Whey Protein Affiliate Programs for Health Bloggers

Whey Protein is the supplement which provides an adequate amount of protein to your body. It is a high-grade source of protein along with essential amino acids which boosts our muscle body synthesis and builds lean body mass. Of all types of protein, Whey is the king and has a vast amount of scientific literature.

Millions of health-conscious people and athletics consume whey protein to be healthy and fit. Hence, it is an excellent opportunity for health bloggers to include the best whey protein affiliate programs in their blogs so that the readers can know more about the best whey proteins available in the market. In return, you will also make a significant amount of income if your readers make a purchase.

Supplements Market


If we look at the research, then we will find that 2/3 of the Americans take the dietary supplement every year. Looking at the current consumption rate worldwide that is around $200 billion, it is expected that the supplement industry will grow to $300 billion till 2024. So, there is a lot of scope for bloggers and marketers to hold up tight in this ever-growing industry.

What is Supplement Industry?

The Supplement industry is not limited to specific areas or needs only. The industry has grown very fast looking at the records. From regular gym goers to sportsperson, from a child to a grown-up, all depend on supplements for some or the other reason. The industry is focussing on the following areas:

  • Illness
  • Memory
  • Low BP
  • Anxiety
  • Joint pains
  • Side effects
  • Weight Gain
  • Bodybuilding
  • Gaining muscle
  • Protein
  • Dietary
  • For vegans/non-vegans
  • In the form of diet pills or weight loss programs
  • Regulations
  • FDA Approvals
  • How do they all work

Prospective growth in Supplements Affiliate Marketing

The industry has far more search volume that can be easily converted into a money-making business. For a health blogger, Supplement Affiliate Marketing will work wonders for creating a quick income. The only thing to be kept in mind is the correct approach towards exact keywords. If you really want to make significant income by educating your users about supplement products, then go ahead and join the below mentioned Whey Protein Affiliate Programs of recognised brands.

Let’s check out a few keywords where you can find more chances of exploring:

  • Best protein powder/shakes
  • Calories in egg/fish
  • Weight loss tea/supplements/ pills
  • Fat burning pills for men/women
  • Time to drink protein shakes
  • Best supplement for men/women
  • DIY protein bars

These keywords are searched most on the internet and moreover, best proteins, protein shakes have a high frequency. Most of the athletes and gym-goers’ intake protein drinks to build up their lean body mass. With little more experimentation, you can take advantage of the best and most searched keywords to gain traffic on your website.
For those who want to capitalize on the supplements industry, must take care of the top keywords with high search volume, can be monetized, and have good competition in the market. This way you can take advantage of the scenario and jump into this industry to make some good income.

Whey Protein Affiliate Programs for your health blog


BPI Sports is the fastest developing sports nourishment firm, motivating health aficionados, which produces widespread kinds such as weight loss, muscle constructing, regaining, pre-workouts, protein, and physical performance.

BPISports Affiliate Program

  • Commission-20% of the sale
  • Access to regular offers, banners, links, newsletter, and a data feed
  • Committed internal Affiliate Manager Scott Mason
  • Network Partner- AvantLink
  • Sign up here for BPISports Affiliate Program

A1 Supplements

The A1 is rated to be America’s favourite nutrition store. The online store offers a different variety of supplements- Protein, Sports Nutrition, Diet & Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, Vitamins & Minerals, and Herbs.

A1 Supplements Affiliate Program


MP is again a famous online store dealing in a range of products like – protein, creatine, amino acids, carbs, healthy ingredients, blends & formulas, clothing, etc.

MyProtein Affiliate Program

  • Commission- 12% for new customers and 6% for all others
  • Access to weekly newsletters for updates
  • Network partner- Affiliate Window
  • Sign up for MyProtein Affiliate Program


The Gnarly deals in clean sports sustenance supplements containing all-natural grass-fed whey protein fine particles from New Zealand, pre-workout and hydration.

Gnarly Affiliate Program


The BodyBuilding store helps its users to achieve their health, fitness and development goals via information, inspiration, and supplementation

BodyBuilding Affiliate Program

  • Commission -15% for new and 5% for returning clients
  • Get compelling links, attractive banners, and promotional content
  • Network Partner- PaperJam
  • Sign up for BodyBuilding Affiliate Program here


EnergyFirst offers the finest quality of nutritious products which are obtainable everywhere. Their protein (ProEnergy) and green drink (Greenergy) are undeniably world-class.

EnergyFirst Affiliate Program

  • Multiple tier structure of commissions
  • Access to all information and tools for promotional purpose
  • Network partner –ShareASale
  • Sign up here for EnergyFirst Affiliate Program

Muscle & Strength

Muscle & Strength is one of the most renowned and the most surfed fitness sites on the net. The online store has above 7,000 products, 250+ supplement deals and many fills and combos.

M&S Affiliate Program

  • Commission -10%
  • Access to deals, coupons, text & product links, placards, and ads
  • Network Partner- CJ
  • Sign up here for M&S Affiliate Program


TL is yet another website offering health and fitness products to its customers. Whey protein is its popular product.

TL Affiliate Program

  • Commission -15%-30%
  • Tools for high conversion
  • Network partner- Self
  • Sign up here for TL Affiliate Program


The Mutant bring you the best quality products, prepared with the finest constituents in the world, mass-produced in their own federally-authorized facility.

Mutant Affiliate Program

  • Once you submit all the personal information and submit it for scrutinising, you will not get all details about the commission and other stuff. Once you get through, you will know all about the Mutant Affiliate Program.
  • Network partner- self
  • Sign up for Mutant Affiliate Program


Hope the Whey Protein Affiliate Programs mentioned above help you in earning great commission along with delivering quality nutritional products to your users. All the health bloggers can easily include these brand’s affiliate programs in their blogs in the form of review or ads, and also share them on their social pages.

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