Fitness Tracker Affiliate Programs for tech/health blogger

Fitness is something on which no one compromises. To make it easier, we have fitness trackers in the market to know our body and adhere to the fitness regime. These fitness trackers measure your daily activity and keep track of your progress. By just wearing these tracking bands on your wrist, you can calculate your steps walked, calories consumed, heart rate, etc. So if you have a health or technology blog, you can include the various fitness tracker affiliate programs, spread the word among fitness freaks and earn a good income.

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These fitness trackers are ideal for every age group (not small children) and thus help to keep a check on your health by connecting it to the app on your smartphone.

Let’s check out the Fitness Tracker Affiliate Programs


Misfit is a global brand in wearables and deals in smart watches, fitness trackers, and related accessories. The Misfit apps connect to your smartphone and record your daily activity and fitness levels. It is a renowned brand in wearable technology and linked home products.

Misfit Affiliate Program offers:

  • Free sign up and no maintenance charges
  • 15% commission
  • Marketing tools for promotion
  • Network Partner- Commission Junction
  • Sign up here for Misfit Affiliate Program

Lumo Body Tech

Lumo brand deals in attachable technology products like Lumo Lift, Lumo Run, and other Lumo Products and Solutions. The Lumo smart trackers help you to sit straight, analyze your running speed, and other body movements.

Lumo Ambassador Program offers:

  • 15% commission
  • Social media promotion tools of reposts and shoutouts
  • Devices for social contests and giveaways
  • Coupon codes to generate leads
  • Additional bonus depending on the performance
  • Sign up here for Lumo Ambassador Program


Scosche Industries is an esteemed creator of consumer technology/electronics and audial car products. The brand includes consumer tech products like app-powered and Bluetooth accessories, health & fitness, cables, adapters, etc. Car Audio products include tools, kits, amplifiers, and mobile accessories.

Scosche Affiliate program offers:

  • 10% commission fixed and can go up to 14%
  • Separate affiliate management team
  • Banner and links for new products
  • Exclusive offer for customers
  • Network partner- Commission Junction
  • Sign up for Scosche Affiliate program


Polar deals in heart rate monitor fitness trackers, GPS sports watches, and applications & compatible sensors.  The products are invented for any motion varying from swimming, cross-training, and yoga to trailing your everyday bustle and calorie intake.

Polar Affiliate Program offers:

  • 10% commission
  • Links and banners for promotion
  • 30-day cookie program
  • Regular product data feed
  • Special offers, content, and codes for marketing
  • Network partner – ShareASale
  • Sign up for Polar Affiliate Program


Ever thought that even a beautiful piece of jewellery can also offer the same functionality of fitness tracking. Bellabeat’s Leaf has become the most desired wearable for women giving a new outlook of health monitoring.

Bellabeat Affiliate Program offers:

Health Nokia

Health Nokia offers world-class Connected Movement Technology fitness tracking products like smart scales, tracking steel watches, synchronised with Health Mate app. Nokia Health Institute and Corporate wellness work towards fitness goals for healthier you.

Nokia Health Affiliate Program offers:

  • 7 To 9% commission on every sale
  • All products are eligible for the program
  • Updates for fresh content
  • Network partner – Impact Radius
  • Sign up for Nokia Health Affiliate Program


Moov’s Motion Trackers and Heart Rate Monitors help you to stay healthy through proper tracking. Moov’s Android app assists you in starting your fitness journey anywhere anytime. It has the most advanced fitness wearables which can be connected easily with accustomed watches and apps via Bluetooth.

Moov Affiliate Program offers:

  • 10% commission
  • Access to all advanced fitness tracking products
  • Marketing tools like banners, texts, links, and ads
  • Network partner- ShareASale
  • Sign up for Moov Affiliate Program here

Under Armour

UA is a leading brand which deals in all kind of sports equipment as well as health tracking wearables. The fitness product includes tracking apps, smart gears, fabric and footwear technology.

Under Armour Affiliate Program offers:

  • Great commissions
  • Banners, buttons or promotional links
  • Cookie program for tracking sales
  • Network partners- AvantLink and Commission Junction
  • Sign up here for Under Armour Affiliate Program


BackCountry brand markets fitness tracking products of various brands like Polar, Under Armour, FitBit, TomTom, etc. Not only this, but it also deals in various other sports and fitness products.

BackCountry Affiliate Program offers:

  • 4 to 12% commission depending on sale
  • 30-day cookie program
  • Access to endorsed banners, text links, product data feed
  • Dedicated team of experts for help
  • Newsletters containing latest products and promotions
  • Network partner – Commission Junction and AvanatLink
  • Sign up for  BackCountry Affiliate Program here

VNOW World

VNOW offers smartwatches, bands, safety and fitness wear with SOS, live video, call, and location tracker. VNOW health solutions help us to live a smart and healthy life.

VNOW Affiliate Program offers:


If you have a fitness blog or a technology related website, these Fitness Tracking Devices can be promoted easily along with explainable content. I have included the Fitness Tracker Affiliate Programs of those brand which are renowned and offer reliable and trustworthy products. If you know more such brands, please write in the comment section below.

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