10 best guaranteed ways to make money with email list

Making money online was never so easy for anyone as it is now with the advancement of technology. There are many means available at your disposal which can help you earn money with just simple tricks. We all know that affiliate marketing, referral marketing, etc. are the prominent ways to earn income.But, friends, don’t forget about the subscriber email list which can also bring you lots of money.

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According to a survey, among thousand web-centered businesses, email marketing has the highest return on investment. It means that list is a great asset which can actually bring lots of money if used in the right way. This post will tell you all about the sure-fire ways to make money with an email list.

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Size doesn’t matter

Although you have many subscribers for your website and you have a built a huge email list, but still you are having a problem in getting proper return from it, the surely you lack something in your approach. It is because the big list doesn’t matter, what matter is your rapport with your readers. Even if you have a small user base or an email list, still you can build a real business for it by making a productive approach.

I don’t say that a big email list is not an essential element, but a relationship with the users is imperative. When you get your small user base to respond to your stuff due to your personal approach towards them, then definitely it’s getting you more than those with big lists.

Value your users and approach them with right marketing strategy

You every single lead is your valued asset, so don’t let it go with your few marketing mistakes. Try to offer what the user has signed up for. If your emails provide info about tips and tricks to earn money, then the lead page to which the email directs must be related to that only. If you attach a page which has a review about a product, then that will not make any sense to your user.

The user might get disinterested in your information source by just committing a single promotional mistake from your side. So present a relevant product or service to be bought at the entry level of the sales funnel.

Establish regularity in your emails

You all must have heard the phrase “out of sight, out of mind”. This might go well with the number of emails you sent to your reader base. There is so much struggle in the market, that once you become irregular in your line of attack, you might lose that potential buyer of your product. So, the best way to get an inflow of sales, you must get in touch with your subscribers on a daily basis. It is because your user will hardly spend a few seconds on your email, but those few seconds must have an impact on his mind.

Some people say that daily emailing might be too much, but I say that to get noticed by the user, one email from your side will not harm the repo of your business. Besides, they might always get useful stuff from your regular emails. Most of the people in internet marketing field, check their emails on a daily basis to get something useful from it. So, get going with your methodology.

Uniformity is critical for your approach to be remembered

For instance, you have a huge email list, so it might be little difficult for you to mail them on a daily basis. But don’t forget to mail them at least twice or thrice in a week, and the second best alternative is to hire some trustworthy person to do the work. This way you will have the right consistency in your tactic and will always click in the mind of your potential readers.

But even after giving your 100% from your side to the list, you don’t get the desired response, start building a new list. It is because either your users are not interested in your product or they have changed their mind and switched to other brands. So, in order to have an engaging user base, consistent approach to the expected buyers is a must.

Make use of affiliate links in your email list

If you have benefited from a particular product or service, then why not tell it to your list of subscribers. It is the best way to gain the trust of the people by giving them the in-depth review about a product or service and thereby attaching an affiliate link to it. in this way you will also get a share of profit, and your readers will also benefit from it.

To build a trust factor, your review must be genuine and embrace every aspect of the product and service, whether it is good or bad. This tactic will undoubtedly incur sales.

You can also add affiliate links to those products or services which are complimentary or sound valuable to the people. If you have a blog related to that do tell the users about it as every reader cannot discover each and every blog. And an email is a good way to spread the knowledge.

Re-focus on the left carts

If you operate an ecommerce website, you will come to know who all have bought the stuff and who all have left it on the half way. Try to find out why those buyers did not buy the stuff or left their carts in the middle of the transaction. There can be many reasons for it, they might have liked it but found it little expensive, or they might have compared the item on other sites and got a good deal for the same or just changed their mind.

Now your work is to get that cart encashed by offering them every best deal in your hand. Follow those users and ask them about their preferences and why they did not buy that particular product. Also, provide significant discount on the same and try to win their confidence by writing a proper mail to them. One more reason for doing this might be their prior bad experience with your site.

So, send emails to all those who have left their carts halfway due to some or the other reason, and make money with the method.

Segment your email list

To make more money from your list, try to categorise them in two parts. One list of regular readers or buyers (in the case of ecommerce website) and one list of potential buyers. The first list is vital as it includes all those people who have already trusted your brand for a long time and you don’t need to apply much brains to prepare their emails. You can get an autoresponder to simply mail them the on-going offers or the information they require.

The tough work can be saved for your potential readers or buyer for which you need to prepare a fully focussed email with all the information, offers, deals, and strategies to get them in. The proper division will help you to reach your target addressees in a precise way.

Get obsessed with your email list

Whether your email list is small or big, it will die out sooner or later. You need to be very cautious about this, as this list is your asset. And if it ever goes off the track of fulfilling its purpose, your brand might have to suffer. So, try to hold up the list or if you get any such hint of being it useless to your brand, get a new list as soon as you can. It is because an email marketing is a powerful tool for impacting the mind of people.

So to reap the benefits from your list, you have to take accurate measures to rebuild it or connecting to the people with a different methodology. Building an entirely new list might take time, so till then you can work on your existing list and try to get the attention. If not, then your list will ultimately die and will be of no use in near future.

Analyse your email list

You might sometimes think that even after trying every possible, you are not getting those desired results. Then only one option is left for you that will work when all others fail. It is to review your list by different sources like conducting a quick survey and ask people what they actually want from you. Take help of surveymonkey.com to carry out the survey. You can prepare a review through this site and send them to your list and ask their opinion.

You will come to know what your readers or buyers want from you and why they left your brand. A simple yes and no format of the questionnaire survey will give you exact information to get your brand active again from the users. You will know why they subscribed to your list and why they are not taking any interest now.

Work on your writing skills

Writing an email by making use of appropriate language and words is an important step to get it recognised in the eyes of readers. When you put your every word by explaining them the purpose of the mail, the reader will take an interest in what your offer him. Your ability to put words can influence the common people and make them do what you want. It is indeed a compelling and rewarding expertise which one can possess.

A well-written email encourages quick responsiveness. Also, use call-to-action phrases like “connect with me via email or Facebook page” or attach your personal, professional email id to get in touch. These writing skills will give a personal touch to your line of attack and get them hitched to the offers or information in a positive way.


Therefore, all these ways are very beneficial for your marketing campaign and indeed the guaranteed ways to make money with an email list. If you have not build your email list till now, then make a quick go on it as you are just avoiding a significant marketing strategy to earn money. A Mailing list is the main reason why many blogs are making handsome money with.

Many email service providers lie Aweber, ZOHO Mail, Yandex.Mail, Outlook, are a few free email service providers which will make your money making the journey easy. They provide various multifunctional features like email campaigns, follow-ups, newsletters, and broadcast to make mailing an easy task for you. So, now you have got all those tips handy and you can start making money with your email list.

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