How to make money with Instagram?

You must be wondering that how these bloggers, websites, and companies are encashing by just posting photos on Instagram. But it’s true my friends, only posting pictures can make you earn handsome money through Instagram also. Most of the social platforms assist you in making money in some or the other way. Instagram has recently gained so much popularity among the young crowd that it has around 400 million monthly active users daily. The number is quite huge and surprising, as more brands are spending money on this image-savvy social platform to make more money on their products.

I think the underlying agenda works in a similar way as of shopping sites. You see an image of a latest marketed product on your Instagram uploaded by the someone, and then you explore the whole website and end up buying if not that but another one. Believe me guys many brands are investing a huge amount of money on this platform to earn substantial sales. And if you have prepared your mind to make money through Instagram, then you need to put in extra effort and time to earn your personal money with it.

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You need a persistent approach to making money with Instagram, because it is not like other channels of advertising. You need to have a good number of followers, which can be gained by putting in more time to your consistent approach in designing the Instagram account accordingly. You will definitely not get instant results, but when you establish your account correctly, you will earn more than other social platforms in one go.

Instagram is all about the grasp and impact. You need to get hold of the target audience and then influence their decisions. So let’s not waste time and jump to the point.

Steps to make money with Instagram

Instagram is fastest developing publicizing channel in the present situation. Few point to be considered before earning money with Instagram:

  • It requires lots of endurance
  • Austere start-up modus operandi
  • Committed, well-sustained Instagram account
  • High-quality content so that people pay to you promoted product
  • Getting hold of brand names
  • Reaching out photography sites

After considering all the above points, you can now look at the ways of making money:

  1. Build up an eye-catching account to gain attention

Setting up an account requires many other things to be well-thought-out for instance, your user name, profile, page layout, content, post, etc. So let’s begin with all the relevant point.

  • Your artistic and expressive username will have a great influence on viewer’s mind. So always try to keep a unique name of your account so that it is easy to pronounce and remember.
  • No user will follow you blindly till he doesn’t know relevant information about you. So to create a rich but summarised content for your profile to make use of your other social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook efficiently. Also link your website or blog to the info page so that if the user is interested, he should be able to explore more.


You email id, your purpose of setting an account, IM services used by you to connect, and PayPal info must be explicitly mentioned I order to create authenticity. If you have your detailed resume on your blog page, then do not forget to link it to your Instagram account.

  • For a professional and money making Instagram account, you need to stick to your theme and cannot post anything randomly. Try to make use of such subjects that society is looking for, and also that connects to your endowment. But do not indulge in such product promotion that is not adhering to terms and policies of Instagram.
  • As you know that Instagram is not like other social sites where you can post lots of written description about the promoted product, so you need to put a little but significant content of the photo itself. For example, if you are endorsing a fitness product, then you must give your product link and a line explaining the product through rich keywords.

While posting, make sure you post is best received in time to your target demographics’ correct time precinct. The best time for targeting the specific time zones are 2:00 AM to 5:00 PM when more active users are found on the social sites.

  • Posting regularly and a few times in a day will keep your followers convinced. You cannot bombard your clients with too much of graphic or reminding content on Instagram, so you need just keep on posting regularly as to keep your remembrance in their mind.
  • Make changes according to users wants, so as to keep pace with current trends. For this, you need to read all the comments to modify you upcoming posts for the standard and bulk admirers. It is not necessary to include each and every suggestion but go with the regular ones.
  • Be online for more time so as to reply instantly to the user’s comments. Sustaining a lively existence will assist you in endorsing your account name and increase your overall accountability. Reply to those posts from you preferred brands or users with which you would like to work with in future. In this way, you can promote your account name and attempt Instagram philanthropy at the same time.
  • Connecting your Instagram account with your other social accounts will help you in building a brand image. As your Facebook, Twitter and other accounts are linked already in your bio, try to update those pages with related posts. You can cross-post your Instagram content through Twitter and other social platforms by endeavouring individual posts.


  1. Strengthen your supporters’ foundation

The number of followers of your Instagram account is the most important part of developing your base to earn money. No big brand will look forward to you for brand promotion if you do not have desired number of admirers of your account.

  • Set up a goal to reach a particular number of followers for your account. This tactic will work hand-in-hand with your subject’s theme. If you want to join hands with big brands and earn handsome money with their collaboration, then make sure you have more than 5000 followers of your Instagram account.
  • Making use on related ########

Hashtags are extremely vital to attract the traffic. If you are targeting specific region or particular age in your post, then make sure you include those hashtags which are often searched. For instance, if you have a beautiful picture of Niagara Falls, USA, then you can use #NiagraraFalls #USA, so as to target that particular region Instagrammers. Remember; do not use random, too many or unrelated # in your post. It may irritate the followers, and it might force then to hit “unfollow” button.


  • Be appreciating in your approach through liking and commenting on other Instagrammers posts. This will assist you in gaining more exposure as more people will go to your profile. It will draw the attention of those users whom you want to follow your Instagram account. It might be a time taking process, but will get you a specific number of followers from everywhere.
  • Enabling engagement of users through various techniques also plays a crucial role in setting up your account image. You can ask for feedbacks about promoted products or services on your Instagram account. These responses can asked be in the form of giveaways for product and services. Followers must hit “like or share” button to meet the requirements. You can ask interesting questions related to your themes through a pic, and facilitate more engagement of users.
  • Make use of endorsement practices to create customer awareness. You can do this by asking your gimmicks to follow your account so as to enter, or request then to tag friends in order to create a compulsive effect. You must keep in mind all the advertising procedures of Instagram before introducing any freebie or competition.
  • Keep an eye on your followers’ recommendations in case of any grievance or appeal. Do make necessary changes according to their likes and dislikes as they are your greatest assistance group.

instagram followers

  1. Affiliate marketing

Though Instagram doesn’t allow inserting links in the post itself, you can make use of promo codes to promote products of your partner brand in exchange for a good commission. But to do affiliate marketing of the particular brand, you must have at least 5000 followers. You can reach out to as many accessible merchants as you want that offer affiliate marketing platforms.

  • Before entering into affiliate marketing programs of big brands, you must know how to post or update the desired content regularly. Many affiliate plans of famous brands ask you to click photos of yours or those using the product or service of that particular brand. This type of marketing creates a trust factor in the eyes of viewer and results in natural sales.
  • Find anticipated brands and follow them regularly so as to get noticed. Big brands keep an eye on every post they get and potential people who could help them to boost their sales. If your work clicks them, they may approach you to join their affiliate programs. And if not, then also you get a chance to educate yourself on their assignments of marketing such as their way of delivering content, their product or services and their typical attitude of addressing their potential buyers.
  • Appreciate and express your opinions on your favorite brands so that they notice you and try to find out more about you. Not only we, but these big names are also in search of adding budding beneficial accounts to their profile and then bag good profits through them in the later stage. But you need to take care of one thing that these brands will notice you only when you show that you are of much importance to them. You can post real comments, ask practical questions, write acumens, which help to enhance their brand name.
  • Join affiliate programs through mediators that will assist you in partnering with others. You can also approach online merchants for direct associates plans. But before that, you need to live up to the parameters mentioned above. Many such websites are there which help you in earning good commissions:
  • ClickBank
  • RewardStyle
  • Shareasale
  • Stylinity

Generate an account, then sign up to work for a particular business. Any consumers you guide to these dealers through a link on your Instagram profile will gain you a commission.

  • Take help of other social media account to reach the big business houses. You can contact these brands promotion section through dropping an email. That is why I told you to attach your professional email address in your Instagram profile so that these brands contact you whenever they need you.
  • Have patience while trying all these opportunities. As you Instagram account will show more responses from your followers, the brand will automatically spot you. This may take time because the profits that you will reap are also of a good amount. So be persistent in your approach and wait for the opportunity to knock at your door. As you have already created your way up to, any marketing know-how will only enhance your online presence.


  1. Offer your photographs for auction

Selling your personal collection of photos will also help you in earning good money on Instagram. Many people who are professional photographers provide their self-clicked exceptional picture for sale on their Instagram account. Many such users are there who are interested in unique anthologies.

  • Start with multiple posting of photos from your compilation. You will someday post such stuff that will attract user’s intention. Do post only HD quality pictures with the help of good camera phone or smartphone.
  • Explore apps for selling your photos. As a user of an app for selling pictures, you will have more recognition among your Instagram followers. You can use this pursuit to build your future business. There are many apps available on iTunes and Google Play Store, where you can upload your photos and users can directly buy from there. You can take 50% of the amount. Foap is a well-known app for iPhones and Android phones.
  • Always keep your regular collection and finest collection separately. For an app, you can use your average quality pictures, but for your Instagram account reserve your high-quality collection. Businesses and websites which use pics for promotional purposes must get them from the app directly. But your premium compilations must be available only to your account followers for a good price. Finest collection must be geared for specific utilization.
  • Mark your best collection of pictures by your name or any text on it for future sales. For this, you need to upload a low-quality pic with your watermark on it and retain the original copy for sale. When your account follower asks for the high-quality copy, you can send him the price for it in via mail, and after getting paid, you can send him an unmarked premium picture.
  • You can even post imprinted photos on your Instagram account mentioning the details like price, size, payment mode, resolution and brief description. These all details will be specified on the picture in small writing, and the original copy will be sent to the buyer when he completes the payment formalities.
  • Hold your fire and show off that you are eager to sell your collection. Otherwise, your followers will get a negative impression about your money making tactic. If you have preserved your collection for so long, then why become impatient if you have a source to showcase or sell them.

offer photos for sharing

  1. Establish your personal online store

Opening up your own store online will help you in building your own brand name. You don’t need to depend on others brands to earn profits. Your followers will also take an active part in buying stuff from your store.

  • You can vend digital merchandise, for example, design prototypes, courses, and eBooks.
  • You can offer consulting services to your followers, making use of your bio to lead interested persons to an email or a link to your website.
  • You can also try embossing services for those who like getting exclusive prints on the mugs, t-shirts, coasters, pillows, etc.
  • Even you can launch your business with the help of your Instagram account.

personal online store

  1. Sell your Instagram account

If you have already earned a good income or become famous and rich with your leagues, then you may also think of selling your high earning account at high rates. It is indeed the best way to earn money as you will make a lumpsum amount in one go. The reason of selling account may not be due to your boredom, popularity or value of your account, but at times many people want to get out of the monotonous life, and want to sit back and relax for a particular time. They want get off the network and explore other ways to earn money.

There are many platforms available in the market which can help you to do this like Fame Swap and Viral accounts.

sell Instagram account

  1. Become Influencer and give shout out to brands

An influencer drive is a successful way to endorse your business and create trailblazers through influencing the viewers of another Instagram account. As we know that Instagram doesn’t allow sharing like FB but other Instagram accounts holders can take a screen shot and upload it to their account by giving you credit for the same, and is called shout out. Shoutout is a great way of fostering long lasting relationships.

  • It is indeed the best way to increase fan following
  • It helps in increasing rendezvous on your Instagram posts
  • Shoutouts generated by you will be shown in the feed of all your cliques
  • Usefulness of the Shoutouts is unambiguously proportionate to the over-all fan following.
  • Free shoutouts take place among similar accounts to help each other on the same basis- shoutout for shoutout.
  • Paid shoutouts- the accounts which have huge fan following will take fixed price for shoutouts and it will be a quick way to reach out more people
  • Make sure your products match the audience of the influencer.


  1. Other sources

  • Sponsored posts– there are various platforms through which you can band up with best Instagrammers to produce subsidized displays to distribute within their viewers on an entirely programmed basis. Publicists can use the platform’s commercial tools to find influencer counterparts, program work streams and endorse the subject.
  • Rexam’s Instagram pocket rocket, Pixelshops, TapInfluence, Lobster, Yotpo, and Like2bu.y are other platforms which assists in making quick money through Instagram
  • Mailing the affiliate links to your clients or followers will help you in getting good money. MailChimp is an email listing service which can get you around 2000 email subscribers.

sponsored posts

Final Roundabout

I have tried to explain you every possible way to make money with Instagram. You can take advantage of all these platforms to earn good commissions from other brands or make profits by promoting you own products and services. Internet marketing is a very useful tool to create a brand image of any business house.

There may be many other social sites which help you in making good money, but Instagram quickly builds up more amount in less time. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you must pursue your objective with patience.  If I have missed out any other means of earning income through Instagram, then please let me know in the comments below.

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