Online Marketing Trends 2017

As we have already entered a new year full of new expectations, there is more coming up in the market to influence our decision making. The change in marketing trends is becoming so rapid that you can see a new transformation getting its hands on the almost everything. For example, if today you search about the top SEO trends in 2017, you might find a hell lot of difference in the patterns what you saw last year. Every single day some new element is added to the same topic by these webmasters.

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But how do the webmasters come to know what is to be added and what not to on the same subject? This all happens by following and comparing the last year’s trend and structuring the new upcoming ones for having a better grip from the last one. Every marketing element undergoes a significant change and all that vicissitudes come into being due to our differences in tastes, preferences, and perceptions. The market rotates around the consumers, and every decision making is influenced by the prerequisites of consumer demand.

So the bottom line is that everything is re-structured according to the need of an hour. We need to keep ourselves updated with the latest development going around because a need is the mother of invention. To deal with this fast-changing world one has to have a deeper knowledge of what is going around and how it can be changed for the betterment of the society. The fast-moving marketing drifts say it all about the roller-coaster ride that we cannot avoid. The Internet has taken over the market completely, and one cannot think of his life without it.

Let’s jump up to our topic and find out the latest ongoing and upcoming online marketing trends that will affect our life for furtherance.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is on the boom from the past few years and will continue to do the same in future. The only thing that will amend is regular advancement and upgradations. In future, there will be more firms joining in the competitive world, and the ruling parties will change the whole scenario of search engines parameters to rank the data.

Digital marketing has given an opportunity to many small and medium-sized businesses to put their foot forward and explore the market. Internet marketing has expanded hugely from the past and will continue to do so in future by offering prospects to all those who want recognition in the digital market. The online market if massive, unpredictable and multifaceted. So to make your fixed place in it, you have to strive hard to sustain your position.

The competition is tough and everyday technological advancement makes it harder to implement the set rules in the ever-changing market conditions. So, I have tried to make some points clear on the topic and framed a deep insight on the emerging and innovative online trends of 2017. At the end of the post, you will be pretty sure about the latest ongoing and upcoming online marketing trends that are going to rule 2017 and years ahead.

Online Marketing Trends

Mobile-friendly interface

We have already seen that people in the present era prefer everything handy, so the year 2016 was a big hit on the mobile leading interface. Google is checking out those sites which do not have a mobile-friendly optimized working system. The reason behind it is that convenient handheld devices are easy to carry everywhere instead of large laptops. So the whole idea lies in mobile-responsive internet marketing.

More focus on developing apps

Mobile and tablet friendly apps have become a major hit among internet users due to its convenience and easy functioning. It is an intuitive and comprehensible way for getting the end number of information on our fingertips. There is no straightforward comparison between websites and apps because it all depends on the user. Whichever way gives more advantage to the internet user, he chooses that way only. But the market is segmented as per the target user demands.

With the growing need for flexibility in operations, the website builder has to think from that perspective. Apps will definitely not replace websites but if you want on-the-go accessibility, apps are a better option, and many website builders already bank on this point.

Social media evolutions

My topic cannot be completed without discussing social media. All of us have experienced the power of social media platforms in recent years. Social media has changed the lives of many people by its intuitive tools and functioning. Social media was initially launched as a medium of communicating platform. But it slowly spread its wings far beyond the reach and established itself as a comprehensive marketing tool. With regular advancements, social media has become an influential tool of consumer behaviour and will continue to do so.

The emerging use of smart devices

We already have seen how the wearable technologically advanced devices have changed the lives of people. The gadget freaks have completely pitched on the idea and made their lives technology-prone. Many new firms have invested in these smart devices to make everyone’s life easy. The unveiling of Google Glass, Apple iWatch, VR Headsets, and Moto 360 are excellent examples of the smart wearable devices. Digital marketing is paying full attention to the potential of emerging innovative inclinations.

Search engine procedures will revolutionise

Every now and then you can see a large amount of data is being added to the internet. It becomes challenging for the search engines to stick with the old set of rules to implement in the present advancement. So, the search algorithm keeps on changing with the changing demand. There are regular upgradations by Google search engines, that is- content, rich snippets used, and overall information provided by the websites. The process helps to decide which content should get more importance and be placed at a higher level in search engine result pages (SERPs), and which should not.

The only point to keep in mind is to design your content according to the consumer need; the content must be informative, helpful and original. Besides Google, one must give weightage to other search engines also like Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, etc.

Predominance of ads

Advertisements have become a hugely influential part of digital marketing. Even when watching a favourite YouTube video, you will see a 30-second ad for any random product. Ads capture a big share of the market as it is the best way to get your product noticed everywhere and anywhere. These ads are not new for us, but the acumen level has changed completely from the past times. Google is entering a new fray of SERP video ads to change the whole gamut of online ads.

But as you know nothing comes free of cost too. As we see it as the most persuading factor, the demand has also risen with the present need. And the general formula states that when the demand increases the prices also increase. Placing Ads on the desired section has become very expensive with time because it has a direct effect on the decision making of the consumer’s behaviour. A few of the digital marketers believe that Pay Per Click is going to lose its significance in the coming years, optimized ad alternatives will take its place.

Content will always be the king

Whatsoever changes may take place in digital marketing; the content will be the king of all times. An excellent informative Content will never lose its charm irrespective of any modifications in online marketing. The entry of skilled writers will make content writing field always competitive and interesting. The only point to consider is that one must create an exceptional, high-grade and communicating content that readers can easily connect and relate to.

The content is the key to online success. If your website doesn’t have appropriate content and has the only significant number of advertisers and products, it will not rank high on the search engines.  Content marketing is the ongoing online trend and will remain the priority always.

More weightage to Conversion Rate Optimization

With the help of available tools and techniques in the market, one can optimize its website’s growth. The CRO will assist in getting more returns on your investment by entailing it on the landing pages of your website. This tool assists you in finding those areas on your web page which are leading to more conversions and also tracks user’s behaviour.

Digital marketers can get a huge advantage by introducing this element instead of wasting resources on expensive ads. It helps web developers to direct more of their existing traffic into conversions.

Inclination towards growth hacking

Growth hacking is a mixture of predictable and progressive marketing experiment that lead to the development of the business. The growth hackers are marketers, engineers and product chiefs that explicitly emphasis on constructing and engaging the user base of a corporation. Growth hackers pay more attention to low-cost substitutes to customary marketing, e.g. with the help of social media, viral marketing or directed advertising, instead of purchasing advertising via more outmoded media channels such as radio, newspaper, and television.

Growth hacking is and will be a significant marketing trend and will continue to progress in future.

Based on these, online marketing trends will evolve

We know that the primary object of marketing is to satisfy the consumer needs and all the marketing strategies revolve around the customer. A Consumer is the king of the market and without him, the marketing domain will not survive at all. Till the consumer has the never-ending desires, the marketers will keep on digging ways to fulfil their requirements through various channels. So let’s discuss what all reasons influence the online trends of 2017.

  • Customer trustworthiness becomes the main concern for the marketer
  • Customers request life augmenting experience
  • Customer recognition will reinforce all Omni conduit commitment
  • Brands take responsibility for their information and their prospect
  • Consumer eccentricity becomes a determined and manageable advantage
  • Customer statistics powers next-generation link points
  • Customer-possessed CMOS upsurge to the top of the organisation

Final thought

Well, friends, there are lots of other points which one can include in the latest upcoming online trends in 2017, but for me, one must concentrate on these before going further technically. I have tried to include all the important points that will make you your upcoming venture more meaningful. Hang onto to the top methods of digital marketing which focus on the user and designed as per search engine trolls.

Digital marketing is the future of humanity, and it will never lose its charm due to the infinite emerging requirements and the technological development taking place at a faster pace.

Every online marketer has to keep in mind all these future trends to design its website. If you have got more marketing insights to share, please feel free to do so.

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