is the part of the house that needs a dependable and best product line for everything related to the cooking process. Kitchen Universe is an ultimate online store where you will get a catalog of high-quality kitchen tools and other items. Kitchen Universe has the real Grade A quality steel, aluminum, copper, and other pans and pots from bests like Mauviel, De Buyer, and All-Clad.
The affiliate program offers 7.0%/3.0% on the sale of kitchen furniture and also a two-tier commission of 10% to 2% Bounty commission on the average sale of $120.

Kitchen Universe Affiliate Program

  • Commission – 10%
  • Affiliate Network- ShareASale

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10. Essentia

Essentia deals with world-class mattresses along with other bedding items that are of high-quality and very comfortable. It is the world’s only unprocessed memory foam company.
The affiliate program is conducted via the ShareASale network partner. The commission ranges from 8% or $280 on the average sale of $3500. It also provides a 90-day cookie program.

Essentia Affiliate Program

  • Commission – 8% or $280
  • Affiliate network – Impact

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Build Affiliate Program is a brand leader in providing all essential home furnishings at retail prices. The home improvement category features all the popular and most trusted brands.
The affiliate program offers a 2-5% commission on the average sale of $550. The 10-day tracking period is provided along with special offers.

Build Affiliate Program

  • Commission -2-5%
  • Affiliate Network – LinkShare and CJ

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12. ElephantStock

Where your passion for art comes to life. With a wide selection of stunning wall art in a variety of styles, colors, and layouts, you are sure to find your own special piece of art.

ElephantStock Affiliate Program

  • Enjoy the competitive and industry-leading commission on every purchase of including the huge selection of artwork. No capping!
  • Affiliate Network – Self

Sign up here for ElephantStock Affiliate Program


All the home decor affiliate programs are a great way to earn high commission. The individual brands offer product data feeds, exclusive offers, text links, banner ads, and much more to have high conversion rates. All bloggers, home niche websites, and affiliate marketers have the great opportunity to make huge money through these grossing home decor affiliate programs.

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