How to use email marketing in promoting your products?

For those who are still searching about how emails help in product marketing, is the place where you will find the exact answer.

Emails are a personal approach to anything, whether it is promoting your brand or providing some productive information. It is the most reliable source as people may sometimes ignore other notifications on social platforms, but due to the5 explicit line of attack, emails are mostly read by most of us.

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It is undeniably the most preferred way of communication for all the business establishments. Email marketing is sending a business-related piece of information to desired clients. All the emails sent to your present or would-be customers, for providing information about products and services, is email marketing.


Emails campaigns are designed to send multiple specimens of ads, offers, business proposals, seeking sales, or aids. All emails are sent for the purpose of creating faith, allegiance and brand cognizance. They not only forwarded to render more sales or responses from the customer but also to foster healthy relationships which can give assistance at any point in time of the business.

So now let’s jump up to the main topic of how to use email marketing in promoting your products.

You have just started your own online business, and you want more people to know about it. If you have already planned the ways of promoting your product on social media, now it’s time to give a one-to-one touch to your presentation and build a good network. Email marketing will help you getting a head start as it is the most effective form of selling any products or service.

Introducing your new product via emails not only market its physical availability among the loyal customers but also creates awareness among such product users.

The email marketing effectiveness takes place in two parts-

  • Pre-promotional Emails preparation
  • Post-promotional Emails preparation


How pre-promotional email marketing helps in announcing the new product?

Now, before sending the emails containing all the information of your new product, you must diligently prepare them keeping in mind few things:

  • Make a rough draft

Note down all those points that are relevant and must be included in an email. The proper pre-planning will help you in preparing an ideal content to deliver.


  • Do a real R & D

Before sending your email to the potential clients, always do a lot of research on your competitors and include what they are missing. You will get lots of innovative ideas from the internet for your subject content. You need to implement some of your unique ideas along with the blend of what others are doing to promote their products.


  • Add the appropriate Call to Action strategy

Combine the best options available to you via call-to-action statements. You may include various headings and points for your client to try all the available options like, put a highlighted line for pre-orders, or put social media symbols to enable sharing.


  • Prepare a detailed mail with all the necessary info

This doesn’t mean that you are going to write long love letter type of matter but include all the important point precisely. No stones to be left unturned while preparing your strong, useful as well as impactful email.


  • Subject of the email

The topic of any email is the most essential part as no one will even open your email if you have not included the coveted line in that particular column. Put all your brains in creating the original and effective line for the subject so that the viewers indeed click on that email to read it.


  • Offer a reason to buy

Few nifty minds, there are various ideas to develop the excitement of the product before its official launch. You could even tie a surprise element for all the upcoming details in your emails and ask people to sign up to get instant info as soon as the product launches in the market. Aweber did the same thing in its pre-launch session of the email automation platform.


  • Focus on the product benefits

Your emails must showcase all the important elements of the products and how the customer is going to take advantage of it. Set your emphasis on the main facts and not on the future offers or deals. If you have such attractive offers in your mind to attract the customers, keep them for the later stage of advertisings. Only include the necessary topics precisely to give an exact idea of your product.


  • Welcome mail

If anyone signs up for your product or service, then you need to send them a welcome note to fetch their attention and to assure them for an on-going relationship with conviction. You need to prepare the welcome letter in advance because after the launch when people pitch in for your product; you should not be empty hand.


Launch with a bang

Email marketing will help you to introduce your product to the looked-for customers with a big knock. In your fist email only your try to offer a good and irresistible deal like, free eBooks, free samples, money back guarantee. Always attach the link to your landing page where you have all such citations.

For example, if you are launching your software, be sure to give a preview link on your email, so that interested customers can click and know more about the product. By offering free eBooks on how to use the software, you can make a tantalizing offer for your clienteles.


How post-promotional email marketing helps in sustaining the product in the market?

Email marketing not only helps in familiarizing the new product to the anticipated clients but also assists in holding it up for a longer time in the market. Only tossing a product with few foundational emails will not suffice your long-term objective of creating a product. You need to do a consistent follow up on the various platforms where you have promoted the product. Be it social media or informative emails, all channels are used time and again for being in constant touch with your new as well as potential users.

  • Follow-up those who have not yet purchased your product

Many new products are not readily accepted for the first time. So, for this, you need to follow up those subscribers with other kinds of products in your production line. You can ask for their suggestions or tips for improvement. Through some friendly multiple questionnaires, you can get the idea of what they are looking for in a new product.


  • Share recommendations or newsletters

You can even include user’s testimonials in your emails to prove them that your product is changing lives of many. Maybe all might not find it a good option, but this technique always creates wonders. Because real instances always influence the decision-making process of the reader. Many beauty and heath products companies do that to give powerful sway of their product.

If your product is making a piece of news on various blogs or websites, then don’t forget to attach it along with your emails. This has a great impact on the mind of subscribers as only popular and benefitting brands only hit other websites.



  • Offer discounts and profitable deals to the subscribers

Email marketing is very effective when it comes to providing promotional offers to its customers. It is useful because unlike other social platforms, you can provide a detailed disclosure of offers and discounts. These emails are segmented as you target only those subscribers who have not bought the product yet. Everyone love discounts and people tend to buy those stuff which is you offer at great discounts.

Separate emails can be prepared for those existing users, offering deals and discounts to increase the sales. These types of emails are made separately different targeted users.


  • Influence through content creation

You can direct your subscribers to your product’s blog posts where you have given details, stating its benefits, why one must have it, and how it is going to affect their lives. These type of emails will not make direct sales but will take the reader to a page where they will get in-depth knowledge about your product and create a positive impression of all your site.


  • Create segmented emails to attach a new proposal

Every user is different and so should be your approach to handling them. Take help of target emails for getting hold of each and every subscriber. By series of emails sent to such customers, you easily get the idea of why he is not ready to buy your product.

If no discount is attracting the client, then attach a piece of a new proposal in those client’s email. That proposal might be a freebie along with the product or a special discount exclusively arranged for them. This may sound a beneficial deal to them, and they might buy your product.


Few best and actual email marketing instances of different organisations

  • Buzzfeed


  • Uber


  • The Skimm


  • Poncho


  • Postmates


  • Dropbox


  • Paperless post


  • Stitcher


All these organisations use various methods, techniques, images, GIF’s, and a personal approach towards preparing an active content for their emails. Their creative designs, formats, and thoughtful actions are depicted through their emails. One must take full advantage of such excellent examples to construct their emails and flourish their business.


Final verdict

Now it’s time to take email marketing seriously in the course of your promotional drive. You can make use of this channel to work wonders for your new product or service. These emails are not only a promotional strategy but also a real source of information to the readers. You can provide precise, detailed information through them. If you know any other ways of promoting your products through email, let us know via comments.

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