Top Skateboard Affiliate Marketing Programs

The affiliate marketing programs you choose is crucial, whether it is to make extra revenue, or even if it is the main source of income for your site. While the plethora of choices could be baffling, a little research and some careful analysis could get you on the right track to choosing the right affiliate programs for your site.

Tips to choose the right affiliate program

  • Be a client first! Choose programs you love and try them out if possible before choosing them.
  • Choose programs which fit your niche! Well, this goes without saying, if you are into any type of automotive business, for instance, skateboards could be a great choice.
  • Choose from competitors as well if you have an existing affiliate program doing well.
  • Whatever affiliate programs you promote, they must be desired by your target audience too. The important step is understanding exactly who your target audience is.
  • Look out for affiliate programs that will offer you good returns. One aspect to consider carefully is how much commission you can earn.
  • High price products can help you earn more. They may be harder to sell, but a high priced product in great demand will fetch you a good income.

Who can choose skateboard affiliate programs?

While just about anyone can choose the popular skateboard category, those with travel blogs, adventure sports, extreme land sports, sports gears, E-rides, reviews sites as well as those on sports apparels can choose the skateboard affiliate marketing program.

Here’s a list of the top skateboard affiliate programs.

The Acton Affiliate Program

ACTON designs and manufactures some of the most technologically advanced products in the micro transportation industry. They are innovative and pioneers in the manufacture of quality scooter pro, electric skateboards, and rocket skates. The Acton Global brand has a great affiliate program which helps you make big money. Whenever you refer someone through a link, and they make a purchase, you earn a commission.

Why should you join?

  • Earn high commissions – you get 5% of the final sale to your ACTON account.
  • Associate yourself with ACTON – you can become part of their team.
  • They offer a huge selection of tools and rich content.
  • You can add links, banner ads, and product catalog.

How to join

Swagtron Affiliate Program

Swagtron has improved beyond your expectations and the result is a bunch of electric e-ridables which is all for swag and functionality. Go to Shopabit and sign up for their affiliate program. They feature a wide catalog of products like Hoverboards, electric scooters, eBikes and more from Swagtron, the market-leader in e-rideable.

What should you join?

Just sign up here with all relevant information and get started. Add your unique affiliate link to in your blog, website, and social media profiles –  even in your email signature.

Gotrax Affiliate Program

Gotrax signifies all that is fun and innovative, incorporating the latest technology into their rides. Gotrax is famous for its hoverboards, e-scooters, electric ATVs and accessories. Sign up for their affiliate program and earn big!

Why should you join?

How does it work?

If a customer comes from your site to theirs, purchases within 30 days, you get credit. The visitors IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser. This cookie is stored for 30 days and if they register a sale within that, you will receive commission payouts.

Inboard Affiliate Program

The Inboard electric skateboards offer you innovative features built with the latest technology to give a mind-blowing experience for urban commuters. The M1 e-board has integrated LED lights and a sleek futuristic design allowing skateboard enthusiasts to grind about the city in style. When you sign up for the Inboard Affiliate program, you get a special link to you can share through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc. Monetize your blog, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Youtube following by adding Inboard Movement links to your posts.

Why should you join?

  • Affiliate Link:
  • Earn $100 cash per referral by joining the Inboard Movement Program
  • Earn money for every person that purchases an Inboard M1 through the link

HaloBoard Affiliate Program

HaloBoard is the most popular brand in the skateboard community. Their skateboards are light-weight, durable and with powerful motors. Join the affiliate program of Halo Board and get one of the highest commissions in the business.

Why should you join?

  • Affiliate Link:
  • One of the highest commissions
  • Online purchase with processed valid payment
  • Cookie available for up to 5 days
  • Base commission 8.00%

Neo Scooters Affiliate Program

Neo Scooters is a one-stop shop for all kinds of non-automotive based transportation which include scooters, motorized skateboards as well as kick scooters. You get access to the best gas scooters and electric scooters from some top brands. Their affiliate program asks you to fill up a form and does not reveal too many details.

Why should you join?

We hope you benefit from the above affiliate programs. Join them right away and start making some big bucks.

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