Complete Guide on How to Make Money on Referral Marketing?

About Referral Marketing  

Referral marketing is also a way of making money by taking advantage of all the products and services available in the market. What you need to do is join a referral program of any renowned website and promote its products on your blogs, apps, websites or videos. You do not require any investment from your side.
It is a simple system of endorsing merchandises to new clients through recommendations usually word of mouth. These referrals may occur unexpectedly, but dealings can effect this through suitable approaches. It is all about driving more customers towards a particular brand. The referral programs are not as popular as affiliate programs due to recognition and at times lack of ability to do it in a likely way.

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Many people may confuse referrals programs with affiliate programs, but friends there is a difference in approach. It is more about brand awareness than just product knowledge. The method works on SaaS expertise replica. The stalking of the web user is done via browser cookies or similar means and income fully depend on nurturing the affiliation.

The exact working lies on few simple steps:

  • Register or sign up on the website that you want to endorse
  • After registering yourself on the site, you would get a link
  • You can share that website link on various social sites, blogs, apps, forums, or through mail
  • You will get a fixed commission when people browse that website through your link

How does the referral marketing mechanism work?

Referral marketing mechanism works on simple human psychology. You all would have bought some or the other product only after taking reviews from other people. Or at a certain point of time, you must have got a discount on a particular service by just referring to your friend’s name. This is exactly what I want to explain you through these examples, that humans automatically apprehend referrals.

The logic is – you made a recommendation of someone’s product or service, someone offered an excellent product or service due to your referral, and you got rewarded as now that someone is flourishing in his business. So it’s a total win, win, and win scenario. No one is losing, in fact all are gaining in some or the other way.


But does it work every time

This mechanism never works justly because only a few satisfied users like to refer a product or service to others. Most of them either forget to do so or deliberately avoid doing so. But what if you get money with just making referrals. No doubt, money making mechanism will work perfectly for every one of us because money is very vital for living, and additional money is something we all wish for.

The same was done by big brands when they found that their best product or service is not getting endorsed in the market as it should have been. These brands nailed their marketing strategy and came up with the idea of referral marketing. These brands left no stone unturned and deliberately encouraged their users to refer it to others and in return offers benefit in the form of commission to the referrer. Few brands understood the referral mechanism and then it spread all over the market.

Appropriate way to promote the referral program

Let me be clear on few points before going deeper into the methods of developing referral programs. The main difference between affiliate and referral program is the truthfulness which you share with your clients or relatives or your friends. You may join affiliate program of hundreds of brands and start promoting their products without even using them.

For example, if you have an affiliate program of and your blog writes about the branded Bluetooth headphones available at amazon. You may not have used all the headphones but still, you provide affiliate links for those products, so that whether a reader clicks on the product or buys it, you earn your share. While in referral marketing you need to build trust among your readers and foster a healthy relationship, and then only talk about a particular product.

In referral marketing, word of mouth publicity holds the major underpinning. That is why when you join any referral program, be sure of that brand and its products and then only jump into the well. Otherwise rash decision-making often lead to big troubles.

A ring of people marching with bullhorns

Effective marketing approaches that work in Referral Programs

  • Social media

Social media holds power to influence anyone’s decision at any point in time. It is the most helpful means of indorsing any product or service in the present scenario. No business can grow alone without the help of the dominant social media syndicates like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You can easily make referrals on various social websites through a likable tag line. For this, you can also take help of the different auto-programing tools available on these sites, which will send an automatic message to those who join your network.


  • Blogs or websites

If you have your website or blog, then it will help you to make a referral in the easiest way. Whoever will visit your blog or website will come to know about the referral program. Or you can also initiate automatic mailing tool that will send a related referral program mail to the readers or visitors of the website. This will give a full awareness about the reaction of the readers. You must remember that the niche of your website must support the referral program and must be related to it. Otherwise, you will lose the trust factor.


  • Mailing

EMails can be sent to all your contacts in the promotional period. Mailing is also an effective way to create awareness about the plan. Firstly, you just need to prepare a list of all your contacts to whom you want to send mail and frame a letter which has all the detailed information about the referral program. In most of the cases, interested people will revert you back, but if they don’t just send a reminder mail again. Draft the mail very carefully along with catchy lines and simple language. You can also ask your interested contact to send the details of the referral program to others, in order to earn more.


  • Essential factors of Referral Marketing

Word of mouth publicity and referral marketing go hand in hand, and both are powerful tools used for influencing the buying decisions. It is the most efficient way of marketing as it also has got a demonstrative connection attached to it.


  • Trust aspect

You might not trust a salesperson coming to your door with a handful of offers, but you will definitely trust your close relative or friend. If someone whom you know well has already used the particular product, then your will surely like to try it. So the referral program helps in influencing other people’s decision making by way of building brands trust factor.


  • Exact directing

Referral program and word of mouth profile-raising is the most widespread form of marketing which works on a large group of people. It lets your marque message to reach more successfully than most other publicizing conduits. This is the exact reason why you end up spending more when you browse your social accounts. It is not because you are targeted by the Google or Facebook Ads. The fascination lies in two main elements, one is laser targeting and second is an attractive way of communicating.

exact direction

  • Accomplish and step up

A few years back it was hard to reach the ultimate consumer in order to achieve the goal. The communication was limited among few people whom we met or talked on the phone with. But now due to advancement in technology and digitized mechanism, things are quite easy and accessible. Today, not only you can reach to large people but can easily make up a good brand name or break it up completely through social media power.

set goal, make plan, work, stick to it, reach concept presented on blackboard with color notes and white chalk

  • Effective execution of the Referral Marketing

The proper implementation of the program requires many smart assigns and strategies. I am just focussing on the important ones to make your referral program more influencing.

  • Give more weightage to your analytics in order to build up an effective referral plan. For example, you can take help of Google Analytics to build up your network. By acquiring the relevant knowledge of all the reference programs from Google Analytics, you can use it easily for reaching out a large number of sites and increase the traffic on your site. You may implement this by sharing your profit with them, new posts mentioning the program, and adding blog guest post to your website.
  • Offering extraordinary purchasing ability and customer service to the reader. By analysing the situation and referral campaign from customer’s point of view, we can provide the best of products selling experience. It is very imperative to assess the experience of yours submit first, before sharing it with others.
  • Put together your products in such a way that the experience becomes shareable. All the tangible products which you are referring to other should have not only a brand value but also attractive quality features. It’s a human tendency to get attracted towards beautifully presented products. So if your product is elegant enough to capture the mind of people, then you don’t need to put extra efforts to sell it. The excellent presentation will itself give an experience worth sharing. Trunk Club and Everlane are great examples to prove this point.
  • One of the most important ways to implement your referral program is the call-to-action tactic. You can add social sharing symbols to your product or brand page. It will make your brand endorsement more easy and quickly reachable to many others.
  • Carry out the referral program in the most efficient manner by giving away rewards for promotions. The incentive which you provide must be alluring enough to grasp the attention of users. The different levels of rewards or loyalty programs must be set up in such a way so that it encourages users to share the program. There are many apps which will help you in implementing the program quickly. ShopifyAppStore, FriendBuy, and ReferralCandy are great apps through which you can structure your referral program
  • Take advantage of the effectors who are close to target viewers. Influencer publicizing can be as simple as getting hold of an admired blogger, YouTuber, or Instagrammer and inviting if they do underwrite redistributions or if they would like your product for analysis.
  • The appraisals are also a kind of recommendations. If you are referring a particular brand product in your referral program, then do ask users to leave a review of the product on that page. Reviews do not bring in more traffic but surely create a positive image of the product in the mind of viewers. The reviews make other people consider that particular brand product.


Final Roundabout

Therefore, Referral marketing is a crucial part of every successful business. One can make it a good source of revenue by just carrying out few manoeuvres. The bottom line of this program is that one should not indulge in referring such products which spoil your own image. Referral marketing is not like other promotional stratagems which only take product selling as the primary motive. Referral marketing is all about businesses made in the most compassionate way. The prime focus does not lie on product sale but also on fostering healthy relationships by way of endorsing products.

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